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Synthetic vs Standard/conventional oil. Synthetic oil is a better oil because its resistance to thermal breakdown is much greater than conventional oil. So you can go longer between changes but do you really want to? Synthetic oil still gets dirt, moisture and other contaminants in it so its not a cure all. If you keep you oil changed every 3000 miles, the conventional is the way to go and is less expensive. Longer intervals that come with Synthetic also come with neglect. Because you go longer between service you tend to forget about the Tire condition and pressures, fluid levels and conditions, belts, hoses and axle boots. Keep in mind when a manufacturer says an oil change is say 5000 miles, this means the Maximum interval you can go to keep up your warranty.
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The fuse for you cigarette lighter is located to the left of the steering column as you are sitting. it will be under the dash typically in the area of the parking brake pedal. It is a 15 amp fuse color coded blue. BEFORE you replace the fuse check the lighter housing to make sure it is clear of debris or foreign objects, anything that may have caused the short and blow the fuse. If you are a smoker, sometimes the lighter element itself can get a build up and create a short. If you still can't find it just stop by and ask.
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Thanks for the question. I just looked up your scheduled service interval for you 1995 Lexus SC400. The schedule calls for replacing the transmission fluid every 15k(15 thousand miles.) Only the newer models have the new fluid. If you have an orange handle dipstick for your trans fluid it is replaceable. If your dipstick handle is black it is the new type of fluid. Please note that the service intervals given are maximum not minimum. Meaning the fluid may need to be changed sooner rather than later. We typically look at the fluid condition,level and color to determine if service is due or past due if there is no history of service. I would highly recommend checking it out soon. I'd recommend getting a Flush (instead of a Drain and Fill). Drain and fill replaces approx. 5-10% of your fluid while the flush replaces approx. 90-95% of your fluid.
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Nov 7, 2011