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Ending 'Big SIS'
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Tim Droogsma documents the nuttiness that characterizes contemporary cr0nyism. MN Governor Mark Dayton announced subsidies for a fifth rate baseball team and an office building in an area with a 14% vacancy rate. MN also recently gave the Vikings $250 million for a new stadium, which equals $280 for every... Continue reading
Farm policy as an example of crony capitalism Continue reading
Cato@Liberty says that the the two parties have just combined "to keep the corporate welfare spigot flowing" in the energy sector. . . . A month ago, 104 Republicans joined all 175 Democrats to keep alive the corporate slush fund called the Economic Development Administration. Continue reading
Chicago Tribune columnist Jack Kass describes Big SIS at its peak of development -- Chicago! . . . . Continue reading
I just made a contribution to, a grassroots Tea Party organization. If Ending ‘Big SIS’ meets with any commercial success, I will recycle some of the royalties back into support for the Tea Party, and this looks like a good place to start. I got a thank-you call from... Continue reading
Zero Hedge suggests that investors seeking really great returns should forget the stock market and focus on lobbying, because an investment in capturing government can have a fantastic payoff. They are right, but the problem is even bigger. Producers need law and government action, and lots of it, to establish... Continue reading
Another interesting website - Against Crony Capitalism, to join the Crony Chronicles mentioned before. Co-founders: Nick Sorrentino, writer and political consultant who "lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan"; Hunter Lewis, former CEO of Cambridge Associates and the author of 6 books. His... Continue reading
The quotation repeats one of my big themes: that democracy-as-plebiscite is unworkable, and that the construction and renewal of mediating institutions is crucial to the survival of the republic. Continue reading
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Jun 6, 2012