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People these days are only focused on themselves and what they are doing. It is a sad fact about life that humans focus more on themselves and what is good for them rather than helping those that truly need it. I understand that sometimes one needs to focus on themselves, but when those times are not now why not help those in need. Especially because most of the time all we have to do is click a couple of buttons on the internet and type a few numbers to donate money to feed and clothe children. It is literally the... Continue reading
Milkman and Pilate, throughout the book, had a difficult relationship. I think that the reason behind these issues is his father and onyone who has some sort of parental role is immediately put in the same category as his father. But, by the end of the book when Guitar kills Pilate, all they're issues are resolved. While she is lying there dying she asks him to sing for her. Milkman says he can not sing and he does not know what song to sing. She does not care, so he sings. To me, this signified that all they're problems have... Continue reading
Song of Solomon is my favorite book this year and one of my favorite scenes is when Guitar and Milkman are arguing about being serious. Milkman says Guitar is too serious and needs to lighten up while Guitar does thinks Milkman is not serious enough. Guitar thinks that since Milkman has wealth and is different from the "normal" black person in this time period that this somehow makes him less serious. They both think different things about whose serious. I think that this is because they have different definitions of what serious means. MIlkman tries not to be serious because... Continue reading
The soundclip and article were very interesting even though i was not surprised by any of the things i was hearing. Most people in this country know that the products we buy and sell are made from countries not our own. Mainly third world countries, but also China. Our first thoughts when we hear this are that it is done because of how much cheaper it is than to make the products in America. Most people then hear about how bad the conditions are and that it can be very dangerous. Then we think that we should stop buying these... Continue reading
The painting in Heart of Darkness has to allegorical meanings to me. First, the woman is women in general and the torch represents the truth. Having the woman be blindfolded shows how women are ignorant to the truth about the world and all its horrors, as explained on page 16 or 17. The other meaning to me is that the woman represents England itself. The torch would act as the idea of how England is going around the world pushing their idea of civilization and savagery on others. The blindfold would represent that England is confused because they are doing... Continue reading
One of my favorite movies of all time is Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith. It was release in late 2008 and is about a man, Will Smith, who accidently kills his fiance and six other people in a car accident. He was texting while driving and was distracted and then he hit another car. Will Smith is devastated by this, and rightfully so. After this incident he decides his life is not worth living anymore. His decision is to find people that need organs and sacrifice his life so that they can live. He, in the end, finds those people... Continue reading
Act II showed us that the will for power can corrupt us. Regan and Goneril are attacking their own father so they can achieve all the power that the king once had. Even though, Lear is bewildered and doesnt truly know what is going on around him, that doesnt stop his vicious daughters from doing their worst to steal power away from them. It first started when they were lying about how much they love him in Act I and now they are just playing mind games with him and waiting for him to die, so they can achieve they... Continue reading
In The Awakening, water and waves are major motifs. I think that the water symbolizes the pressures of society on Edna. Towards the middle of the book when Edna learns to swim, her whole attitude towards life changes. She becomes very happy with who she is and how she is living. This symbolizes her breaking free from society's pressures and becoming who she wants and is not placed in a specific role, like she used to be. Another example, is that at the very end of the book Edna gives up on herself and kills herself by drowning. This shows... Continue reading
The way Faulkner ends this novel is very interesting to me. I think that he ends the book three seperate times, not just once. He ends it when Joe dies, when Hightower dies, and when Lena goes to Tennessee in search of Joe Brown. Each of these endings gives the reader a different perspective on that specific character's relationship with society. Joe's death seems unavoidable throughout the entire book. He spent his whole life degrading people so he can feel power. In the end he learns nothing about his racial identity and never creates a meaningful relationship with anyone. On... Continue reading
Faulkner, clearly, thought long and hard about every word he wrote in Light in August. The in class essay made me think about Faulkner's decision to put the flashback right after Joe is in Freedman town. I think that it changes the perspective the reader reads from by puting it after instead of before or at some other place in the book. By placing the flashback after the Freedman town scene Faulkner allows the reader to understand that this seemingly minor event in Joe's life was partly responsible for how he turned out to be as an adult. I was... Continue reading
Faulkner is very impressive on how he switches the point of view in Light in August. Especially when Byron is telling the story of Mr. HIghtower. When I read this I was amazed how Faulkner switched to the point of view of the townsfolk. I think this causes the reader to really sit and think about what he/she just read. It the story of Mr. Hightower to be much more interesting, in my opinion. After reading this part I wanted to know your guy's opinions on the power of Faulkner's use of changing the point of view around? Continue reading
Trust is one of the strangest movies i have ever seen, but I can understand why Mr. Heidkamp sees a relationship between it and The Stranger. Through the first two days of the movie the girl's indifference comes to bite her. Her dad's death seems not to hurt her, at least clearly not as much as her mother. This may be one of the reasons for which her mother is so mean to her. Matthew suffers in a similar way with his indifference, except with his dad. Matthew's indifference when his father abuses him, most likely, causes his suicidal thoughts,... Continue reading
"I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate."(123) The ending to the Stranger is a strange one to say the least. What man would want, at his execution, to have a crowd full of people screaming how much they hate him? The one thing Meursault wanted at the end of the book was to have a big crowd of people expressing their hatred for him. I think that this moment is one of very few moments where Meursault actually expresses a... Continue reading
Meusault decides to stay out in the hot sun instead of having to walk up the stairs and face the women because he feels that it will be just as difficult to talk to them as it would be to bake in the sun. He simply turned back to the beach. Does this give us any perspective into how Meursault feels about women and why he does not care about marrying Marie? Continue reading
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Sep 6, 2011