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by Marilyn Thiele I had hoped to post last week from the delightful small hotel in Antigua where my husband and I have escaped the winter for a short time every year for the last ten years. As our years... Continue reading
by Marilyn Thiele Hello everyone. You may have forgotten me, although my picture still lingers in the sidebar of the Dead Guy blog. I notice that my “position” has changed from “every other Saturday” to “some Saturdays.” Even that was... Continue reading
I find a list useful when there is an enormous book with an enormous number of characters, e. g. Ken Follet's Century Trilogy, where such a list was provided. Many books seem to introduce 10 or more characters in the first few pages. If I feel confused after about 15 pages, I start my own list. I rarely need to refer back to it; as you say, Jeff, the writer does his or her job when the characters have some trait that makes them memorable. It's more a matter of my own focus; by writing the names, I set them in my head. I'm not sure a prepared list would have the same effect for me.
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Marilyn Thiele Well, I’ve tried to ignore it but it won’t go away. I’ve tried thinking that sooner or later things would go too far, the monster would flounder and sink under the weight of its own inflated ego and... Continue reading
It’s that slow time of year. After the holiday rush, January and February are a drag. It may be a great time to stay inside and read, but I think most people are catching up on the “to-be-reads” or wallowing... Continue reading
Booksellers are front-line book advocates. Be nice to them too!
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Marilyn Thiele Although I always like (and need) opportunities for a new beginning, a fresh start, I, like Lynne Patrick, have long ago given up on “resolutions.” It’s a setup for guilt, as she pointed out in her New Year’s... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele I don’t know how “Black Friday,” which seems to have started two or three weeks ago this year, turned out for the major retailers who were open late into the night on Thursday and well before sunrise on... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele Boucherccon has come and gone, and I had the usual wonderful time seeing old friends and meeting new people. What is unusual is that one of my better memories is the book I was reading just before and... Continue reading
The reason I reread your post several times, and that it troubled me all week was that it seemed out of character for you. You are also never clumsy with words. Perhaps I am overly sensitive on this topic since so many are using religious cover to spew their hate. I am comfortable now that I know that what you meant and what I perceived were not the same. And that you haven't changed; you never were intolerant of any group (except maybe Red Sox fans, but we'll stay away from that one!)Apology, although unnecessary, accepted. The explanation was what I needed.
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Jeff, I've read this several times over several days. I keep trying to see if I missed something. There's no way around it; it seems you believe that all of us who have faith are in the condemnors' camp. Many, I would say most, people of true faith, no matter the "religion" to which they belong, feel that love is the overriding tenet to be observed. The final commandment given in my particular faith was "Love one another." I am getting truly tired of everyone assuming that the loud-mouth bigots who wrap themselves in a "relgious" aura when they only seek power and control speak for the rest of us. Two people who love each other and do their best to raise children who have a healthy and moral view of life (and by moral, I mean treating everyone with respect and consideration) are called parents, and it doesn't matter how the genders mix and match. We all face the same s***. And judgment is way above my pay grade, or any other human's.Please don't generalize about people of faith any more than you would a racial, ethnic, geographic or gender group. We are a mixed bunch, imperfect and doing our best to love. The ones who feel called to criticize others' lifestyle are generally called "hypocrites."
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Tee-hee-hee. I've seen the trend here, and it's building -- back to the paper. Tee-hee-hee. Is Bezos still planning to do away with paper books? He may need to re-examine his objectives.
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Marilyn Thiele Years ago, a friend made a comment about my plans to grow the little used bookshop I had bought into something more substantial. She lived in Manhattan and was an avid reader, back in the day when Manhattan... Continue reading
Lynne, I haven't been able to get the elves to my own house to do all the chores, but I keep trying. As usual, we are on the same page. But then -- we have the advantage of years of experience with having to do our own reasoning without algorithms to determine what is best!
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Marilyn Thiele I am always rearranging my to-be-read pile, or list. Sometimes it’s just because what I planned to read next is less appealing than something new. Frequently, it’s because books I must, or feel I should, read need to... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele Last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review featured an interview with Sue Grafton, one of my favorite authors and a genuinely charming person. I love reading interviews with her because of her frankness and humor. She tells it... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele Summer is always the busiest time in the bookshop. Between summer reading lists for school, the increasing number of young people reading for pleasure when relieved of the September to June requirements, the parents with a little extra... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele Those of you who have read some of my past writing here already know that adding new technology, software or hardware, to my life is not my idea of fun. As the tech world changes, a little too... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele Who would have thought that the demise of Borders in the fall of 2011 would cause an uptick in my business in the spring of 2015? Or that for all the different avenues I use to get the... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele When I was a child, my mother frequently described self-centered people as thinking of only “me, myself, and I.” This week, I found myself wishing more people would spend time thinking about these three words. I was getting... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele It’s a beautiful sunny spring day, and, as seems to happen whenever there is a day like this, I won’t be able to get out to my garden. Too much going on! Most important, it’s Independent Bookstore Day.... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele When one has a small bookshop, special orders for customers are a daily occurrence. No matter how carefully the planned ordering is done, there is not space for everything. Requests from shoppers are one of the ways I... Continue reading
Marilyn Thiele Remember New Year’s Resolutions? Here we are three months later. What happened? I’m not one for making a long list of ways to improve myself; I’m old enough to know I’m hopeless, and everyone will just have to... Continue reading
Jeff, you and I share both a happy anniversary day (our weddings) and a sad one. For me, it's 32 years since my first husband was killed in an accident on St. Patrick's Day. I, like you, remember all the details. And I share your grumpiness, lack of interest in partying (and I AM part Irish), and general "squirreliness" at this time of year. My thoughts are with you. We'll get through it -- we always do. There's lots of time to party; for us, right now is not the time.
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“Never do things to be appreciated. It rarely works out.” This from Philip Galanes, in his weekly New York Times column “Social Q’s,” in response to a young woman complaining about her friends’ apparent lack of gratitude for a dinner... Continue reading