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Maurine, maybe this was a recent attempt that had more truths and that's what cannot be allowed. Truths! I don't subscribe nor will pay to read the NYT. Would like to see the add from December 19th. Also, I don't do FaceBook. Have given up on family and friends who are primarily of democrat persuasion. They prefer to not hear, read or listen to anything which challenges the narrative fundamental to their believe. Its an understatement that the propaganda has been very effective, that they are unreachable; and I'm tired of trying to carefully select the best words which might penetrate.
I saw the quote below as a comment on Matt Taibbis blog. It's a variant of the "lesser of two evils". "Our elections have acquired an unhealthy sameness, every cycle we get to choose between polio and syphilis. It makes me wish "common cold" would at least appear on the ballot..." Steve Kirsch wrote, "Do not expect any help from Congress". My new Republican Representative Cliff Bentz appears to be born with out a spine. (Isn't it amazing how many get elected as our representatives have that attrabute. Its almost being spineless is a requirement.) His predecessor was Gregg Walden who took lots of pharma money and signed onto whatever Adam Schiff had to say about vaccines/vaccinations. Not only will Congress me of no help but the people will be punished for seeing the emperor has no clothes, which also happened to be a Ted Kuntz Age of Autism article from 2018 Ted you are so right then and now.
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I didn't used to be this way, but the battering and abuse of decades of government leaders, officials, celebrities has taken a toll. The current short, very short list of "fingernails on the chalkboard"--Joe Biden's face and voice; Donald Trump's face and voice; Justin Truedeau's face and voice; Gavin Newsom's face and voice; Kate Brown (governor of Oregon) face and voice; Whoopi Goldberg's face and voice. Past abusers include Adam Schiff's face and voice. The longer list is available on request.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2022 on Disappointment in President Biden at AGE OF AUTISM
Google has done what the CDC wanted Marie McCormick to do: “CDC…wants us to declare, well, these things are pretty safe on a population basis.” (p. 33) “…we are not ever going to come down that [autism] is a true side effect [of vaccines]” (p. 97)
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Kim I hope you will keep us updated when this person makes her appearance in court. I imagine she will plead innocent and will have an attorney present. What will be her defense?
"....cleared its first regulatory hurdle..." Not even a bump in the road. What hurdle?
Dr Moskowitz you are welcomed in my house anytime. I would invite some of my family and friends who over who have lost their critical thinking skills that think CNN, NPR, PBS is the ultimate source of truth.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2021 on A Plague on Both Your Houses Part 1 at AGE OF AUTISM
Actor Anthony Heald played Judge Wallace Cooper on TVs "The Practice". He had this way of enunciating Massa-CHUUU-setts which would get under the skin of the defense attorneys. Well, I hated the way Trump enunciated Chii-na. I cannot stand any word that Biden enunciates especially any word that begins in "v". I will do anything to not hear or see his face again. Yes his tone is despicable like the behavior of the party he represents.
Should Kimmel end up in the hospital, lets hope he gets plenty of Remdesvir so he can appreciate his tax dollars at work.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2021 on Kimmel: Rest in Peace, Wheezy. at AGE OF AUTISM
Bayareamom: Tom Porter still did a hatchet job on Del and ICAN.
"One Must Ask" Laura, that was a very painful paragraph to read. There is no one in my extended family who will ask. No one in my mostly lefty friends. No One, No One, No One, just No One.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2021 on Autism in Afghanistan at AGE OF AUTISM
Battle Hymm of the Republic performed by the Mormon Tabernacle with the West Point Band. "As he died to make men holy let us die to make men free His truth is marching on"
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2021 on Won’t Back Down at AGE OF AUTISM
Gary--Trust? HaHa! I see your two HaHa's and raise you one HaHaHa! You speak for me as well.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2021 on Friday Food For Thought at AGE OF AUTISM
Bob Moffit, that sentence, "’re obligated to address it......................" jumped off the page to me as well. Its not quite the Pottery Barn Rule--If You Break It, You Own It--a variation of which Collin Powell is reported to have said. Our Pottery Barn Rule is thus: You Broke Our Children; You're Obligated to Address It. You started braking the pottery in the barn in 1986. Thats a lot of broken pottery that we call our children. Of course, "................... there’ s no one in the scientific community that wants to take on the plausible culprits because they involve corporations, they involve the medical institution, the failures of medical policies and practices." The Colossal failure of Government which proves it is incapable of self-correction. It is this landscape that makes worst of all options--anarchism--look appealing.
Maurine--didn't one of those two become a president of something? I don't know my dwarfs; is there a stumbly or mumbly?
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2021 on If They Sneezin' Get Breezin! at AGE OF AUTISM
"People who should know better...." What I'm finding out is how little people know who sit in judgement of people who are far better informed, who take the obligation of "informed consent" at its minimum--to be informed, seriously. When you ask people, "what do you know," and they know less, but they are so willing, self-righteous to condemn, to punish those that know so much more????? Yes it is disturbing. And I have no idea how this will all shake out in the end. Who is the screen writer for all this shit? You have some esplaining to do.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2021 on A Glimpse of America at AGE OF AUTISM
Where is the "Like" button when you need one? Thanks Gary--you speak for me. Carol, that used to be me. I stopped being a Democrat a long time ago. Actually the Democrats stopped being democrats a long time ago.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2021 on Deal With It? at AGE OF AUTISM
Universal truism. Democrats in the state Senate [DELETE: issued a statement saying the dismissal] "will put more lives at risk”.
The Presenter for the Community Immunity Bill is Senator Becca Rausch, who is a granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor an attorney, a published author on reproductive health and justice and body size and the law, Senator Rausch is a lifelong advocate for social justice, fairness, and equality for all. Something is demonstrably wrong with this woman. An advocate for social justice and equality wants to sneak kids away from their parents, inject them with out the parent's knowledge, then hide the evil deed from them. What law school did she go to that instilled in her this definition of social justice? Exactly what side of the Holocaust story was taught to this woman, who wants to make "equality for all" laws. She and any of her colleagues that she influences that this is right, leaves me speechless. The First To Parish Were The Children. Rausch apparently missed the take away of the Holocaust--Never Again. As a Jew I am ashamed there are Jews like her.
"I wasn't raised to be rude to the POTUS, elephant or donkey." What about a jack ass? I wasn't raised to be rude, to anybody, but its not a two way street anymore. Especially when people want to silence me for what I have to say.
Thanks Wayne for the perpetual bad news when it comes to anything resembling justice for those injured by safe and effective, FDA approved, CDC recommended, toxic products, fully endorsed by main stream media, and contrary information censored. This from the Federal Register document: Comment: Some commenters believe the federal government is not the place to lodge a complaint related to the administration of a vaccine. The appropriate place to do this is through the traditional court system or through practitioner licensing boards. They believe that current use and the number of claims for shoulder injury in adults are against the intent and spirit of the original law. Response: The Department thanks the commenters for these comments. It is the Department's belief that Congress intended for the Vaccine Act's compensation system to be used for unavoidable injuries and illnesses that cannot be predicted in advance and can occur without fault. SIRVA and vasovagal syncope are generally not those types of injuries or illnesses. With proper injection technique, SIRVA is likely preventable. The scientific literature also suggests that those administering vaccines can take steps to significantly reduce the likelihood of vasovagal syncope. It seems that we should sue Walgreens, Kroger, Walmart, RiteAid, etc. And for DIGRESSION PURPOSES, this link: “SHOCKING JUMP in Vaccine Deaths Reported This Week at CDC-Linked VAERS Tracking Website.” Most people getting sick and dying are going to be Democrats according to High’s data. High explains, “19 out of 20 Democrats have taken or plan to take the vaccine. Whereas, basically, only one out of four non- Democrats are planning to take the vaccine or even susceptible to want to take the vaccine. Also, nearly 75% of the non-Democrat cohort is fixed that they shall not take it. So, as the damage starts showing up, we are going to see it is very much a political segregation that we have achieved ourselves, and we are manifesting it in a disease state.” So, the Democrats are killing off their own voters? High says, “Correct, and it’s more than that. They are killing off the true believer class, the activist class. (There is much more on this too in the interview.)
Emmaphiladelphia-- "Jeremy Farrar of Wellcome Trust", was also one of the signatories of the Peter Daszak orchestrated Lancet letter used to shield "gain of function" research and Daszak's Eco Alliance from the scrutiny it deserved. Daszak was used extensively by PBS (Propaganda Broadcasting System, where the left acquire their beliefs) to shoot down the lab origins of SARS-CoV-2 and Daszak and Jonna Menet (also on the Lancet letter) were used by NPR (National Propaganda Radio) to claim zoonotic natural causes for the virus. To this day, both networks do not speak of Gain of Function or enhanced pathology work at the lab. Intentional misleading, misinforming the public, but that's what the left chooses to believe.
TOB thanks! I like a good yoke. Statistics is not in my jeans, but my seat of the pants assessment is this group 12-15 it might be wise and prudent to let this group develop the antibodies from natural exposure. We're basing public health policy on the tyranny of tiny numbers. Time will tell.
TOB--I looked at that document and I did not understand the data that would give the saline placebo of 98.4% efficacy. Could you please elaborate (step by step) for us less able to see the numbers clearly. Thanks
I don't judge or begrudge her. Its all a mouthful of symbolism. She could be the poster person for "Science is Real".