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Charlaine Harris
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SO LONG, FAREWELL . . . . I was a founding Femme, too many years ago to remember. I have seen members of our blogging group come and go, and I’ve loved all of them. Some of them quit writing,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2017 at My Weblog
STARTING OVER Very soon, you’ll see an announcement that has been months and months in the making. I’m starting a new series with a new publisher and a new editor. This is like taking a different job . . .... Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2017 at My Weblog
As many of you may already know (since I’ve been complaining about it forever), we’ve had to be out of our house for a month while water damage to our floors was repaired. Now we’re back in our lair, and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2017 at My Weblog
THE PRESS I fly to Albuquerque today to “do press.” Tonight I will have dinner with a lot of entertainment journalists – of course the cast will be there also, and by far the greater attraction -- because, well, they’re... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2017 at My Weblog
LOOK BACK IN ANGER! I try not to force modern opinions on older books. It’s just not fair. No matter how often I may wince, I can’t rewrite the history of social development. That’s my first disclaimer. My second is... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2017 at My Weblog
MINDFULNESS Unfortunately, sometimes I repel new ideas with a “Bah, humbug” reflex. I did that with ‘mindfulness’ until I really thought about the concept. I reasoned that of course, I knew what I was doing. What did mindfulness have to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2017 at My Weblog
by Charlaine Harris at the Femmes Fatales This year I’ve been feeling increasingly autumnal . . . maybe bordering on wintery. It’s been a year of loss, of friends vanishing forever. After remembering these friends and their influence on my... Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2016 at My Weblog
From One Media to Another I’ve been fortunate to have several television deals, and I can tell you from experience, the two forms of entertainment are utterly dissimilar. If you suppose I mean seeing the action of a plot rather... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2016 at My Weblog
LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Whether you’re happy about the outcome of the presidential election or not, here’s the great thing: it’s over. No more ranting and rebuttal, no more hashing over the same arguments (ad nauseum). No more preaching... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2016 at My Weblog
I MADE A MISTAKE . . . When a new book comes out, as my ALL THE LITTLE LIARS just did, I wait for reader reaction. I don’t read Amazon reviews, since they are not signed, but I do get... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2016 at My Weblog
A WAILING AND GNASHING OF TEETH For a homeowner, “you have to find a contractor” are words of doom. You may live in a small town, in which case all contractors worth a hoot are all booked up, or you... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2016 at My Weblog
Here’s a great idea. Let’s just vote tomorrow. Really, has there ever been a more sharply divided presidential race in history? Is there anyone in the United States who does not know by now who is running for the office,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 29, 2016 at My Weblog
Here’s a great idea. Let’s just vote tomorrow. Really, has there ever been a more sharply divided presidential race in history? Is there anyone in the United States who does not know by now who is running for the office,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 29, 2016 at My Weblog
RELEVANCE Since I’m back in the traditional mystery business – my first Aurora Teagarden novel in years, ALL THE LITTLE LIARS, will be out Oct. 4 – I’ve been reading more in the subgenre. A lot of non-cozy readers tend... Continue reading
Posted Aug 8, 2016 at My Weblog
POSITIVE!! By Charlaine Harris Let’s talk about something wonderful. It’s about time, huh? This past weekend was Clear the Shelters weekend. NBC Universal sponsored it, in coordination with more than 680 animal shelters. Applicants could adopt a pet (dog, cat,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2016 at My Weblog
THOUGHTFUL DAY I doubt if anyone is glued to her computer this morning to read blogs, least of all mine. But I want to share my thoughts with you about the Fourth of July. There’s a famous speech from “Newsroom,”... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2016 at My Weblog
READING SEASONS I think of winter as a great reading time, and so do the publishers. I envision being trapped inside by the Arctic weather (which doesn’t happen often in Texas), or being iced in (which happens often enough). Then... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2016 at My Weblog
NO LIGHT HEART I virtuously wrote my blog yesterday, and it was lighthearted. I may publish it some day, but today is not the day. My heart is too heavy with the massacre in Orlando. I am not going to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2016 at My Weblog
MALICIOUS PLEASURE Along with Femmes Donna Andrews, Toni Kelner, Hank Phillipi Ryan, Elaine Viets, Marcia Talley, and Catriona McPherson, I was in Bethesda this past weekend for Malice Domestic. I think it’s the original and only conference designed to spotlight... Continue reading
Posted May 2, 2016 at My Weblog
THE BUSINESS I’ve had the pleasant adventure of being on several television sets, and it’s always fascinating to see how it all works. For every actor, there are maybe ten (or more) people off-screen doing a myriad of jobs to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2016 at My Weblog
JUST ONE BOOK! I was asked on Facebook, “If you had to pick one favorite book and one favorite author, who would it be?” This question is almost unanswerable. There are two many fields to cover. My favorite mystery? My... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2016 at My Weblog
HOW OTHERS SEE US My husband, our middle son, and I went to see “Deadpool” recently. For those of you who haven’t seen the Ryan Reynolds movie, it’s about a superhero who is gross in the extreme. All the other... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2016 at My Weblog
DISTRESSING VIEWING My distressing viewing this morning was the news. Any year we are having a presidential election, the news revs up a notch, but this year is particularly divisive and dramatic. This morning I saw large crowds of Trump... Continue reading
Posted Mar 14, 2016 at My Weblog
A GOOD TIME HAD BY ALL Last week, I was happy to be part of a group signing in the Dallas area. My friends (and talented writers all) Jaye Wells, Delilah Dawson, Rachel Caine, and Kevin Hearne, had a great... Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2016 at My Weblog
February is leaping out of the gate. I have three events on three weekends this month. The weekend of Valentine’s Day, I am going to Rocksprings, Texas, to revisit the hotel my grandparents owned. It’s the hundredth anniversary of the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2016 at My Weblog