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Dawn, Thank you so much for the feedback! If you have stories about how this helped your interview or any topic suggestions, please let us know!
Thanks for visiting the blog, Diane! Letting anger get the best of you usually ends up making situations worse. If you have anything you'd like us to cover, let us know.
I had no idea that our IQs drop when we get angry. What a great nugget of knowledge. You seem like a busy guy, so I'm sure you're no stranger to the temptation of anger. Thanks for a great comment, Ernest!
It's great to hear that you and your boss have a strong working relationship. I sometimes call my boss "The Big Sis" because she's always willing to listen and give advice during our non-work related conversations, but will put her foot down and whip me into shape when I fall behind in my job duties. Building trust and working relationships are at different levels for different managers, and you should always find that balance for yourself. Thanks for the comment, Kobie!
Thanks for the comment, Rebecca. We appreciate you telling others about this blog post. If you have other topics or suggestions you or your connections would like covered in this blog, let me know! Thanks again.
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Paul, Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to comment! Do you have any suggestions on some fun types of nuts or fruits to add variety to the day? I'm think I'm getting burned out on apples and bananas every day.
Tony, The U.S. culture doesn't perceive introverts in the best of light. They often interchange "shy" and "introvert," which are two completely different things. You define the success you want. Anything worthwhile isn't going to be easy, but it comes down to individual preference and what works best with you. Thanks for your honest opinion and welcome it any time.
Jamie, Thanks for posting a comment. Due to the high number of responses on this article, I'll definitely come back to this subject on different aspects of shyness and introversion when it relates to the job search. Thanks again for the input, and if you have any other topics you want covered, let me know.
JLien, While it's sad occurrence, workers have to consider the risks. Depending on the situation, what might cost them their job could end up costing weeks in the hospital or even their lives. It boils down to best judgement and what is right for the situation. Glad to hear your opinion, JLien.
Jessica, networking isn't always easy for some. It's all about finding a connection and providing value. If you read through some of our back log of blog posts, you can find loads of information on how to market yourself, explain long gaps in your resume, and how to improve your networking skills. Here's a blog about networking to help you start:
Sorry for your troubles, James. Working odd hours may not be desirable, but sometimes may have to be done when providing for a family. Keep fighting the good fight, sir!
Michael, shyness and introversion come in a variety of types and levels. Not all introverts are the same and there are several jobs that can match their strengths. It's different for different people. Just because someone deals with shyness or introversion doesn't mean they can't enjoy being a leader or public speaking. A great example of this is Steve Martin, who is considered to be one of the greatest comedians in the U.S. and is a self-proclaimed introvert. There are no documented statistics claiming the real number of those who consider themselves shy or introverted, but most estimates say 25%. It comes down to the individual. They need to understand themselves, their passions, and their dreams to find out what they want in a career. They will have to make the decision as to what they can or can't achieve. Thanks for your insight and opinion.
Juliet, looking for a job in a new city is a big decision that shouldn't be made on a whim. Always do your research to make an educated decision before moving your career. Thanks for the positive comment!
There are several jobs available for shy and introverted people. The key is finding jobs that focus on the strengths of shy and introverted workers like listening, analyzing, and critical thinking. It's also important to avoid high-intensity jobs that require lots of quick decision making and face-to-face interaction.
I agree. If someone is sick, they should consider their co-workers' and managers' health before thinking about their office image and productivity. There can be benefits of working at home when sick. Thanks for the comment, Wil.
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Thanks for the positive feedback, James. Finding a job can be difficult and we work hard to help job seekers find success.
Thanks for the comment, Vinnie! If you're interested in more information, you can read our other commuting post here:
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Job Bored, those options are available if job seekers want them, but we have our advice for job seekers to consider if those aren't viable choices. Everyone should use their best judgement before following any advice. Thanks for the comment!
If co-workers are being disruptive with their cell phones, consider a direct, honest, but respectful approach with them. You might cause more problems with such a passive action like you suggested. Use your best judgement when trying to solve the issue. Thanks for the feedback!
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Cubicle Rebel, Thanks for your honest opinion. The choice to attend the company holiday party is up to you and is optional. There can be benefits to attending if you're interested in advancing your career. Just use your best judgement. Edward, if just making an appearance works, more power to you. I'm sure they keep you for much more than Super Bowl predictions. Who do you think has a chance this year? Thanks for your comment!
Thanks for the advice, Edward. It's still important for anyone looking for coverage to do their own research and make educated decisions on their own before considering insurance recommendations.
Amazing story, John! I love it! Are you still with the company? How have you been able to use that story to your advantage?
That's a fun piece of advice. I wouldn't worry too much about being casual on your fact finding. You're taking interest in the company and wanting to be a part of the celebration. But always be aware of what is and isn't acceptable holiday behavior at your work. Thank you so much for sharing!
Thanks for the post, Ruth. It's best to know what kind of culture and customs are in your workplace before you start giving gifts. When in doubt, give them on your off time when you aren't at work.
Thanks for your comment, Alex. We agree, your attitude and emotions can have an impact on your job search.