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If you want to help students imagine things like behind-the-scenes lawyer decisions or strategies, you can also use Xtranormal to create short animations. (I'm still trying to decide if this is helpful or just a fun toy.) I tried one to try to raise ethical issues and highlight the tension between heightened pleading rules and Rule 11(b). See
Hip Hop also came up in our Lawtalk research on "rap." In addition to its legal meanings, by the 1800s “rap” had become a term for “talk.” In the latter half of the twentieth century that use became particularly linked to African-American culture and a specific stylized repartee. This in turn evolved into rap and hip-hop music. The two raps came together beautifully in 2007. Responding to criticisms that rap music is a source of racist speech, one newspaper headline asked this question: “Is hip-hop getting a bum rap?”
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Oct 18, 2011