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We missed you, Baxter. And we forgive you for your sad, but possibly accurate, assessment of the situation. Maybe we can start by trying to entice high school journalists of color to report about the environment, even if they don't love science. Jim Detjen and I have been attempting this in Michigan for six years. We've held six annual workshops for 200 h.s. journalists of color from Detroit. So far, I haven't seen any of them turn up at an SEJ meeting. But I'm still hoping....
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I like your idea, Elle. Maybe, after they've fully recovered, conference co-chairs Angela Swafford and Jeff Burnside can connect with local chapters of the national organizations. If you could help make introductions, that would be great.
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Some of us were at a network lunch table today devoted to discussion of how SEJ can help increase the diversity of voices reporting the news and serving as news sources. The discussion, led by Ayana Meade, co-chair of SEJ's diversity task force, included four current SEJ board members, two former board members, one Latino scientist, three journalists who had been laid off, one member who joined last week, two members who were at SEJ's first conference 21 years ago, several African American journalists, several European American journalists, one Canadian and French journalist, one Middle Eastern American journalist, several freelancers... Continue reading
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Oct 21, 2011