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Sebastian Gonzalez-Rubio
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Ramin Sayar, VMware's VP of Products, Cloud and Virtualization Management just posted a great blog about Cloud Management, live from VMworld Copenhagen! Read it here: Continue reading
Read about VMware’s Management announcement today at VMworld Copenhagen: We’re simplifying how customers manage infrastructure, applications and the business of IT in the cloud world! Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter! Continue reading
Good morning! This week, our Disaster Recovery expert, Michael White, will be sharing compelling topics and answering all of your questions! To start with, read about How vSphere Replication Works! There has been some excellent conversation about VR generated by presentations at VMworld and the release of SRM on the... Continue reading
Hi! Friday is here! For this last day of our Security & Compliance showcase week with our Awesome expert Mr. George Gerchow, we have...vCM PCI 2.0 Content in vCenter Configuration Manager! This was just released by the VMware Center for Policy and Compliance. Who here is starting to prep for... Continue reading
Hi peeps, Today, George Gerchow asks a great question: What is more secure, Virtual or Physical Environments? Check out his article for today, here. This came up yesterday during our Communities Podcast, and it is an important question when we consider that Security & Compliance are the two main inhibitors... Continue reading
Hi peeps, Today, George Gerchow, our Security and Compliance expert is talking about a very interesting subject: Healthcare. Healthcare is the Industry that needs to ensure Security and Compliance every step of the way. How can Large Healthcare Organizations ensure Trust and have a Secure and Trusted transition to the... Continue reading
Today, George Gerchow, our Security & Compliance expert shared a FREE downloadable tool that will get you started on the "Trusted Cloud" ride! This tool was just released, so get it now! Check out George's blog post about this new tool, and download it for free! Let George know what... Continue reading
Make sure to vote on our Poll about trust in a Mixed Mode environment here: and on Facebook: Get the voting started!
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George Gerchow one of our three Management Masterminds and the Director of VMware's Center for Compliance and Policy is here this week answering questions and suggesting conversation topics around Security & Compliance. To start with, here is a poll to get the conversation going: Would you Trust a “Mixed Mode”... Continue reading
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Sep 11, 2011