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Philippe Leefsma
Philippe has a master's degree in Computer Sciences. He carried his studies in Paris at I.S.E.P and in USA, at Colorado School of Mines. He joined Autodesk 5 years ago where he works as developer consultant for Autodesk Developer Network. He supports various products APIs such as AutoCAD®, AutoCAD Mechanical®, and Autodesk® Inventor®. He likes to travel, meet developers from around the world to work with them around challenging programming, CAD and manufacturing topics.
Interests: Hiking, swimming, climbing, snowboarding and travelling
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Hi there, I wrote the article a while ago and since then I didn't used NDK much but yes, that syntax seems to be the way to import constructor. See there for more details:
Should be WCS, just check what's going on in MGHLCOIN command.
Hi David, This lib is gracefully provided to you as a sample code, may you need a version for 2015/2016, you would need to build it yourself from the source.
Hi Jeff, The Ribbon API is .Net only, so there is no way to access it from C++.
Sorry I'm not a Selenium expert, if you have specific questions about using Selenium IDE, you may seek support directly with them.
Not as far as I know... this method is quite reliable, although a bit verbose.
That's thrown by the line in Markup3DExtension.contructor: this._viewer.toolController.registerTool( this.markup3DTool) Try loading the extension in GEOMETRY_LOADED_EVENT ...
You have to add the polyfill on top of your app, not on top of Viewing.Extension.Markup3D.js or any other files from my library. This error is definitely caused by an improper loading of the polyfill. It has to be loaded before any other script with has been transpiled.
No worries, you need to include babel-polyfill script or package (depending if you are using webpack in your app) before any babel transpiled code: Regards, Philippe.
What happens if you use the same version of the viewer than the extension?
Which version of the viewer API are you using? My live demo is using 2.2 and it works fine. Also did you include the markup script as mentioned in my article? Here is the demo: Philippe.
Most likely you are not waiting for the following events to fire when you load your model so the instanceTree has not been loaded yet: Autodesk.Viewing.GEOMETRY_LOADED_EVENT Autodesk.Viewing.OBJECT_TREE_CREATED_EVENT Take a look at this post: There is no better documentation, I think that blog and the forum should address most of the topics. You can also post your questions on the forum if you are stuck, we will address them: You can simply do console.log(model.getData()) to see what is returned by this method and ultimately looking at the source code:
Thanks. The BLE is definitely clunky... what I noticed is that if fails to connect, I use the App from my phone to connect to BB8, then try again with the API and it works fine. I wrote a 2nd part to that tutorial that you may want to check: Hope that helps, Philippe.
The full project is attached to that post, just download the zip and take a look...
I don't think you can do this from the JavaScript API, you would need to use the C++ or .Net API inside AutoCAD to achieve that. Getting the vertices from .Net is fairly straightforward: You could load a custom .Net dll in AutoCAD that expose a toolkit of features and invoke that from js. There is an example in that material that illustrates calling .net from js. Hope that helps Philippe.
You can use the following url to get viewer api and styles, the version number is now directly part of the url, so no need to specify it with ?v=vxxx
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2016 on Always use versioning at Cloud and Mobile
I don't think Revit has a COM API, but I'm not a Revit expert so you may want to ask this kind of questions on... a Revit forum: Regards, Philippe.
Hi Ranjan, Your question has nothing to do with the topic of this post, in the future please use the forum to ask this kind of questions: Here is a post about using WPF in an Inventor Dockable Window: If you want to display a WPF form inside Inventor which is not contained inside a dockable dialog, you can just simply show your dialog, nothing specific to Inventor.
Hi Raj, That article was produced 2 years ago, it was using a sample service provided by SAP, so I would expect this service is not available anymore. In any case you will have to use your own SAP credentials if you want to run the demo on your side. You will first need create an account on the SAP developer center and then get the latest tools in order to use the Netweaver technology:
Hi Marco, I checked in our database, unfortunately this behavior is a known issue and it hasn't been fixed yet. You won't be able to restore the controls from a custom add-in after unload/reload unless you reset the ribbon. Sorry for the bad news.
Cool, my colleague wrote a post about integrating the viewer in sharepoint, if that may help: Also feel free to send your viewer-related questions to the dedicated section of the forum: Have a nice weekend;)
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2015 on WebGL VR Effects with three.js at Cloud and Mobile
Well... basically when using an iframe you have no control over the client side JavaScript API, so there is no way to customize an embed from A360. If you want customization, you need to setup your own page where you can use the viewer API. Also this approach only applies to pure webgl renderers, however the development team is working on providing similar features for the viewer and we are definitely going to play with anything that is VR-related... just keep watching the blog for some news. Hope that helps, Philippe.
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2015 on WebGL VR Effects with three.js at Cloud and Mobile
This does not require having an A360 account, no login on the page...
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2015 on Drag and Drop file viewing at Cloud and Mobile
Do you have any geometry in your model? Are you sure that model is null or is it the result "root"? This code only works for 2d drawings, getLayersRoot return null for 3d models...
Hi Madhu, That's a good start;) Using canvas directly is pretty low-level. Implementing a game on that would be like coding in assembly... You may want to take a look at 2d libraries like or which are making life much easier!
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2015 on Absolute Simple Canvas Game at Cloud and Mobile