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Jake Brady
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Thank you for these great tips. I've decided it will be best if we hire a local moving company to help us relocate. I'm not from the Dallas area, but I'm sure I'll be able to find some reviews on companies around where we do live. Thanks again.
I'm going to hire a limousine service company for my wedding day, and I'll be surprising my wife. This means that I want to hire the best company with one of the best packages. I know she'll be so excited, if only I can keep it a secret until November. Thanks for the tips.
My son lives in North Dakota for school right now, and he loves spearfishing. He hasn't mentioned anything about going yet. I'd love to send him some spearfishing gear so he'll get out there and do what he loves. I didn't even know you could do it in N. Dakota.
Thank you for sharing this post. Home inspections really can make you cringe a little. You really just want the inspection to go smoothly and as pain free as possible.
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I have been able to complete a significant amount of family history by doing internet genealogy. I'm just collecting some of the basics for now. Maybe once I get into more details I'll have to go with the paper method. Thanks for this information.
My wife and I have several rental properties that are a state away from us. We obviously have to have property management to help take care of those properties. Although, we recently invested in some rentals near us and have tried caring for them ourselves. From our experience, it's so much nicer to have property management!
My husband is on a business trip in Colorado and when we were talking last night he informed me that he wanted to buy gold in Denver. I told him to go ahead, we'll see if it makes us any money!
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Jul 10, 2012