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Electronics Engineer
Interests: Video, audio and cycling a LOT. Mathematical puzzles.
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Paul, nice work. You DO need to be mindful of the sad story of the Polish street cleaner who got stabbed, and later died trying to apprehend a burglar. Youngsters are all too willing to pull a knife these days and stab you.But good work. Tesco should have given you a Gold club card.
Thanks, this is a very well written piece. To quote Feedback was that we succeeded because of a combination of clear strategic thinking, strong creative work and great teamwork. Good principle to teach our up and coming youngsters.
Different era, totally different period. Just about to order a camera from Sony PMW-100 full broadcast quality. 50Mbit/sec full 4.2.2 colorspace. So me and my buddies are going out to make our "own stuff' Fed up with the "advertising noise" lack of credibility and adverts with no sense/no meaning. I am definitely not having a go at W&K who are one of the creative agencies around. Experiment this evening.. Sit down with the family/friends with a notepad and mark adverts on the TV with a points system. Different age groups help. You will be amazed how bad the points are. Some of them at this time would get Zero or rather would mark them "total waste of time and space" Thank you for this blog most informative!!
For anyone who has ever done any serious "road racing" will feel heartfelt sympathy for Paula. I have run only half marathons and it becomes a very personal thing between "you" and the "road" She is a great Lady and we should all applaud her for her achievments (many) Feel her sorrow for taking this very difficult decision. Dame Paula Radcliffe would be good!
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2012 on Run on at welcome to optimism
Advertising will change a lot in the next 5 years. The public are sick and tired of the "advertising noise' emanating from the various devices surrounding us. Advertising is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the upcoming era of clustering and localisation. I have worked on and around advertising for many years and here is a question I ask myself? Do I remember an advert from say 10 years ago = NO Do I remember a great song from maybe 20 years ago = YES So here we are talking about resonance and psychology. Advertising "noise" is becoming louder and the public are becoming "more deaf" We are on the verge of "turning down/off the volume control" You have been warned.
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Jul 30, 2012