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Bowling Green, KY
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I asked my husband to watch this clip with me, to see if I was over reacting about it because I am a female. It upset me to see him have such a dorment reaction about what we were watching. I asked him if the situation was ok to happen. He tells me, "it's going to happen one way or another, if females dont want to be looked at like a sex object then maybe they should walk around in a potato sack." Sad to hear such an intelligent man talk so foolishly. So I told my 10 year old daughter she is allowed for a day to wear whatever she wanted to without punishment and show her daddy how it felt. It took my baby girl 5 minutes for her father to change his opinion on what he said prior. I think it is very wrong for anyone to be like that toward women at all. I dont agree with it and I simply think it is disgusting. But in todays society shouting obnoxiously at a female instead of having a simple conversation tend to work its way into a relationship.
I have learned my lesson when it came to having any type of engagement. The best advice I can give is, if you the type of person that just can't say no, then hold your parties at a venue that ends when you want them to. This way the blame of "party pooping" is not solely in your lap. If you are the other type of person that can say no but nobody listens then what you do is announce the ending of your party 45 minutes before the end, then 30 minutes before it ends and finally 10 minutes before it ends start the clean up and shut everything down.(,lights and doors)
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Aug 17, 2012