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"A wandering thought is itself the essence of Wisdom-- Immanent and intrinsic." --Milarepa
Interests: Deep thought leading to unique and creative perspectives and modern realities and utilizing such perspectives to find solutions that not only solve the dilemma but change the very framework from which we few it and ourselves.
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If somebody asked you with the most important aspect of your job was what would you say? I think if you’re walking down the street and you Asked 10 different people that question, I would bet money that the majority would say that salary was the most important. This says... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2013 at Philosophical Perspectives
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Nov 23, 2012
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Nov 23, 2012
We have all heard stories about the great depression and how no one had anything. People waited on long lines at soup kitchens to get a meal. Some would literally walk for 200 miles to distant cities because they heard there may be a prospect for a job. This was... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2012 at Philosophical Perspectives
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Jul 3, 2012