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Hi David, Finding gems near the major attractions is always a challenge. However, DC is well served by public transportation, and there are centrally located worthwhile options (although not necessarily close to attractions). Here are a couple of ideas for downtown: Rasika (Modern Indian) Proof (wine bar). A bit further away but still central: Komi (upscale Mediterranean) Estadio (Spanish small plates) Churchkey (a huge collection of artisanal beers) Cork wine bar Dino (Italian) Palena (American) Taverna del Alabardero (Spanish) etc. etc. etc. Happy eating!
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2012 on Magic Moments 101 at Maryland Foodies
Scallops are certainly not vegetarian; that's why, if you read the article closely, you will see the qualifier (perfect for pescetarians and meat eaters). The menu is designed not just for strict vegetarians, but for a vegetarian dining with a non-vegetarian (like in my case), for pescetarians, or omnivores who happen to want a break from meat.
Here at DCFoodies we welcome any and all nutritional preferences! I am not vegetarian, but most of the time I choose to cook with the freshest seasonal ingredients available, especially vegetables and herbs. Cheers!
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Jan 16, 2012