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Truthful MD--a least you displayed how profoundly ignorant you and your colleagues are and wish to remain. We will not be seeking your services, thank you.
Aimee-- What do you think of Justice Breyer's concurring opinion beginning on page 23? He quotes, "It [HHS] notes that the compensation program’s listed vaccines have survived rigorous administrative safety review." I think pretty much everyone here justifiably take issue with "rigorous administrative safety review." Additionally I was looking for something else and stumbled on this PBS 2010 interview with Bob Sears where he makes these statements: "And I think parents can overall trust what the CDC says. There’s so much safety research behind vaccines that most parents should feel very confident in their safety. I do trust the CDC, and I trust the whole system." I wonder if Bob Sears of 2019 feels the same as Bob Sears of 2010? The only thing that HHS does "rigorously" is deny the massive systemic corruption and lack of safety. Yes Cia what constitutes design-defect: the vaccine or the underlying genetic, metabolic, auto-immune family history of a vaccine recipient?
Anyone want to speculate what Steven Miller, Trump's chief policy advisor position on vaccinations? If you have no one in your circle who has a deep understanding of vaccination issues, Trumps knowledge is extremely superficial, then nothing will happen.
Allie to your larger point, we can never sleep and have to remain vigilant. A bill may die a temporary or permanent death like 3063, but the push to mandate everything will continue. The media, the CDC, the FDA, Pharma, the AMA, AAP, know that a sleeping giant is "woke". The swamp in DC will drain. Its just a matter of time. Dan Olmstead will see to that with help from Kim......and John.......and Hans......and Benedetta......and Angus......and Laura.........and and and!
to intelligent non-autistic vaxxer--you may be intelligent, even smart, but you are yet not wise and have a lot to learn. As a Jew reading your comments I can only say "oy vey".
I couldn't find the links to all the installments but here is the link to Part 7
Visitor, thanks to link to WAPO Kayyem editorial. She is profoundly ignorant and dangerous. There were plenty of Kayyem types in fascist 1930's Germany and we know how that worked out. The Kayyems of fascist Germany incited Kristallnacht.
"The industry and its proponents hide behind bland assurances that everything is safe, effective, carefully tested etc. but the reality is messy." I would say the reality is dirty, convoluted and caries a filthy stench like dead fish rotting on a beach.
What I find extraordinary telling is that legislators pushing mandates can only make their mouths say 'safe and effective', and cannot, will not and appear quite incapable of saying 'vaccine injury' because then they have confessed their evil sin.
What I find extraordinary telling is that legislators pushing mandates can only make their mouths say 'safe and effective', and cannot, will not and appear quite incapable of saying 'vaccine injury' because then they have confessed their evil sin and the utilitarian basis of their motives.
Aimee--Many years ago, late 90's if my memory serves me right, a pro vaccine physician commented that if we screened for those who could react unfavorably to current vaccinations, there would be no mass vaccination program. That's why the one-size-fits-all is has gotten the herd to point that most of us don't to be in "THAT herd". There is the Tale of Two Herds that the corporate media will never acknowledge. Cia--that was one of your best comments!!!!!!
Will I remember the "Green" vaccine slogan which I thought was ridiculous. Kind of like--"Lets Make Drug Companies Honest Again." At that point in time I had not seen the vaccine excipient list. Maybe it would be better to say "less toxic" opposed to green which will unlikely be case because vaccines are unavoidably unsafe no matter what color they're painted. Regarding the Holocaust or religious persecution: Being a Jew is to know the Holocaust intimately. It didn’t just happen; the anti-Jew hysteria and hatred was whipped up throughout the 1930’s through increasingly harsh edicts and anti-Semitic declarations. If you were a Jew, you couldn’t be a doctor or work in a hospital; if you were a Jew you couldn’t have a business; if you were a Jew you couldn’t have a public education. (Sound familiar Will.) If you were a Jew, the public was told that you are such a threat that you should be exterminated. Those who cannot remember their past are destined to repeat it.—George Santayana
From The King and I ---Shall We Dance-- and from the same musical--I Whistle a Happy Tune--
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In an equal opportunity sort of way--Democrats are destroying our children and Republicans are destroying our planet. Quite a team they make.
Good for you Grace. Trump is so unreliable, so erratic, careless, inconsistent, fickled, capricious –no one who really understands vaccine issues give this president (small “p”) an atom of credibility to speak honestly let alone intelligently about vaccine ingredients, vaccine safety, vaccine ingredients, vaccination policy etc etc etc. No one will follow his medical advice to get Mercks MMR. Trump drinks and sells Kool-aid tasting little different than the Obama or Hillary Kool-aid. Kool-Aid is Kool-Aid.
Cia I would first ask and address is that the system in place, the whole HHS, CDC, NIH, ACIP, and what ever I am forgetting is so broken and systemically corrupt, we have to abandon the notion that the problems inherent in vaccines and pharmaceuticals in general can be resolved by how vaccines are developed and tested. The system is broken and doctors indoctrinated by a broken system are good at breaking the health of children and adults. That's the platform I running on when I declare my candidacy.
Shell Tsorfas-- A great book "The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza" goes into great detail the Spanish Flu which did not originate in Spain. There was a lengthy discussion on AOA some months back. But a simple answer is homeopathic remedies work and taking aspirin killed you.
In response to Cia and David: Plotkin Protocols are that you test your vaccine on children whose mother's are in prison; test vaccines on children who are of no social value to society; test vaccines on children who are human in form only. To be clear, Plotkin stated that his protocols are likely sending him to hell and I agree with him 100%. I just wish he would get on NBC and state to the world what he has done then go to hell and take Peter Hotez and a few others with him. Plotkin epitomizes evil. Cia and David, does this clarify my previous comment and we all can have a glass of wine or coffee together? It will be on me.
The only thing I would add to the Cia Ebola scenario would be the acknowledgement by the FDA that the development of the vaccine followed Plotkin Protocols which are approved for vaccine development. And of course the Plotkin Protocols would be officially described in the MSM.
It not hard for me at this point in time to see that the mob that wanted Jesus crucified were Democrats.
“The epidemic will burn itself out, as all epidemics do in time..." Not the autism epidemic, not the vaccine injury epidemic, not the special education epidemic, not the epidemic of chronic ill health in 54% of Generation Sick. Plenty of oxygen left to fuel the epidemic of scientific fraud and media complicity, but we will burn that one out with truth!
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Carol--It is my understanding to do the real-time PCR measles genotyping requires a lab capable of performing that task. A doctor or hospital would have to collect a specimen and send it wherever it needs to go. There is certainly a disincentive; better to not know how many measles cases are vaccine strain. Better to remain to ignorant, because when you know, you know. And the last thing you want is for "the people" to know.
As a Democrat, not too many years ago you could be called a Kennedy Democrat which for me would have been a Bobby Kennedy Democrat. Now Democrats have turned their backs on the Kennedy name day going as far as vilifying Robert F Kennedy Jr. Now................... Democrats are Plotkin Democrats. Democrats are the party of Merck. Democrats are the party of Glaxo Smith Kline. Democrats are the party of Sanofi. Democrats are the party of Pfizer. As Robert F Kennedy Jr. pointed out, Democrats have given our children to these greedy, homicidal, untrustworthy companies. Democrats-- go to Hell; do not pass go.
Corporate media thrive on their daily consumption of Kool-aid. It's their preferred beverage.
Eindecker you live in fantasy land! The informed consent clause is a recipe for how to prey on the illiterate exactly why clinical trials seek less developed countries, especially lower income, people living in poverty and squalor. Informed consent--4.8.9 If a subject is unable to read or if a legally acceptable representative is unable to read, an impartial witness should be present during the entire informed consent discussion. After the written informed consent form and any other written information to be provided to subjects, is read and explained to the subject or the subject’s legally acceptable representative, and after the subject or the subject’s legally acceptable representative has orally consented to the subject’s participation in the trial and, if capable of doing so, has signed and personally dated the informed consent form, the witness should sign and personally date the consent form. By signing the consent form, the witness attests that the information in the consent form and any other written information was accurately explained to, and "APPARENTLY" understood by, the subject or the subject’s legally acceptable representative, and that informed consent was freely given by the subject or the subject’s legally acceptable representative. The disclaimer alone that clinical trials performed in the future will be exactly as they have been conducted in the past with every manner of deception humans will use to bring a product to market. DISCLAIMER: The findings, opinions, and assertions contained in this consensus document are those of the individual scientific professional members of the working group. They do not necessarily represent the official positions of each participant’s organization (e.g., government, university, or corporations). Specifically, the findings and conclusions in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).