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Sydney, Australia
Interests: Big ol' Life
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HEAR ... HEAR ...
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .... Coffey, the gift that keeps on giving ... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... Intellectual coward!!!!
Eventually ...
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2012 on NBN business model crumbles at Menzies House
Consent? Explain please?
Evidence of what exactly, Dilmah? You wouldn't know what 'evidence' look like even if it slapped you in the face. No wonder you poor petals cannot run this country. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2012 on Newspoll's numbers are erratic at Menzies House "Dennis Shanahan reports ... " So MH publishes a column written by Dennis Shanahan and you read what into that? That MH published the opinion of a respected journalist means exactly what? Red herring alert! On July 12, 2011 Menzies House championed Newspoll: 58-42 to Coalition MH relates what at that stage was factually correct information. Again, what is your point? On February 9, 2012 Menzies House published Tony Abbott: The People’s Man "On the polls, it’s clear that only Tony Abbott and the Coalition can provide hope, reward and opportunity for all Australians with a positive outlook bound to emerge from it." This an accurate observation. Anyone willing to endure another 3 years of fiscal waste, unabated illegal immigration, economic annihilation not to mention the lies and deceit, is a fool at best. As recently as October 1, 2012 Labor Lefties mute on this! THE vocal backlash against Campbell Newman's cost-cutting drive - and federal Labor's attempts to demonise the Queensland leader as part of its campaign against Tony Abbott - have failed to dent the popularity of the Premier and his Liberal National Party. Good on Can-do Newman. He is killing it up north and he is still going strong. Just lifted the ban on uranium exploration. There goes a future Prime Minister. The mere thought of him gutting the Unionists up there must have them contorting and spewing bile. A beautiful vision if ever there was one. But as of October 29, 2012 Newspoll's numbers are erratic Essential had the numbers at 54/46. But hey what do they know.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2012 on Newspoll's numbers are erratic at Menzies House
Thank you for your measure and valuable contribution. Notwithstanding the fact you derided MH you still felt compelled to comment and contribute. It is our good fortune you are willing to share with us the profound wisdom of your generation. Now do run along, kindergarden's about to start.
Celebrating the unnatural is the great cause célèbre of Gen Y? No wonder they'll end up patrons of the welfare state. Reprimitivisation of humanity is the only future Gen Y can look forward to.
Remind me again the difference between 'preference' and 'competence'?
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2012 on Tony Abbott, you’re a goose! at Menzies House
All that is required to humiliate me is for you to provide solid evidence for your position. Failure to provide any evidence makes you a troll. An incoherent, unreasonable, and simple-minded troll. So please, why don't you substantiate you argument with facts and evidence? PS: The sheet thing was extremely imaginative. 10/10 for that.
Oldman, I know the truth sits uncomfortable with those who doggedly believe illegal immigrants are in actual fact real asylum seekers. Evidence debunks that idealistic notion. I deplore the actions and behaviour of individuals, not the individual. Sadly, 'concerned' citizens such as yourself are incapable and unwilling to acknowledge there exists a distinct difference between judging behaviour and judging the person. Why don't you attempt at answering any of the questions I posed? Could it be 1.) your are unable to and calling me a racist provides you with a get-out-of-jail-free card? or 2.) you are unwilling since it would demand you change your perspective on the issue adn calling me a racist provides you with a get-out-of-jail-free-card? You see Mate, labelling is the lazy way of argumentation. It shuts down debate. If you disagree with any of the 'racist' points I made, refute them with your own evidence. For you to humiliate me is simple.
Define fled? Who says I'm Zimbabwian? I'm as real as they get. When Ian Smith warned the British that Mugabe will f*** Rhodesia up he was branded a racist. What did Mugabe do? He f**** it up. Mate, you can have all the 'asylum seekers' your bleeding heart yearns for. Just don't bring them within a 100 miles of me unless of course he can speak English, pays his taxes
Oldman and Greg ... where do I start? The fact that illegal immigrants are not referred to as illegal immigrants is merely because the Press Council deemed it inappropriate. Hence the total embargo on using the term 'illegal immigrant'. However recently the word misogynist was redefined by the 'progressives' to serve an ideological purpose so I'm sure the word illegal immigrant too can be changed to basically mean anything. Misogynist these days apparently is any man who calls the Prime Minister incompetent and a liar. So perhaps Oldman, you ought to contact the editor of Macquarie Dictionary. They may oblige you and change the definition of illegal immigrant to best suit your ideology. macquarie_has_last_word_on_misogyny_NzrQFdWcPJG6G8qLRRiZtK I think most Australians prefer their Government to be in absolute control of national borders. I know, I know, allowing the illiterate, the uneducated and the unemployable illegal immigrants into Australia, Labor and the Greens can develop a new voter base but goat herding and opium growing is not in vogue in contemporary Australia. In all honesty, you have to be illiterate and uneducated to vote for them. As for unemployable, well I rest my case. Illegal immigrants remain on welfare for years. This fact is well documented. So Australian taxpayers are subsidising the lifestyles of illegal immigrants who have no intention to learn English that will enable them to attend TAFE or any other institution so as to become employable. Personally I do not care where you come from but if you have no intention of eventually contributing to the prosperity of Australia, I'd prefer it if you go scrape out an existence somewhere else. As for the UN Convention for Refugees, Australia ought to step back from it and take control of its borders without the interference of such a morally corrupt bunch of carpetbaggers. Dear lord if the UN is the yardstick against which we measure our humanity we are swimming in the sewer. Australia has one obligation and that is to its citizens. Australia owes nobody nothing. Our prosperity was created through hard work and dedicated commitment to productivity. Sadly, our current Government has p***** a mining boom against the walls of their socialist utopia and as a result Australians are suffering. Thanks Wayne you imbecile. If these illegal immigrants couldn't create prosperous societies from which they are now fleeing, what society are they willing to create here? I'll tell you what kind. The same they fled from. Illegal immigrants flee countries where work ethics are nonexistent and has been for centuries. Yet they demand a share of the spoils created by someone else? Guess what, work or starve. Don't like it, go back. As for apologists and bleeding hearts such as yourself, you are the typical NIMBY. So long these inbreds (and anyone prepared to marry a cousin is one in my opinion) flow across the water and dumped in someone else's backyard you and your ilk will welcome them with open arms. Not forgetting spending someone else's money on subsidising their decrepit existence. So please astound me with the rational behind our pandering to the UN and why we have an obligation to these illegal immigrants? So take which one am I this time round? Racist? Bigoted? Sexist? Misogynist? Redneck? Moron? How about be imaginative for a change?
Had she been a disabled bi-sexual in addition to all her other 'attributes' we might have been the sixth permanent member. I mean, according to Carr himself, it was her 'special gifts' that clinched it for us. You know, things like race. Adding a few other protected fawned over 'attributes' surely would've done us no harm? Am I being offensive again? Naughty corner for me ... :-(
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2012 on A trough of plenty for Labor snouts at Menzies House
Linne, You ought to know asking hard questions to an untanned skin of a baby animal (that is what a kip is) is extremely unfair. BTW kip, why don't you humble us with your scholarly greatness? Your a scholar in what exactly? I do mean someone as capable as your great self, exposing pseudo-scholars everywhere must hold some sheet of papyrus emblazoned in large golden letters, Doctor Untanned Animal Hide, world's most awesome pseudo-scholar finder. Do tell?
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2012 on Mindless Word Games at Menzies House
I've come to understand the pretentious nature of those on the Left. Pretentious morality, pretentious virtue, pretentious charity, pretentious indignation, pretentious intelligence, pretentious beliefs ... the list goes on. My question at 20 is insurmountable to the mind of those who find vitriol more palatable than virtue. A standard response from them would be branding you a racist or bigot since their inability to reason the facts is nonexistent. It's disappointing but thoroughly entertaining to watch them squirm their way through their own bilious words.
"I used the "cuts to military spending" example in response to Anton's claim that the budget could be put into surplus through a cut to welfare spending." Fair point. However why cut military spending and not welfare? And don't give me that whole "most vulnerable"-schtick. Here's a suggestion ... cut the department of climate change. Now there will be a real saving. "As for your argument that increases to input costs will increase prices at the farm gate, it is true that increased costs result in increased prices ..." It's basic economics. I'll attempt at explaining this to you slowly. If there are 20 apple farms producing 20 tonnes of apples and you increase the operational costs say 5 farms close down due to their inability to maintain profitable, the remaining 15 farms will be forced to either increase their output to maintain the supply of 20 tonnes of apples to the market or increase their prices as demand exceeds supply. Customers demand low prices. Thus operating costs must be minimised. Diesel subsidies minimises operating costs. A nation's ability to feed itself should never be surrendered to foreign nations. Hence I will always support any assistance Australian farmers receive from the Government, protectionist or not. "I look forward to finding out if right wingnuts circus monkeys can be educated." We are educated.
Our new arrivals are gorging themselves on our dime ...
One question ... Why are Australians obligated to accept illegal immigrants?
Allan, I see you are now our newly crowned bigot? Ha ha ha The Three Stooges have this incredible gift of discovering bigotry in the deepest, darkest crevasses of their fellow citizens. Continue with fact and reasoned logic and you'll witness their spectacular transformation from so called vitrtuous social progressives to putrid antagonists.
Do you actually have the ability to add value to the debate or are your skill set limited to deriding conservatives and defending the immoral? How about sharing with us some original views on the article posted? Your continuous and incessant whining about contributors to this blog begs the question ... can you add value to the debate or not?
Remember, Leftards cannot be educated, only trained. Like circus monkeys.
A brilliant piece by Jeff Kennett.
I have been following this thread with some interest. John Mc and Anton, you completely demolished the ideological arguments put forth by oldskool. Oldskool has exposed himself as an oldskool (sic) socialist statist. Anyone who agitates for an unarmed welfare state is either completely devoid of reason or actively seeks the destruction of their society. Oldskool either fails to understand or are utterly ignorant to the economic reality that increasing input costs to mining and agriculture will be offset by either an increase in wholesale price (user pays more) or reduction in operating costs (redundancies, restructuring, migration of business overseas etc). Oldskool also fails to understand a weakened military is a sovereign risk. Unless of course he can guarantee Australia will never, ever, ever, ever be threatened by any nation and the world will never, ever, ever, ever, stand witness to another war. I rest my case. Oldskool also fails to understand that welfarism is a cancer driven by a welfare activist class dependent on its benefits not its outcomes. The welfare industry's catch cry of "serving the most vulnerable" is grossly self-serving. Having completely lost the argument oldskool reverted to the default Leftard position, blame Tony Abbott for being a misogynist. The 'debate' you had with one of our fellow citizens who dwell on the far left fringes of Lalaland, though entertaining and amusing, reflects the moral, social and economic corruption of his manifestly discredited ideology. Oldskool is a relic of 20th century commie culture.