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In reality, Northern Illinois -- in my heart Wisconsin
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Interests: Writing, Reading, Bible study, Family History, and love hitting a few rodeos every summer
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Hi Kristin, Actually Chris was driving a pickup truck and he rear-ended a farmer driving a tractor. The tractor went into the ditch and the farmer was thrown from the tractor. Chris's truck went the opposite direction into a ditch. I just listed to the 911 call Chris made. It was him. I recognized his voice and he actually gave the dispatcher his name. At first he was cooperative and was trying to help the man. Lots of heavy breathing. He didn't sound inebriated. But as soon as she told him paramedics and law enforcement was on the way he ended the call and was seen driving away with someone in a red truck. He went home and wouldn't come outside when the cops got to his house. He's in a different county so it took a while to get a warrant issued for his arrest and when that happened he came outside and they arrested him. I have been scratching my head wondering why in the world would he have taken off like that. The only reason I can think of is to buy time to have some of the alcohol get out of his system so they wouldn't get a true reading as to his condition at the time of the accident. No matter he is in a world of trouble. Obviously his brain cells weren't working very well. But then i wonder if they ever were. Whitney must be very happy she got out of that relationship when she did. BTW, I didn't watch one minute of the Bach this past season and didn't miss it at all. From what I read I was spared a lot of sleaze. I'm watching Dancing with the Stars now and have had to put up with Nick every week because he is still there. Ugh.
Bonner Bolton is all cowboy. He had a terrible accident when he came off a bull and landed head first in the dirt, wearing only his cowboy hat. Quite a few riders use helmets now, but not all. I was at the PBR event when that happened right in front of where we were sitting. I knew immediately he was in trouble the way he landed. He had no movement in his limbs when they carried him out. He's a Christian and attributes the return of his movement to God. He's still hoping to be cleared to ride again, but has been doing modeling. Having been so close to the action when he had the accident I feel a strong connection to him and hope he continues to do well. They are hyping up a "romance" between him and Sharna but I think it's all hype. They did the samething with some of her other partners. I also like David Ross the Cubs player who retired after they won the World Series. Not as talented on the dance floor but such a great guy. He was the oldest player on the roster and his teammates called him Grandpa.
I've always gotten my headshots taken at the ACFW conference. Some were really nice and others so so. The past few years they've had Emilie Hendryx for the conference photographer (an ACFW member) and she is very good. Actually seems to improve each year. I had new ones taken last time so I won't be needing one for a while.
Yes, Baylor also... DC is in Atlanta now. Not Nashville. He and Chris Tomlin affiliate with Louie Giglio and the Passion Church there. I've never been to Waco. Just Dallas and Houston. I like subway tiles in the bathroom but not the whole house. I don't know where you got the idea he was in Nashville ????
I have watched Flip or Flop once in awhile, but totally agree on their design choices. Meh. What's the deal with so much gray these days. Gray in the tiles, in the flooring in the paint. Where oh where as color gone? Not for me. I love Chip and Joanna, but Kristin you and I know what Waco signifies in our minds, or did for years. David Crowder who until a couple years ago resided there in the home that was once owned by the man who invented Dr Pepper. DC has moved on to the Atlanta area and the house is owned by someone else but he and his wife turned that place into a "show stopper." I have friends who actually have taken vacation days to fly to TX from Chicago and drive to Waco just to shop at the Silos and in the Magnolia store. I watch House Hunters (not the international so much right now). That drives me a bit nuts. Nowadays everyone wants all white kitchen. That to me is almost as boring as gray everywhere LOL. I know it's to create conflict (every good storyline needs conflict) but why do they always have one (usually the man) wanting modern and the other wanting more traditional for the character (usually the woman)? That is almost becoming cliche. I like the Property Brothers :-). Lately I've been watching a lot of Tiny House programs because I am participating in a boxed set of stories with tiny houses as the theme. I live in a one-bedroom condo and that is about as tiny as I could go. I always wonder how long these people actually last in a tiny house before they start yearning for a little more space.
Kristin, you said it so well about Sandie. Everyone felt like she was their best friend and she was. She also boosted me about a year ago when she contacted my book for Bling-Lighthouse even those it needed revision because she had faith in me that I could do it ....and I did. She was one special lady. Ane Mulligan said it well. Her assignment was done and Jesus called her home. When I received a call telling me Sandie had passed that morning I was shocked. She'd been recovering well from the surgery. I know we are all comforted by the knowledge that she is with the Lord....but we still selfishly wish she could have stayed with us a little longer. Cyber hugs coming your way. Keep writing, my friend. Keep writing.
Thank you! I am always narrating, as you put it, to myself, saying what I have to do next or whatever. As an only child I talked to myself because I didn't have sibs, but it really escalated as an adult when I began to write stories. And, yes, I read directions out out as I read them. That too.
I've been watching this new season and am struck with how naieve the girl who is in Morocco to be with her fiance is about the world in general and the muslim religion in general. He's not that into her at all and she can't understand couples can't be PDAing all over the place. She is very needy. That she left her toddler for over a month to do this is questionable to me. That relationship is a trainwreck. I agree with Amy B. about Danielle and Mo. Last season I wanted to scream at the TV Don't Do It when she was going ahead with the ceremony. They never say how that young Mormon couple is doing since they got married and I've wondered about that.
I thought the no-hose look was still in. I see young women never ever wearing pantyhose. In this climate, they do wear tights in winter, but not all, and I know their legs hae got to be freezing. The hosary dept. in stores is so small anymore. Not like it used to be.
I never saw the Bachelorette on Monday night because the local ABC station preempted it for a Cubs/Sox game, Chicago's two baseball teams were playing each other. I wasn't that bent out of shape but I do look forward to having it on in the background every Monday night. I read a couple recaps the next morning and I was good. I guess on the east coast Bernie Sander's speech ran over and it delayed the Bach. start for a half an hour and people were upset about that. Last night on MTA they were setting up Luke for the next bachelor and I'm pretty sure it will be him. I love that he is a vet and also a rancher/cowboy. But I hate that he seems to be open to move on with the franchise. I'd rather see him stay on the ranch.
What is with half the guys have this pompadour look to their hair. Is this the new trend? Reminds me of days when bad boys wore their hair that way. But I'm older than dirt, so what do I know?
I loved the move, The Longest Ride, (yes I love me a cowboy story, especially about bull riders) but found the book hard to follow and confusing. He had two storylines going parallel to each other. One about an old man who was grieving his wife and the other about the bull rider and his girl. I skimmed the old man part and read the bullrider part. The move wove both storylines together and it worked beautifully. I liked A Walk to Remember, the movie. Never read the book. I guess that's true about most of the Sparks movies I've seen. The more current supposedly romance movies I haven't been led to see such as Amy Schumer's Trainwreck. It was built as a romantic comedy, but I am not a fan of her sleazy humor.
I'm sitting here laughing at your post because I would love to be at a horse stable and not here in a city. If we lived in the same town I'd happily volunteer to stand in for you and take your daughter to the stable. But, alas, we are 2K miles apart :-(. Cute makeup bag though. I used to love camping but I'm far past the appeal of that.
It will be good to see you in person again, Kristin. I'll be at ACFW. I always have a blast and am one of few who have not missed an ACFW conference since they started. Of course, for four of them I was on the operating board and for another four I was head coordinator for Genesis. It's pretty pricey now and I have no idea if I'll be able to do this every year.
Did you read all of that DM article? It states that JoJo got on the Bach because one of her brothers is a friend of a Bach producer. Um aren't these the same brothers who questioned the show and Ben's sincerity toward their sister?
I knew the kids were asleep upstairs and that there were two gloves, one at Bundy and the other at Rockingham, but the almost decapitated state of Nicole I didn't know. Sickening. And seeing how contrived and cunning the "dream team" was or that this was discord going on. Too many egos. And on another note, who knew that our first hearing the Kardashian name back then was not going to be our last and now it will not go away. Or that Kris Jenner would be known for more than being Bruce's wife. It's kind of sad that neither Marcia or Chris ever prosecuted another case again. How could they?
I didn't think I would enjoy the current OJ series because I was very absorbed with the actual trial when it happened. I couldn't usually watch during the day, but bless Court TV, it was rerun every night. I, too, mourn Court TV. I LOVED watching those trials gavel to gavel. This was not your mother's Perry Mason shows. I watched the whole trial of Betty Broderick who was charged with killing her ex and his new wife in their bed and also the William Kennedy Smith trial when he was accused of rape down in Palm Beach FL. There were others too. But I digress. The internet was in it's early stages during the OJ trial, but there were sort of chat rooms called listservs devoted to the trial and I would unpack by getting on line there and discussing it. I was, of course, convinced without a doubt he is guilty, guilty, guilty and totally disgusted when the verdict came in. Yes, the verdict happened during lunch hour in the Midwest and I went to my coworkers house to watch it. I remember most everything and what I don't remember as it comes up in the series I say out loud, "Oh I remember that now." At least OJ did end up doing time for that stupid armed robbery he pulled to get back his memorabilia so the Goldmans wouldn't get their hands on it.
I saw on Reality Steve yesterday that at the last minute they switched the bachelorette from Caila to JoJo and Caila got a call on Friday telling her she lost the part. She was probably backing for the After the Rose appearance and then to start filming B-ette. Filming starts Thursday so I understand. Poor kid. I think JoJo will be a better one for that kind of show, but I feel bad for Caila. I was getting a little weary of "I'm in love with two women" after a while. It was like every other minute he was saying it. So much of this is producer encouraged or whatever you want to call it. Jimmy Kimmel was disgusting and uncalled for and I think the whole schtick about flying the pastor out there was kind of silly. I'm sure no one expected it to happen.
The phone is probably nothing. Maybe to his mom. Remember he called his parents when he was in front of the mansion greeting all the women.
The way the producers reconfigure what is said and what is filmed to make things look like the are when they really aren't in real life is key. Look how they teased before WTA last night. They showed sound bytes and small clips of Ben saying something and then Chris. But when the conversation actually took place it wasn't anything like the teaser made it look. They do it all the time. The guy with the tattoo was a plant. And I'm willing to bet it was fake and washed right off. I wonder how much he made for doing that. I know who he picks but won't say. :-)
Prov. 16: 3 makes better sense" Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.
I have two theories about what happened that brought about the two different women hearing "I love you." 1. He impulsively told Lauren he loved her two. Now what. The producers likely encouraged him to tell JoJo he loved her as well so they would have a show to deliver to the end. So that's how that came down. or 2. Which is one Reality Steve threw out this morning. He told the producers he had really strong feelings for both Lauren and JoJo and the producers encouraged him to tell both girls he loved them so that the drama could be ramped up. Everyone loves a good story with conflict as we writers know. The producers really manipulate a lot of this and likely manipuated Caila's "surprise" visit to Ben when he dumped her. They knew he was going to let her go. Maybe she told a producer how she wished she could see Ben that day because she missed him. So the producer said why don't you visit him. And that's how that probably happened. Boy, now they are showing the morning after in the fantasy suites. But some or all of that could be contrived too. It implies they had sex but they very well could not have. I would hope as a Christian he would have a greater moral backbone than what was displayed. I wondered what was tatted on his side. Didn't catch it was Scripture. Did you catch which verse? Also agree about JoJo's bikini. It looked like cheap underwear.
I also love Nora's work. I watched the Director's Cut on You've Got Mail and she was on there too discussing the scenes as the movie went along. As a writer I appreciated listening to her so much and learned some things. I don't get HBO so I won't be able to see the documentary.
I also believe in a God of grace and He above all knew her heart and her struggles. Thanks for explaining more clearly what it's like to be bi-polar. I knew a woman years ago who suffered from it and went through an episode when she was manic. I understood as far as my knowledge meant, but I admit I didn't know it to the extent you just eplained. I can easily see how one with bi-polar would choose to go on a show like Bach, and being let go so fast could play a number on