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Hi Hans, that's a good point. Many of these issues (such as cyberbullying) have been surfacing for some time now. I think the idea of higher ed taking a more proactive approach to how they help students develop their digital identities is still in the pioneer stages, however, at least at most schools. Do you know of institutions who have been implementing course content for digital identity development for a while now? Would love to learn from you about those schools, and how they're doing with their efforts. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.
I really appreciate you guys reading this and sharing your feedback. Social media specialist: I agree, this CASE blog has some good stuff, from various contributors. I learn a lot on here from my colleagues. Definitely bookmark it/add it to your RSS feeds, etc.! Thanks again for your thoughts!
Becca Ramspott, writer and social media specialist at Frostburg State University, writes about Frostburg's experiences on Pinterest. Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2012 at CASE Social Media
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Aug 9, 2012