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John, This is really good : "I argue that autism is not only a public health issue, it also represents a crisis of political economy. In this thesis I will show that: capitalism has transformed science and medicine from a focus on use values to a focus on exchange values; regulation is largely a reflection of political power not scientific evidence; and cultural and financial capture are blocking the sorts of regulatory responses that are necessary to stop the autism epidemic." The picture of what capitalism does or doesn't is worthy of further discussion.
This conversation and article is so very important. Regarding ECT: I have a very close family member who underwent ECT. The administering physician after witnessing the devastating toll that procedure took on this person, resigned from the institution never to do ECT again. Thanks to all who wrote comments.
A friend just sent me this link: BOMBSHELL: Researchers paid poor women in Mexico to be inseminated, then abort
As soon as one points out where the twisting of vaccination truths begin (WHO, CDC, FDA, ACIP, Peter Hotez, Paul Offit, Merck, GSK, Sanofi, Pfizer, who have I forgotten oh yes Dorit Reiss) their first response is "conspiracy". That says it all. They have nothing. They can't even fall back on their science, because of it inadequacies and Helen Petousis Haris got "inflamed" (a systemic reaction). Isn't a words ending in sis meaning "the state of". The truth is known to do that to those who suffer from the lack of. Helen--take a couple of aspirin and call Bigtree in morning and he'll hold your hand--yes Helen I know the truth is just hard to take but you will get better. We feel a lot better and nothing will change that.
Thank you John for being an excellent moderator. I followed this conversation and almost weighed in with the fact that Congress declared vaccines unavoidably unsafe in 1986 precisely because in the current state of technology they can not be made safe. The recent WHO safety meeting confirmed the profoundness and accuracy of the unavoidably unsafe designation. Thirty three years later we know and WHO knows unavoidably unsafe is the tip of the chronic ill health and death iceberg for generations of children. I found Concerned lacked some fundamental awareness of the decades of animal studies which should have stopped the one-size-fits-all mass vaccination hysteria which grips this country. Perhaps I will see comments from Concerned on other sites engaged in reducing environmental pollutants.
"Many children with autism, PANS/PANDAS or both, have immune issues." And.......Many more children develope clinical or sub-clinical immune issues as a result of the immune assault from vaccinations.
Aimee, The Afghan Papers (the WAPO expose) revealed for the last 18 years--Three administrations Two Republican and a Democratic one lied repeatedly to the American People using spin, marketing and public relations, using deception and lying: 1) Systematic effort[s] to lie to the public. 2) Rosy pronouncements. 3) Hiding unmistakeable evidence. 4) [documents are] privileged, the public has no right to see them. 5) the Afghan papers the reality is far different from what the public is being told. 6) Truth was rarely welcomed. 7) The metrics were always manipulated. Aimee, this is what the Afghan papers revealed: How to hide the truth. This list applies to vaccinations, don't they? Three elected administrations engaged in a cover up. Sure glad we can place our trust in the CDC. We live in an era (and by my experience, the last 3 decades) in the "Industrialization of Deception". Its why fluoridation still exists, vaccinations have become a religion, and 5G is being deployed world wide. Industrialized deception and you've and most at AOA have taken the red pill. Most of my democratic, progressives dear friends have not will not, because they don't want to see that the world has been pulled over their eyes. Omission and Commissions. Before the WAPO printed the Afhgan papers they were part of the deception of selling the rosy deception to a trusting, American public who cannot be allowed to believe that vaccines cause injuries in horrific numbers. Lets have coffee.
Aimee, when I said Democrats are arrogant I was thinking of a few in politics and medicine, but I would include a few highly educated individuals who are very opinionated as well. In calling them willingly ignorant and influenced by NPR (WAPO, NYT as well) came more from a recent conversation with one who placed their salvation and trust in those 3 entities and ran quickly from anything which challenges that belief that those speak truth which deserve our trust. "Why didn't a Republican controlled House Government Oversight Committee ever hold hearings?" Too many inconvenient truths and money at stake. "Why hasn't the Republican controlled Senate ever held hearings?" Same answer as above. "Why has President Trump appointed pro-vax heads (multiple times) to government agencies, and urged Americans to get vaccinated for measles and flu?" The man has no principles or core values. He would throw his wife and son under the bus without qualms if they challenged him. "Why aren't there protests and outrage at the lack of religious exemptions in Mississippi and West Virginia? Sounds to me like the Republicans are also "entrenched"" Because Jesus or Robert Kennedy Jr. can't be everywhere all the time. The real discussion and answers are found in the cumulative posting and writing of the many at AOA including yours.
Aimee, I've spoken to a Republican lawmaker who insists this issue is bi-partisan. (She does this to make herself feel more comfortable that she is one of a few outliers in the state party, totally ignoring how she violates other principles she professes to believe. She is also tremendously afraid and seems to fear driven of polio, measles; has no clue and doesn't want to know anything contrary to her beliefs. I don't think she is influenced by pharmaceutical money. She is being driven by fear and profound ignorance. Democrats are just plain ARROGANT and willingly ignorant. When I talk to other democrats, neoliberals, progressives and listen to where they get their news--NPR--its understandable why they are so entrenched in their ignorance (and fear).
Plotkin's reference to "vaccine ignorance": Does he thoughtfully infer since there are no placebos hence ignorance is pervasive from day one for immunity and safety?
You can "despise" Trump, Republicans and Democrats for the deception and failures and at the same time recognize that both Bob Moffit and Cia would have made better Presidents.
So Gary, do I see Duck Soup in your future?
School for children special needs under review after disturbing video surfaces
Twerp is French for idiot, moron, fool, ass. Those definitions seem to fit this person.
Hillary, Chelsea and Lena--Three Shills in a Fountain.
"without the approval of a recognized Western regulatory authority, such as the FDA or EMA" Using the FDA to set the standard for safety, for regulatory diligence is an illusion.
Her tweet would make a great bill board near the law school she teaches at in San Francisco. And she teaches law?
Kim, your words are powerful and I would require every person in this country to hear your words. NPR and PBS couldn't handle your truths.
Cia, as I read your comments there's about 500 words that sort of address things. Probably more words in your comments than an average VIS. Yes lets make the immuncompromised take the vaccinations that fall into the "unavoidably unsafe" category. SAFE and EFFECTIVE vs UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE
Yes can anybody provide the current status of this case and......isn't there an HPV vaccine injury trial somewhere in the works?
From Yesterday's Nightly Business Report-- "ERIK GORDON, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS PROFESSOR: The verdict shows how much we hate pharmaceutical companies. We have gone from thinking of them as the people who provide the diabetes medicine and heart pills that keep our grandmother`s alive to the people who are gouging us with prices, lying to us about safety problems." MEG TIRRELL, NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT CORRESPONDENT: Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) is no stranger to the courtroom. The healthcare giant has been fighting legal battles on multiple fronts, most recently on its talcum powder and opioids businesses. But the news late yesterday was unexpected. A Philadelphia jury said J&J must pay $8 billion in punitive damages, in a case involving its anti-psychotic drug Risperdal. The damages are to a man who claims J&J downplayed risks that the drug could cause breast growth in boys. He already won $680,000 in a compensatory award. J&J called the award, quote, grossly disproportionate and a clear violation of due process and said it will move to have it set aside. The sheer size of the jury`s award though may be a symptom of the public suspicion of the pharmaceutical industry, says University of Michigan business professor Erik Gordon. ERIK GORDON, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS PROFESSOR: The verdict shows how much we hate pharmaceutical companies. We have gone from thinking of them as the people who provide the diabetes medicine and heart pills that keep our grandmother`s alive to the people who are gouging us with prices, lying to us about safety problems. TIRRELL: The drug industry is now the least popular in the United States, this year unseating the federal government, has most-hated in a Gallup poll. GORDON: They`ve gone from being heroes to being bums in the eyes of a lot of us, including jurors. TIRRELL: For J&J, more litigation is on the horizon another Risperdal trial is set to begin in Philadelphia in December while there`s an ongoing trial in the health giant`s home state of New Jersey concerning its talcum powder and ovarian cancer. And beyond that, J&J is still named in more than 2,000 opioid lawsuits. The company just reached a settlement to avoid the first federal opioid trial set to begin later this month in Ohio. It paid $20 million to two counties. That`s after a $572 million loss in an opioid trial in the state of Oklahoma. Some of its talc verdicts have been larger, including one for $4.7 billion last year. The company is appealing the cases it`s lost. And while Wall Street analyst has generally shrugged off the $8 billion verdict, saying it`s very likely to be overturned, investors wiped more than 2 percent from J&J`s stock price. That amounts to more than $8 billion in market value. For NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT, I`m Meg Tirrell.
Next round is on me--Age of Autism is back in my in-box too. I can breathe again. Read the words of all my heroes at AOA again. At the 17:50 mark on the tape, Robert Kennedy jr. (I started to say Bobby) turned his head to look at Del, and I saw Bobby in RFK Jr.s face. "WOW!".
"Parents should have the choice of what to put into their children's bodies." "Right?" Unless its consumer product made my Merck, Glaxo Smith Kline, Sanofi, and Pfizer.
Pediatricians Stand By Meds For ADHD, But Some Say Therapy Should Come First [American Academy of Pediatrics pushing drugs first, behavior therapy as an add on. Why should anybody be surprised?] The American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines on Monday that uphold the central role of medication, accompanied by behavioral therapy, in ADHD treatment. When 6-year-old Brody Knapp of Kansas City, Mo., was diagnosed with ADHD last year, his father, Brett, was skeptical. Brett didn't want his son taking pills. Brody's mother, Ashley, had other ideas. She's a school principal and has ADHD herself. "I was all for stimulants at the very, very beginning," Ashley says, "just because I know what they can do to help a neurological issue such as ADHD." More and more families have been facing the same dilemma. The prevalence of diagnosed ADHD has shot up in the U.S. in the past two decades; 1 in 10 children now has that diagnosis.
Tim, thank you for your comments. Going to the Full Report was useful, especially page 9 This brings me to this point: Do you think the above information lead the CDC to remove "WI-38 human lung diploid lung fibroblasts" from the excipient list?