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Don Staniford
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"Salmon producer Bakkafrost Scotland is to resume its bid for a court order that would ban anti-salmon farming campaigner Don Staniford from its fish farms and other facilities" @salmonfarming1 @NFdep @ScotlandSalmon — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) May 20, 2024 Fish Farming Expert reported (20 May 2024): Read more via:... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Green Around the Gills
Bakkafrost has blood on its hands - please boycott bloody salmon from the Faroe Islands! @Tinganes Read more via: — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) May 20, 2024 The Faroe Islands - located in the bloody waters between the Shetland Islands and Iceland and home to the barbaric grindadráp -... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Green Around the Gills
Video Exclusive: Wester Ross Salmon should now be renamed Wester Gross Salmon! @WesterRossSalmo @MowiScotlandLtd @HighlandCouncil @FAO27Ltd @WheelerSeafood @BegumNadiya @ScotlandSalmon @hunter_cooking @highlandcookhse @ScotGovMarine — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) May 7, 2024 "Mowi has flushed Wester Ross's 'hand reared' and 'artisanal' salmon down the toilet since they took over in 2022," said... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Spanish TV reporter Esther Sanchez braves hordes of 'Zombie' salmon on her trip to Scotland to investigate the horrific truth about @rspcaassured Scottish salmon - watch online now with English subtitles via — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) May 9, 2024 Telecinco's 'TardeAR' reported (6 May 2024): Las terroríficas granjas marinas de... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Unlike Mowi, the camera never lies! Here's drone footage shot last night of automated feeding machines in use after working hours at Ardmair salmon farm @WesterRossSalmo @MowiScotlandLtd Please stop the deceptive marketing of "hand reared" salmon! @WheelerSeafood @FAO27Ltd — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) May 1, 2024 Video Exclusive: drone footage... Continue reading
Posted May 1, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Fish Fraud @FAO27Ltd: Please correct your false marketing claims that @WesterRossSalmo (Mowi) is "hand reared" without feeding machines or cameras @MowiScotlandLtd Trading Standards @HighlandCouncil must close the net on deception! @ScotlandSalmon #Mowi — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) April 30, 2024 From: Don Staniford <[email protected]> Date: Tue, Apr 30, 2024... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
The Sound of Mowi's Deception: listen to pellets rattling down plastic pipes pumping feed from an automated barge to Wester Ross Salmon's "hand reared" farm at Ardmair in Loch Kannaird near Ullapool @WesterRossSalmo @MowiScotlandLtd @WheelerSeafood @FAO27Ltd @HighlandCouncil — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) April 29, 2024 $camon $cotland has filed a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 28, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Victory: The Fish Shop deletes "hand-rearing" claim about @WesterRossSalmo following deceptive marketing complaint @MowiScotlandLtd Here's the before & after webpage Now to stop @Passion4fish from stocking Scottish salmon altogether! @ScotlandSalmon — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) April 25, 2024 Scottish salmon is not fit to feed your dog! Pet food... Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Complaints filed Vs Wester Ross ‘hand reared’ Scottish salmon - Mowi-owned Wester Ross accused of misleading marketing & false advertising! @MowiScotlandLtd @WesterRossSalmo @HighlandCouncil @ASA_UK @CMAgovUK @ScotlandSalmon @rspcaassured @friendofthesea @WheelerSeafood — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) April 23, 2024 Download press release online here 'Taking Points' published by Wester Ross Salmon (bought... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Italian TV lifts the lid on the welfare nightmare of factory farmed salmon @mimandaraitre @RaiTre @FedericoRuffo @CIWF_IT @SjomatNorge @e24 Watch online via — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) April 13, 2024 Italian TV featured the welfare nightmare of salmon farming in a prime time show broadcast on Saturday April 2024:... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Download a complaint filed with Trading Standards at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea on 7 March 2024 online here Calling Consumer Vigilantes! Here's how we caught Fortnum & Mason's posh food hall scamming gullible tourists in London @Fortnums If @London_T_S & @CMAgovUK don't police labelling laws on Scottish... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Fish Fraud: Catch of the Day – Exposing Salmon Scams! Complaints filed vs @asda @LidlGB @marksandspencer @Tesco & @sainsburys with the @CMAgovUK for false green claims of "responsibly farmed" Scottish & Norwegian salmon @wirraltsd @DefraGovUK Details via — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) April 10, 2024 $camon $cotland is calling... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Greenwashers Exposed: complaints filed vs "responsibly farmed" salmon sold in supermarkets @asda @AldiUK @coopuk @LidlGB @marksandspencer @Morrisons @sainsburys @Tesco Please stop false marketing @wirraltsd @CMAgovUK Salmon farming is irresponsible! @ScotlandSalmon — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) April 3, 2024 Read $camon $cotland's complaint in full online here Stop the Salmon Scammers... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
CAUGHT @Morrisons: Supermarket caught falsely advertising farmed salmon on the side of their truck - how can factory farmed fish be truly branded as 'Catch of the Day'? @CMAgovUK @ASA_UK @wirraltsd #FishFraud #Deceptive @TheGrocer @JoannaBlythman — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) April 1, 2024 Read more via: Master Chef Caught Illegally... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Revealed: Mowi's Isle of Rum Expansion Plans - "all my fears have come true" says resident @isleofrum "Mowi will probably get their way again, bung a few thousand quid to the community to get most on side" @MowiScotlandLtd @ScotlandSalmon — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 31, 2024 Norwegian giant... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Censored: @heraldscotland delete offending photo of 'Kayak Vigilante' filming inside a @MowiScotlandLtd salmon farm. Did the deletion occur @kacnutt after lobbying by the $almafia @ScotlandSalmon @TavishScott as happened with @BBCNews? Thanks to @GettyImages & @germanocean — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 28, 2024 Photo Bomb: the image used @heraldscotland to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
REVEALED: 62 @rspcaassured salmon farms are non-compliant re. “breaches of authorisation conditions & violations” (disclosed @ScottishEPA via FOI). The non-compliance @ScotlandSalmon includes @MowiScotlandLtd @scotseafarms @CookeScotland @LochDuartSalmon @BetterBreeding & OSH — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 27, 2024 Download the list in full online here Read more via: Biomass Breaches -... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Fish Fraud Exposed: Master chef caught illegally advertising Scottish 'caught' steelhead seatrout - in fact it's factory farmed @KamesFishFarm not wild! Will @chefandyspence be issuing a public apology?@BoarsHeadFife @AAHospitality @MichelinGuideUK @FSScot @ASA_UK @CMAgovUK — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 25, 2024 Last week (21 March 2024), I asked Chef Andy... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
"Infectious fish disease detected at RSPCA-approved salmon farm" reported @TheScotsman yesterday. "Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) was found among the fish population at Loch Duart’s Lochmaddy salmon farm, an RSPCA-approved site" @LochDuartSalmon #ISA — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 21, 2024 The Scotsman reported (20 March 2024): The Scotsman: "Infectious salmon... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Fish Farming Expert reported (14 March 2024): Staniford told Fish Farming Expert: “I will be reviewing the judgment with my legal team - including any options for an appeal - and will respond in due course.” @salmonfarming1 @MowiScotlandLtd @AbdnConsidine — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 14, 2024 Fish Farmer reported... Continue reading
Posted Mar 14, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
Don Staniford, the director of Scamon Scotland, told @MailOnline: "Salmon farming is a welfare nightmare and environmental pariah. 'The 'King of Fish' does not leap up waterfalls onto your dinner table - it's reared in cramped cages" @Harrods @Fortnums — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 12, 2024 MailOnline reported (12... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
"The EC's price-fixing investigation has lifted the lid on a fishy cartel which has conspired to dupe both supermarkets and consumers. 'The Salmafia must be held to account and exposed as a sham, scam and consumer con" @MailOnline — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 1, 2024 Mail Online reported (1... Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
World’s Best Busted: Harrods Caught in Salmon Scam! Video shot inside @Harrods Food Hall - watch how consumer vigilantes stopped illegal labeling of farmed salmon as wild @SevernWye @faroesenews @IntraFish @undercur @salmonfarming1 @fishfarmermag @thefishsite @Rick_Stein — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) March 5, 2024 Download press release and media backgrounder online... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
"Salmone allevato nelle gabbie tra pesci morti attaccati dai parassiti. Le immagini dal drone" (Salmon raised in cages among dead fish attacked by parasites. Images from the drone) reports @Corriere in Italy Scottish salmon brings shame @scotgov @theSNP — Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) February 25, 2024 Italy's Corriere Della... Continue reading
Posted Feb 25, 2024 at Green Around the Gills
The Sunday Post reported (25 February 2024): "You cannot cram thousands upon thousands of migratory fish in putrid cages that fail to replicate their complex natural environments in every way & stick a 'high welfare' label on it" says @lexrigby @vivacampaigns @Sunday_Post Shame on the RSPCA! @RSPCA_official @rspcaassured —... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2024 at Green Around the Gills