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Tang Yong
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Recently, I have started to do some research on PalletOps[1] for auto-provisioning Cloud Node. As a prerequisite , I must be familar with Clojure as quickly as possible because PalletOps is written using Clojure. [1]: While creating a Clojure Development Enviroment, I found that really Counterclockwise is an excellent... Continue reading
I have written OSGi-Integration Part1 and Part2 about how to integrate Apache Aries Application into Glassfish v4. However, with the following reasons, maybe using EBA is not best or good solution for an user in Glassfish. 1. The plan of integrate Apache Aries Application into Glassfish v4 is still my... Continue reading
In the previous Part1 , I have introduced how to integrate Apache Aries Application(EBA) into Glassfish. And in the Part1, I used a simple sample to demonstrate such an integration. However, in a real world, an user’s application can be very complex and typically be made up of EJB, JPA,Servlet,CDI,JAX-RS….... Continue reading
Originally, according to my plan, I should continue to write some interesting articles related to Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE(eg. Part5, Part 6…), however, recently, I have seen some requirements[1][2] related to enterprise application bundle from glassfish community, that is to say, some users wish to make JavaEE ear to live in OSGi... Continue reading
In the Part3, we have seen how to create a web application bundle(WAB) and deploy it into Glassfish. Since I have mentioned "deployment", in this part, I will make a priority description for how to deploy an OSGi Application into Glassfish. Why? Maybe you can ask me why not continuing... Continue reading
Today, I found OSGi RFC 193-CDI Integration Draft has been available , and this is a very exciting news, and I have waited for long time, :). I have spent two hours on understanding and reviewing the draft, and I want to share my some point of view with you.... Continue reading
If you have not read Part1 and Part2, please first read them. In this part, we will introduce Glassfish OSGi Web Container and start our travel from creating a wab using maven and deploying it into glassfish v4. In the next parts, I will look into Glassfish OSGi Web Container... Continue reading
In the Part1 , I introduced Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE and Fighterfish , simply saying, Fighterfish is the implementation of Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE. In addition, I also introduced how to build Fighterfish modules from its trunk. In the Part2, I will tell you how to build a fighterfish's development env including debugging, at... Continue reading
Since 2012, I start to paly with Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE, and this is a unique position in Glassfish. Since 2009 - the first release of Glassfish v3, Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE came into being. Fistly, let us see the definition of Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE: "GlassFish Server enables interaction between OSGi services and Java EE... Continue reading
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Jun 11, 2012