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Kevin, Thanks for the comment. You're right that the Tuck Rule play might not be a great example of luck. Then again, the Patriots did benefit hugely from the obscure rule despite the fact that the purpose of the rule--to prevent balls that slipped out of the QB's hands when he tried to pump fake or pull the ball back mid-throw from being ruled a fumble--wasn't all at implicated in the play. This seems lucky to me. But the Tuck Rule really isn't critical to my points: (1) that extremely successful people often (always?) have benefited from circumstances that were well beyond their control, and (2) that people (including the extremely successful ones) tend not to appreciate this.
Jarod, My point is not that Bill Belichick isn't a talented coach. I think he is. My point is that, if Mo Lewis decides to let up on that sideline hit, it's quite possible that Belichick would be considered a failed head coach rather than the greatest coach of all time.
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Feb 3, 2012