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Paul Williams
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The saying goes that 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. This could certainly be said of the photographs and postcards in the Sadler’s Wells Theatre Archive, which show us what the theatre looked like over time. They provide a snapshot of its performers and performances, the costumes, set designs... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
Now I’m going to look at Sadler’s Wells during the Second World War. At the start of the war in September 1939 Sadler’s Wells remained open. Sadler's Wells Ballet (now The Royal Ballet) however temporarily evacuated to Cardiff and the theatre’s basements began to be used as a public air... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
One category of material well represented in the Sadler’s Wells Theatre Archive are the items used to promote the theatre and communicate with its audiences. In an earlier blog article, Allie wrote about our fascinating collection of playbills dating between 1793 and 1901; we’ve also seen some of the playbills... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
In my last blog, I talked about Ninette de Valois and how she made Sadler’s Wells known throughout the world for ballet. The Wells was also home to one of Britain’s principal opera companies – Sadler’s Wells Opera (now English National Opera). The company’s origins began with the opera performances... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
One of the greatest achievements in Sadler’s Wells history is its role in developing ballet in Britain. The two ballet companies that were formerly resident at Sadler’s Wells became famous throughout Britain and the World: The Royal Ballet and the Birmingham Royal Ballet. In addition, what is now the Royal... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
Having recently discussed the rebuilding of Sadler’s Wells and its reopening in 1931, we must not forget the woman who was responsible for the vision to re-establish and manage the theatre, Lilian Baylis. Lilian was born in 1874 and took over the day-to-day management of the Old Vic (Royal Victoria... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
Hello, my name is Julie Melrose. I started working on the Sadler’s Wells Theatre Archive as a volunteer in June 2011. I wanted to gain experience in an archive to help me get a place on a post-graduate archives and records management course. The main focus of my work has... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
While the funds were being raised from 1925 onwards by the Duke of Devonshire’s appeal to rebuild the theatre (see 16 December 2011 blog post), F.G.M. Chancellor of the firm Frank Matcham & Co was busy planning its construction. The company founded by the great theatre architect Frank Matcham (who... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
Hello, I’m Paul Williams and I am the new project archivist for the Sadler’s Wells Theatre Archive. As Mark explained in a recent blog post, I will also be taking over as the regular blogger. Thanks Mark for introducing me and for looking after the blog for the interim -... Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2012 at Sadler's Wells Theatre Archive
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