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Official Bird of the Year Art Contest Website Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2013 at ABA Blog
Robert Mortenson curates the best of the week's bird writing on the web. Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2013 at ABA Blog
Congrats Rob! That is so cool to have a state first record, in NJ of all places where so many of the top birders live, work, and play.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2013 on #ABArare - Mew Gull - New Jersey at ABA Blog
You nailed it Ted. I was indeed chuckling about how this debate reflects a hilarious aspect of our birding culture...and this before I even saw my name mentioned. Off the post topic, but because Ted opened the door... Personally, I'm a fan of capitalized bird names. The reason why is more practical than you might expect rather than being born of any understanding of proper grammer. I'm from Idaho, give me a break!. When I get dozens of emails a day from birding listservs (that word "listserv" probably needs some discussion too. Where the heck is the silent "e"?) I admit that I don't read all the emails, but I do skim them to see what birds are being discussed. Those capitalized bird names are much easier for my eye to find. On the subject of listserv etiquette, I recall several years ago a request on the AZ-NM list for birders to write bird names in all caps and bold font. I loved it! It was a listserv skimmers dream come true!
CONI certainly has that cool bird "it" factor, doesn't it?
Amen to all that you said Ted!
Thanks Julie! At least we get to enjoy the EVGR for a couple more months before the CONI's show up! My motto regarding the ABA Bird of the Year is that once a Bird of the Year, you are always a Bird of the Year. Long live the Evening Grosbeak and your wonderful artwork!
Gracias Andy! It was fun to put together. I have more outtakes that I may have to post soon.
Poetry about the Common Nighthawk is always welcome! You'll have to enter it in the multimedia art contest coming up later this year.
Thanks Kathleen! I hope you have some awesome photos of Common Nighthawks...or that you'll get some this year. By the way, do you see them on your tours in Central America?
Thanks Bernie! We've been channeling the Mayhem guy and the Dos X's Most Interesting Man in the World for both this video and the EVGR art contest video. Glad you liked it!
Thanks Bill! I love your Nighthawk images shared on The Eyrie this morning. I should have known to come to you with images for the webpage and video. Really fantastic! I hope we can get your permission to use your images for future blog posts, articles, and videos!
Thanks Rick! I sure appreciate your help in editing the Common Nighthawk web page. Some of your revised verbiage was used by Jeff in the voice-over work on the video too.
Thanks for the nice words Lance!
A good eyebrow is key to handsomeness. Is it not? Sure helps with face paint anyway! ;-)
Thanks Hilke! I know you've done a couple great posts with migrating Nighthawk images. Thanks for joining us in celebrating this species this year!
The announcement of the 2013 BOY is imminent. Check back Monday morning, January 7th, for the official announcement! Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2013 at ABA Blog
Thanks for the comment. It prompted me to look at December 2012 eBird data and map. There have been fewer EVGR sightings in December than November, and the locations have contracted a bit. Interesting stuff to follow!
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2012 on Long Live the Evening Grosbeak! at ABA Blog
Terry, you've busted me! Yes, we are trying to match the Bird of the Year program to the calendar year. Unfortunately, we are short-changing this year's bird in order to do that. This calendar change certainly won't keep us from perpetually celebrating the Evening Grosbeak and the American Kestrel for that matter. We're very excited about the 2013 Bird of the Year and are thrilled with the artist we've been fortunate enough to engage for the January cover of Birding. It's all top-secret and classified information at this point. The ABA black-ops team has been dispatched to "eliminate" certain sources attempting to leak Bird of the Year information. The ABA backroom web-lackeys have been battling a full-on hacking assault in order to keep things hush-hush. ;-) Stay tuned!
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2012 on Long Live the Evening Grosbeak! at ABA Blog
This month concludes the very impressive reign of the Evening Grosbeak as the 2012 ABA Bird of the Year. Could we have chosen a better year to highlight this amazing bird?! We are getting reports from folks seeing Evening Grosbeaks in places they've not been seen in thirty years. One... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2012 at ABA Blog
The ABA Bird of the Year Multimedia Art Contest results are in! Congratulations to all the participants and huge thanks to the prize sponsors. 1st Place Brian Gatlin – Grand Canyon, AZ Prize: Eagle Optics Ranger ED 8×42 1st Place - Youth Courtney Moore, age 14, Vestal, NY Prize: A... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2012 at ABA Blog
Contributions by Ned Brinkley, Ted Floyd, and Jeff Wells. photo by Courtney Moore, age14, Vestal, NY One of the great submissions to the ABA Bird of the Year Multimedia Art Contest Evening Grosbeak is a species as enigmatic as it is striking. When many thousands of them descended upon feeding... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2012 at ABA Blog
#100!!! Nice work Nate! I try to follow many birding blogs, but it never fails that I miss a couple of the really good posts that you find and link here at the ABA Blog. Another one of the fine and free services of the ABA.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Blog Birding #100 at ABA Blog