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Donna~With Love, Fibromyalgia, Lupus
Snohomish WA
Mother of 3 girls and married to my best friend in the entire world.My Rock of Gibralter
Interests: Reading,Raising guinea pigs, Spirituality,Faith and seeking knowledge of the on the silent illness' that have become a part of who I am now and how they fit into my life. My other interest lies within the heart of Law Enforcement, This is what our family relies on waits each day for the front door to open up at the end of the shift, My husband is a Deputy Sheriff and I am proud of him and the job he has done for over 25 yrs to protect and serve our county.My other blog is dedicated to him and all of his brothers in arms.
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I would give my life for you in an instant, whether you are a Stranger or Friend. I do not ask what in your life you have done wrong up to this point, I act on instinct to protect and save whether you are a perfect saint or a convicted... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2012 at Blue Roses and a Thin Blue Line
A Police Officers Wife A special kind of woman: a cut above the rest, That's A Police Officer's Wife, rating her best. How many good byes are whispered, joined with a fond embrace? As duty steals her man, for the danger he must face. How often have meals been ruined... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2012 at Blue Roses and a Thin Blue Line
Well, Mr. Citizen, it seems you've figured me out. I seem to fit neatly into the category where you've placed me. I'm stereotyped, standardized, characterized, classified, grouped, and always typical. Unfortunately, the reverse is true, I can never figure you out. From birth you teach your children that I'm the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2012 at Blue Roses and a Thin Blue Line
I have been where you fear to be, I have seen what you fear to see, I have done what you fear to do - All these things I have done for you. I am the person you lean upon, The one you cast your scorn upon, The one you... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2012 at Blue Roses and a Thin Blue Line
Fibromyalgia syndrome is a disorder of the musculoskeletal system. The cause is unknown, but the name actually means pain in muscules, tendons, ligaments, and soft fibrous in the human body. Those with fibromyalgia often say that they literall hurt all over their body. They feel like all of their muscles... Continue reading
Reblogged Feb 3, 2012 at With Love, Fibromyalgia and Lupus
Well I decided to go ahead and catch up on the writings on lupus and fibromyalgia. As it stands right now I am not sure which one I am actually being treated for. Or more like it hich one is the culprit brhind all the pain and changes going on... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2012 at With Love, Fibromyalgia and Lupus
Oh, Where to start? I guess the beginning as I know it, or should I say the beginning after diagnosis. I was 28 and just given birth to my 3rd daughter, No complications, no nothing. 4 1/2 months later I was in crippling pain and I felt like I had... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2012 at With Love, Fibromyalgia and Lupus
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Jan 30, 2012