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Derek Laney
Sydney, Australia
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Thanks Zach, does this mean marketers could create video journeys which change as a customer travels through the stages of their journey, sounds pretty awesome?
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2015 on 3 Key Advertising Takeaways From Facebook F8 at Blog
thanks for the updates Liv, and thanks Marina & Tilly for a great panel for the students
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2013 on BizAcademy - Taking Risks at Australia & NZ Blog
It never fails to surprise me the energy of customers who use these days to come and be immersed in the community, sometimes we fret about not getting to every session or seeing every cool exhibitor, but I always walk away inspired to do better, try harder. I think you captured the vibe well.
Groovy, Vozz, you are a wealth of useful information
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Mar 10, 2013
Nice work Voz
Might be worth including the video NAB produced of their command center
Here is a link to the recording of the dreamforce session on optimizing your facebook feed which Goti is describing
The streets-cape is definitely the best, but there is something very exciting about the staircase, it always makes me feel excited descending those escalators
Thanks TIm, the students loved the session, many thanks to you and our other guests Niki Epstein and Peter Horsley for their participation. Question of the day from Chloe, is there a danger that as everything is now on the social record young people can ruin their chances later in life through the actions they take online now? Perspectives we heard: "Yes, we need to educate young people in our workforce about maintaining the professionalism of their presence in order to not reflect poorly on their employer and possible future employers" "Employers need to get used to the new norm, people will behave online as they do offline, while this visibility is confronting it is becoming the new normal. If employers exclude candidates based on the purity of their online reputation they will quickly find their possible talent pool is small"
This week I was excited to join this year's students for a music workshop to kickoff's BizAcademy program. Every year I feel like I'm getting the better deal in the mentor-mentee relationship and from my amazing friends Nick and Bartek I have learned so much. Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2012 at Australia & NZ Blog
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Jan 10, 2012