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Fashion retailer, Urban Outfitters is infamous for putting out clothing that could be considered offensive to some. Well they've done it again! Last Thursday, a simple mustard yellow t-shirt appeared on the Urban Outfitters website. Designed by the Danish label Wood Wood, the shirt is embroidered with a six pointed star over the breast pocket, which seems to be quite similar to the badges the Jewish people were forced to wear during the Holocaust. A shirt like this would alway spark up some controversy, but this $100 shirt was coincidentaly featured on during the same week as Yam HaShoah,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2012 at Global Media News
To your average person, the most commonly known online dating sites are ones like e-harmony or, but little do many people know, there are new types of dating networks that have a bit more interaction. These new start-up sites mesh the use of the internet with hip social settings such as singles parties and meet and greet gatherings. A network like Me So Far, based out of Chicago, gathers singles together in a face to face social setting. At these gatherings every interested single presents a six minute power-point or monologue about what they have done, and where they... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2012 at Global Media News
PETA, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals are an American based organization, whose primary concern is to fight for the welfare of all animals, but in doing so, sometimes spark up some controversy. While their underlying concern is saving animals, some believe that all PETA's ads do is promote sex and violence. An article from the New York Daily News, brings a PETA video to surface, and asks if it is violently inappropriate or not. The video was broadcasted this past Valentines Day, and it displays a half naked woman in a neck-brace because of her dangerous vegan boyfriend.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2012 at Global Media News
This past Friday, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt's liberal cable news channel, Current TV fired their anchorman Keith Olbermann. Although Olbermann was only one year into his five year, $50 million contract with the channel, it was only a matter of time until his contract was terminated. A post from The New York Times, explains some of the reasons for Olbermann being let go, one of which being "unauthorized absences," cited in Current's termination letter. Olbermann had declined many invitations to host special news hours of primary election coverage, along with taking a vacation day, on the pre-Super Tuesday Republican... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2012 at Global Media News
Last Sunday, America watched French director Michel Hazanavicius of The Artist take home the Oscar for Best Picture. Rightfully so, this silent film deserved all of the recognition it received, but there is a question that lies next to this film winning this prestigious award. Did The Artist win Best Picture simply because its the first of its kind in ages? Without any disrespect to The Artist, this question should be asked. The idea of a silent film seems rather heartwarming, as it brings you back to a classical era, which may be why it is loved by so many... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2012 at Global Media News
With the Russian presidential election less than a week away, publicity for prime minister, Vladimir Putin could do no harm. So when a report on Monday from the Russian government-controlled broadcaster, Channel One stated that there was a threat from two men who had intentions of assasinating Putin, it left many people very skeptical. The report of the threat against prime minister Putin seemed to be fabricated by the Russian Government and broadcasters because of its perfect timing. In a post from the New York Times, Robert Mackey brings up how the report was broadcasted less than a week before... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2012 at Global Media News
Differences in religion always seem to cause a conflict of interest, especially when followers of a certain belief try promoting their beliefs to the opposing religious followers. Many groups of Atheists try to advertise their belief (or non-beleif) through multiple mediums, one of them being billboards. The Atheist community choses to reach out to people by using billboards displaying slogans targeted at the Christian belief in God, of whether God is real or not. However these billboards bring about many displeased Christians, as they feel that these billboards mock the Christian religion and the belief in God. I can't say... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2012 at Global Media News
Many say that it is a "dog eat dog" world out there, but when it comes to the important stuff, like selecting a presidential candidate, the lucky winner should be a loyal companion. Unfortunatly, kind-hearted and selfless politicians are often hard to find, but, the media neglets to fill us in on the scandals when the time is right. Now I'm not a girl who's hungry for politics, but I am your every day American who is in fact exposed to politics every day. Now, from my perspective, the media does a great job addressing the issues to me and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2012 at Global Media News
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