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Kim, several thoughts: 1)Wonder Woman has competition. 2)Mother Theresa might appreciate a pair of your shoes. When NPR is not delivering a "crock of shit"--Dan's words--they can have some good stuff. Last week Daniel Sheehan died. Many here will recognize his name from the Pentagon Papers exposing the extensive lies, the official government lies meant to deceive the American public about the true folly of the Vietnam War. Daniel cared. Every sentence had to be absolutely right. He wrote: "If people can know the truth, they can learn from it." That is what Age of Autism represents--The Truth. 3)Kim, your words penetrate this jaded, cynical human being in ways that remind me I have a heart. Thank you!
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In Plan B is this: "Under Plan B, 80 independent research organizations, all funded directly by the US Senate, geographically located across the United States, would establish a broad base of expertise and provide a full compendium of cultural representation on priority issues of public health." I can tell you this--my two senators epitomize ignorance which may be incurable and for that reason Plan B is DOA (not to mention that Pharma will never allow this). I appreciate JLW's effort. Its a great chronology at how we have stepped onto a dystopian treadmill. We are all on our own but part of a growing tribe. We must work together protectively, to assure our rights to be healthy. That's the bottom line.
Emma, thank you for that link to Senate committee hearings. A couple of things caught my attention. First, ADM. Stansfield Turner's testimony: "The employee who located this material did so by leaving no stone unturned in his efforts to respond to a Freedom of Information Act request, or several of them, in fact. ........." Back then, from my perspective, FOIA requests had more meaning. Now the government HHS, CDC can put relevant documents deliberately in locations that place them beyond FOIA. "......leaving no stone unturned..." thats what Cia does to get to as close to some truth that is possible regarding SARS-CoV-2, vaccinations, and treatments, with plenty of research to inform her opinion. She does so with integrity and honesty. Second, Senator Kennedy's opening remark: "Some 2 years ago, the Senate Health Subcommittee heard chilling testimony about the human experimentation activities of the Central Intelligence Agency. " Cia has her on chilling testimony on what happened to her daughter and vaccinations as is the case for what brought many to Age of Autism. I hope when people accidentally find Age of Autism, they will see good articles and plenty of useful comments informing readers, when so much in the MSM is meant to hide useful articles and research. My two cents.
The higher you are on the political ladder, sometimes the less you know. Had a staffer for Congressman Letlow been keeping him abreast of all things SARS-CoV-2, he might have become aware of December 8th Senate hearing regarding Ivermectin and the I MASK + protocol. Yet we read this statement, "The Letlow family is deeply appreciative of the medical team at St. Francis Medical Center for their fantastic care". Yes the standard of care that is at the heart of 300,000+ deaths in this country. There should be a book, (maybe there already is) "How to have SARS-CoV-2 and do well in spite of your doctor or hospital". Its probably censored anyway.
Emma, Two things. First, Regarding you can't make this up..... It makes perfect sense. No one would want the frail to die before they're vaccinated. Its always better to die after you're vaccinated. Second, How did you get the last name Philadelphia?
John & Cia--Pharma for sure and a significant degree of medicine dependent on pharma, doesn't have an ethical, principled bone in its body; especially carved out for vaccines where honesty and integrity is secondary to the goal. If it were otherwise, the need for the Age of Autism wouldn't be needed. Dan Olmstead would have found other injustices to write about.
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Kim you're right, we wouldn't wish, but by the same token if they were given their comeuppance or just deserts--well that's poetic justice.
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Anybody remember the days when draft cards were burned as a sign of protest?
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Falsebook or is it Phalsebook. A Ph too far?
Done. Laura--thanks for getting me to move off my butt.
Kim, my dad said to me once in a way that stuck with me, "sometimes you have to call a spade a spade". The spades are wrecking this country, our future, our ability for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I really can't tell the swamp from the trees from forest from the spades. GAFM!
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Having just watched JLW's video, I have these thoughts: The nightly TV news has been showing the lines for testing at Dodger Stadium If I understand what I have just gratefully learned: 1) 5% of those prevalent/present in the line will have SARS-CoV-2. 2) 11% or some greater number in that line are false negatives. 3) The rest are True Negatives. Is My Understanding Correct?
It's amazing to me just how many reporters who claim to be journalists apparently slept through their college courses that taught honesty* and integrity*, but excel at propaganda. I didn't realize that propaganda was even offered as a course. *Oh wait a second, maybe its not even taught, just expected to be part of one's character to be a good journalist.
Whereas one doesn't need conspiracy theories or QAnon to have one's "trust in America’s democratic institutions undermined." All one has to do was look at the behavior of Americas once trusted institutions. Where as when one points out "objectively" the "reality" of what is, it is more often than not "rejected" subjectively by those in the very same institutions that now demand (not earn or deserve) our trust. Where as It is people like Tom Malinowski through their misguided notions and belief in their own omnipotence and self righteousness who "deepen our Nation’s political polarization." All done with the help of a lazy media. Resolved: (5 amended) to seek information from authoritative sources such as Age of Autism, Mercola, Children's Health Defense and to engage in the civil political debate from the real (not the media's) factual foundation. Attest: the American people who still think for themselves.
Billboards are mightier than the sword.
The FDA and independent panel needs to demand the records of this trial. According to <> AstraZeneca (phase 3) does have a saline solution as placebo. Phase 1/2 did use the meningitis and septicemia vaccine as their placebo. <> The doctor was supposed to be in the phase 3. Something's rotten in Brazil, AstraZeneca and Denmark.
John.......Maybe if we go back about 800 years, yours and my ancestors were sitting around a campfire looking up at the stars thinking about the future and somehow knew to teach our children -beware of the "Gates of Wrath"; or is it the "Wrath of Gates?"
In the last few paragraphs of the New York Post provided a hot link to the NEJM article "Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines for SARS-CoV-2" published on Oct. 1. It may be worth your time to read the NEJM comments-- They are pretty good!
Tangentially related-- I remember when Dr. Fauci's was holding the trial study papers for Remdesivir in a Covid task force meeting and his upbeat exuberance for "proof of concept". Gilead's stock exuberated, but now comes this: "In a study it described as both conclusive and disappointing, the World Health Organization said the antiviral drug remdesivir has "little or no effect on mortality" for patients hospitalized with coronavirus and it doesn't seem to help patients recover any faster, either." While the HCQ cocktail was orchestrated out of beneficial use, the shenanigans that got Remdesivir to move front and center (with the FDA's help) did nothing.
Its enough of an answer to make him and others who (don't) think like him dangerous. He is a vaccine fundamentalist.
The clinical trial does not identify the "placebo"
Teresa, I have always felt that you could connect dots, ask the right questions that others, so many others failed to see with everything autism. Someday, someone will dig up one of you articles and point out how close you were in figuring out the puzzle(s), and you did it with out one dollar of grant money for your research or recognition. Thank you, (Of course I won't be a bit surprised if I see, Teresa Conrick & Meghan--The Sequel
I just heard FaceBook is banning paid ads that discourage vaccinations. Since I don't do FaceBook,I didn't know there were paid ads that discourage vaccinations. From this site ...........And unpaid posts by people or groups that discourage vaccinations will also still be allowed — the new policy only includes paid advertisements. Facebook is addressing the anti-vaxxers of 2014 and 2015 and not the anti-vaxxers of 2020, said David A. Broniatowski, an associate professor at George Washington University’s school of engineering and applied science who has published several studies on vaccine misinformation. Broniatowski published a study in 2019 that found that the majority of anti-vaccine misinformation being pushed in advertisements on Facebook were coming from two groups, including one led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and a California-based organization called Stop Mandatory Vaccination. “Facebook by banning anti-vaccine ads is probably not banning more than half of the ads,” he said. “I understand where they are coming from that they want to promote civil engagement but at the same time, if their intention is to reduce the amount of anti-vaccine misinformation, they are not addressing the largest source of that misinformation.”
So............will Kamala become part of the "vociferous anti-vaccination movement"? She certainly has the vociferous down and she has moments where she is part of some anti-movement. No, she doesn't possess the character, knowledge nor courage to challenge "the experts". It's all up to us.
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Laura re: the PA case. What sentence stood out to me was this: "But the defendants actions did not rationally relate to this end." The key word being 'rationally'. Its been difficult to have rational discussions towards more rational policies that are proving difficult, especially with masks and social distancing. When I point out that wearing a mask in the middle of park with no one around is irrational; what I hear is "yes, but it sets a good example." Or a news reporter on location and all there is the reporter and their camera. Why the mask?