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@Carey I would absolutely agree with you here - in fact (and even speaking as an architect) I really do think that people's behaviour and activity in any space is one of the key factors in defining place. In fact it might be quite surprising just how much our perception of space is affected by our idea of space...
That's interesting Carey - I suppose Schon might consider the context to be a relevant part of what needs to be 'reflected' on and incorporated but another interesting way of looking at it might be to see the context as something outside - and the reflection-in-action to be the internal part. Hmm - might have a a think about that. And I know what you mean about confronting the contextual realities of what we do as designers - all too often we do not face up to the reality of what we design (and healthcare is a prime example of this in certain areas). (I might borrow that activity, actually ! )
I think I would completely agree with you here. When I introduce this to my lot I call it the 'Self-Censorship mechanism' (internal policeman is probably better though...) and it is so important to be able to just turn this off now and again. I was discussing this with a colleague just after we had been doing a bit of final project examination with students. During the presentations, we were quite happy to discuss openly ideas and 'what-ifs' of some of the designs presented - even if these were terrible ideas - knowing that this is the way to do it. At points in this process, the conversation would take a classic 'build on the ideas of others' type path, with all engaging in a relaxed and hypothetical series of thoughts. Later, we discussed how this might be quite similar to a bit of improvised jazz or rap - simply adding to ideas without any direction and certainly no shame if a bum note or two crept in. An atmosphere of non-critical, no blame, confidence is so important in allowing this. Similarly, you need to be confident enough to do this in the first place. This, for me, is one of the contradictions in education, where right or wrong is seen as something that exists. This is the absolute antithesis of this process (where right and wrong can't exist). After this, though, you still need the policeman to switch back on so that you can sort out what worked and what didn't. Did you notice that the Jazz pianist was actually very critical of the final results, noting that some parts of the work were good and others less so? That's when the hard work starts. Maybe that's why the alcohol thing never really works - when it's time to work out what worked, you're too busy looking for headache pills...
Definitely would like this. Even better would be the ability to add a 'ODS This' button to a browser. This is not in the realms of science fiction either - the OU does several version of these, such as the recently launched OU Annotate button. The killer thing would be for the code to scrape the resource and add it to ODS without having to muck about with it. Google+, for example, extracts the content, clips it, includes the first image/video/media and then packages this up into a nice post.
Nice - you can speak to Jane about that one, then... :) It would be really nice though. We Feel Fine is also worth a look - similar to above in that it is graphical and user manipulable content taken from online open sources :
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2012 on Gource at OpenDesignStudioTwo
I love this site - I might have actually ad an accident more than once at some fo the re-makes. This is one of the things about the mashup net generation that I love and hate - it's either a really brilliant expression of creativity (the (re)maker culture?) or it's all just a waste of time. Depends on whether you subscribe to Bertrand Russell's theory of human need. I'm off to do some proper funny captions - show them how it's done.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2012 on Canvas at OpenDesignStudioTwo
Totally agree here and I think that sites like Pinterest are actually more what we are looking for. We are perhaps not looking for timelines at all but rather more of a 'browse, discover, share' type of thing. The downside to social networks is that you do get stuck in a network - i.e. follow the same people, read the same feeds, or are provided with similar content to what you already follow (Google search is becoming unusable because of this...). Pinterest does encourage discovery and if it encouraged re-work (like Canvas seems to ?) it would be superb.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2012 on web site review at OpenDesignStudioTwo
Still the best... I just love the speed, instantineity (yup) and the sheer depth you can get out of something this simple. You do have to have a bit of 'tech' thing to get the most out of hashtags and lists, though, but the flexibility direct tagging gives you is incredible. Might be worth thinking about adding text tagging like this, actually...
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2012 on Twitter at OpenDesignStudioTwo
The speed and popularity of this got the attention of the legal people - they changed the T&Cs to put copyright responsibility on to users. Allegedly, 80-90% of it is illegal... But I think the simplicity and concept of it leads directly to its success (which is obvious from the popularity of it). The repin is also really good - worth keeping.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2012 on Pinterest at OpenDesignStudioTwo
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