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Ron Lugbill
Rochester NY
Lawyer, Coach
Interests: Whitewater Slalom Racing
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Offset gates, or staggers, are a series of 3 or more downstream gates that alternate between one side of the river and the other. Right-left-right, or left-right-left. They are often the most difficult gates on the course. There are some alternatives to just going direct for offset gates. You can... Continue reading
Many paddlers train alone, or sometimes with a coach. But if you want to increase you chances of success, a team approach may be beneficial. Sort of a board of directors of your corporation. In addition to a coach, have a strength and conditioning coach, a sports psychologist, a doctor,... Continue reading
Overreaching is a training approach where you intentionally train excessively for a short period of time and then rest or taper to get a super-compensation and improve your performance afterwards. This is different from overtraining, where you just keep training too much over a longer period of time and your... Continue reading
Shoulder injuries are common in our sport. Often these injuries are due to muscle imbalances. The muscles in the front of the shoulder become over-developed and the rotator cuff muscles in the back of the shoulder are under-developed. There should be a balance in your upper body training between pushing... Continue reading
Oscillatory training is resistance training with a light weight in a very limited range of motion- 4-6 inches. And very fast movment. For example, on a bench press, you use a weight about 1/2 your max. and move it up and down very quickly from about 4 inches above your... Continue reading
beetroot juice to increase performance Continue reading
Usually, in sports research we have to rely on studies from other sports such as running or swimming. Even other sports do the same thing. We all extrapolate results from one sport and presume that another sport will have similar results. There isn't enough research money to do different research... Continue reading
strength training reduces chance of injury but stretching doesn't Continue reading
To decrease your risk of injury, strength training is recommended, according to the studies on injury-prevention. Strength training in the range of 70% and up of 1 rep maximum helps to prevent injury significantly. Another component to decreasing injury risk is to avoid overtraining. Overtraining frequently results in injury.... Continue reading
Ok, this post may sound counter to everything I posted before about working on speed, quickness, power, etc. In training you should concentrate on those things. But when it comes race time, you shouldn't be concentrating on going faster. You already have your natural speed from training and you just... Continue reading
Allen, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree on natural rivers. A lot of paddlers are angled too much downstream on the approach. It is worth it to go out of your way to get a good approach to an up. Many people don't realize this and just want to go directly to the upstream instead of getting on the line to do the up as fast as possible. The 1/10 of a second you lose on the approach is more than made up on the upstream gate. But then when once the guys learn this on a natural river, like the Nantahala, they have to unlearn it when they get to artificial courses like Charlotte. On artificial courses, if you are going across too much towards an up, you get spun out on the eddy line instead of driving in deep in the eddy to the fast upstream current. So, you end up wasting a lot of time and energy paddling upstream on the treadmill when you could be riding the fast current up and out of the gate.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2016 on Lines at Ron Lugbill Whitewater Slalom Racing Blog
Where your boat is at each point of the course is crucial in our sport. You don't just have a course of about 20 gates. You have 3 imaginary gates between each gate to make sure you stay on line. Where you are between gates is crucial. If you are... Continue reading
evidence-based practice in whitewater slalom training Continue reading
What I am attempting to do with this blog is to bring in some research basis to training for whitewater slalom racing. I frequently have cites to research to support my positions. However, some of the blog is based on experience and that is normally because there is a lack... Continue reading
As part of my reductionist, simplification theory of whitewater slalom racing, I have come to the conclusion that it only takes 2 things to be really really good at this sport. Training on a good artificial course and strength training. And you could probably do fine without the second one.... Continue reading
I have written numerous blog posts about resistance training for paddling. Weight training is essentially doing a different sport in addition to paddling to improve your performance in paddling. Power lifting and bodybuilding and Olympic lifting are other sports that people compete in. However, some people do not like weight... Continue reading