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Angie Turner
East Texas
Mom, grandmom, foster mom, cat mom, happy housewife, psychic, Tarot reader, Cosmic Dabbler and much more! :-)
Recent Activity
Just drew the 5 of Cups from the Rider Deck for the Pats. Think I'll stop right there. No use crying over deflated footballs... ;-)
I loved that imagery, too, but danged if I could find out where it came from. It came up in a Google search for "Four of Wands" and perfectly illustrated how I felt about Thanksgiving. If anyone knows who designed this lovely card, I'll be more than happy to give credit. In fact, I'd probably want an entire deck if all the cards were as expressive of the theme as this one is. :-) Thanks for the kind words. This piece came from the heart.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2014 on Raise the Song of Harvest-Home! at Thematic Tarot
You're welcome, Christiane. Hope The Fool works well for you. :-)
Thank you, ladies, for your kind words. I love Gertrude and am glad to spread her around for all to enjoy! :-)
Sweet action! 10 outta 10. Where's my cookie? :-)
Thanks, ladies. I thought that pic was priceless and exactly illustrated what I wanted to say. But I still don't like that card. :-P
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2014 on Nothing Harsh, Nothing Burdensome at Thematic Tarot
Absolutely, this is a book I'd read! Can't wait til this one is done, Janet. So glad you didn't let the bastards wear you down and that you continue to illuminate the Tarot darkness. ;-)
I discovered you through your Amazon reviews, Janet. They influenced many of my book and deck decisions. I knew that if you liked or disliked something, chances were pretty good that I'd feel the same way. Honest reviews are a hard thing to come by and I always appreciate them when I find them. Thanks for introducing me to some great material, and for saving me from the bad stuff. :-)
Also 9 of Swords and the bad rap it always gets. :-)
The Sun, The Sun! EVERYBODY wants to read this card as super positive all the time. Not necessarily so. :-)
I was raised in an evangelical Christian home, too, but my mom had no issues with me reading fairy tales or mythology or even having a game from the 60s called "Ka-Bala", which was a fortune telling game that glowed in the dark, and also had this nifty little blue and white deck of cards called Tarot that I fell in love with immediately, and still love. I went to church all the time, sang in the choir, read Tarot cards and other books on divination and reincarnation and other mystical subjects and Jesus never smacked me on the head and said "Cut that mystic stuff out!" No demons, no bad ju ju. To me, being Christian simply means trying to be Christ-like. If all who claim to be Christian would do the same, the world would be a nicer place to occupy. :-) I don't condemn anyone for their beliefs, cuz mine are pretty out there, too. I hope Jessica finds true happiness, and peace that passes all understanding.
The Queen of Pentacles is my Significator. I have seven children, four grandchildren, two grown foster children, and a plethora of cat children. So yeah. I totally relate. :-)
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2012 on Rabbit Symbolism in the Tarot at This Boyer Life
I know Jesus said to bless those that curse you and to pray for those that mistreat you, but got dang if those Tarot groups don't make it hard. They can all take their Bright Blessings and shove them up their a-holes. Maybe then they'll receive some "enlightenment". ;-) (Jesus said He agrees with me. :-D)
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Mar 16, 2012