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Live The Dream - David Trees
Manchester, United Kingdom.
Live The Dream, Don't Just Talk About It - Focus ➜ Purpose ➜ Passion ➜ Power ➜ Momentum.
Interests: My Family, Faith, photography, making jewellery, writing books / training manuals / articles for personal / business development, travel with my family and for business, I love to "Poke The Box" as per Seth Godins book. Enjoying peoples company whilst eating nice food.
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I had this thought today; The further we move from our life purpose, the less power we have to live a life of purpose. Power to move and create momentum comes from the action of living with purpose. Things become quite mundane when we lose focus on our personal purpose...We... Continue reading
Keith, bro, nothing you wrote in your response is pathetic at all :). As a basic muso, someone who plays a little Bass G in church meetings, I get it all 100%. Here is my challenge to us all... If that is OK.. I think, gulp, we can have honestly have both depth and diversity if we stay focussed, staying the course long enough and on purpose long enough to see it happen... One apple yields many seeds which will all germinate in their own time if they get a chance, Ecc 3v11 - All things beautiful in their time, bulbs bloom in their time... the best songs come out in their time, a baby is born when it's time, generally...LOL. Got 3 sons I have some small experience of this one. I totally, totally appreciate your "deep & diverse" response mate (aussie talk). Thanks again for challenging me to rise to a higher level of life and purpose in the purity and care with which you wrote your response... You took some time I can tell. Blessings for that.
OK so I will say/ask something that might seem counter to what you are suggesting... Where does focus come into all of this. I was taught by a significantly successful person who, from a purpose point of view not money, is super successful... Focus stands for F-inish O-ne C-ause/Course U-ntil S-uccessful... It's not linear to him it's all process oriented. Do you think/believe that "FOCUS" clashes with your thoughts and concepts above? I like the way you have suggested this and I think it kind of reminds what it's like constructing a mind map, that is the way you're thinking & expressing your life's ebb and flow at the moment... So, where does conclusion come in all of this or are there only a series of beginnings without any ends... Or is ending something that's too linear? If there is not any conclusions, how can there be any innovation which is really powerful form of creativity...? Smiles... Keith, honestly, thanks for taking the time to craft this blog it is cool!
You're most welcome Keith. Looking forward to your next post.
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Keith, I am kind of with you in one sense and I get what you're meaning to say. I also think from another point of view, that no electrician would work for what "might" be a return on their skilled work. I know I wouldn't. I also get that we need to stand out a bit too expressing our message with a unique style as your friend Michael Perkins surely does, I like the way he presents his blog as much as the content. I also agree that we dull our ideals and therefore our writing should it be done solely to the dictates and the whims of the FICKLE crowd... In the gospels "the crowd" one day did one thing to celebrate Jesus and then one week later turned on Jesus... I quote from the Bible as you seem to understand it's essence and purpose. So what do we do? Do we write with an expectation of receiving nothing for our good, skilled, work, which will happen if we expect it and let it. Or do we write with the expectation that our work will be read and received by those who need it at the time? Is a worker not worthy of some kind of reward? Especially if it adds value to some ones life. I am not a blog or writing expert by any means, just an Aussie pastor, living in the UK, who is coming out of working solely in a church context with a highly practical message for a global market... So I do value your comments, ideas and ideals and the excellent way you compose and express them... Thanks so much Sir.
3 things I really love… I was just sitting here thinking about something to write and I thought about this topic as I watched the light rain fall gently down here in Manchester in the UK. 3 things that I really love… 1. I really love seeing my wife at... Continue reading
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Jan 7, 2012
I like what you have shared a lot Keith...Thanks! What I like most is simply that you said it. You put your thoughts with yourself out there, sharing something that is part of your personal Re-NEWal - Expressing it humbly and simply shares with me who you are bud... Thanks Keith, it has legacy now that you've shared it...
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Jan 7, 2012
I love Light Trail Photography... It's part of how I am Living My Dream. This is taken in the Centre of Manchester near the tram stop at Piccadilly. This is my first post to this site so I am sharing this as a way to get used to posting before... Continue reading
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Jan 4, 2012