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Augusto Goncalves
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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This sample code should track events on the .NET environment, that's probaly why you are getting those errors (due the LISP events)
Dan, with VBA every operation will trigger a regen, it's just how the COM API (ActiveX) works.
Ben, I believe the other way would be to PASTE SPECIAL, which creates an OLE object. I'm afraid this is not exposed as an API, you may be able to use P/Invoke as shown here Regards, Augusto Goncalves
HI Dale, you're right! Thanks for the input.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2017 on Delete custom FamilyParameter at AEC DevBlog
Sebastian, Unfortunately the Pipe Pressure network is not exposed as COM objects, therefore this will not work. Regards, Augusto Goncalves
Let me check if a colleague can help you, currently I'm not working with Revit API. Sorry I missed this :-)
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2017 on Delete custom FamilyParameter at AEC DevBlog
Please see updated function at
It not using the Forge .NET SDK and needs improvements on the security part.
Hi Pierre, .NET the way to go with Civil 3D. Lisp may fail on some Civil 3D ActiveX API calls, it's not supported.... -Augusto Goncalves
Ben, try the link again.
Daniel, Before Brian jump in, for more complex questions, the API Forum is the best route: Regards, Augusto Goncalves
Rosario, I would suggest you to post as a question on Regards, Augusto Goncalves
If the .addin and the .dll are at the same folder, you don't need the [TARGETDIR] piece, just leave the .dll name.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2017 on Revit 2015 Add-In Manager at AEC DevBlog
I had a similar problem on the RPi when the mic (USB) was not properly configured, can you double check that?
That's a good point: indeed you should call .Dispose() if the Entity is not appended to the database. Thanks for pointing that out.
Vitaliy, The solution/sample is almost done, should be live soon. Regards, Augusto
Tyle. The code should go the Application Startup level, otherwise will not remain active. That's the first piece of the code. What's your overall goal here? This is indeed an old approach... Regards, Augusto Goncalves
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2016 on Capture Escape key on Revit at AEC DevBlog
Thanks for sharing.
Hi, I don't believe you can change this ID, it's read-only and not a parameter while creating the align entity. That's where this approach comes in: remove and replace ensuring the previous and next remains. Regards, Augusto Goncalves
Thanks for your comment Damir, I haven't tested this scenario... will need to double check it. Do you have an alternative suggestion? Best, Augusto Goncalves
You're right, we just prefer to avoid error checking to keep code clean/small for blog posts, but glad you pointed out. Cheers, Augusto Goncalves
Nicklas, A call to RevitLinkType.Reload should do it.. From the help file: Loads or reloads the Revit link from its currently-stored location. If the link is an external resource, Revit will contact the IExternalResourceServer to get the latest version of the link. Regards, Augusto Goncalves
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2016 on Inserting a Revit Link file at AEC DevBlog
By Augusto Goncalves (@augustomaia) This is a quick sample code on how call StationOffsetLabel.Create method for all Alignments on each Station increment interval. Note it's using the first StationOffsetLabelStyle and first MarkerStyle from the respective style collections. [CommandMethod("addStationOffsetLabel")] public static void CmdAddStationOffsetLabel() { CivilDocument civilDoc = CivilApplication.ActiveDocument; Database db =... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2016 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog
Rodrigo, this sample is in C++ (so it doesn't uses packages), but you need to compile it using the COM references. It also should not require you to start AutoCAD (as it uses only the COM API for Dwg Props). Finally the VS Community doesn't include MFC (I believe) that is required for CString (among other Windows features).
By Augusto Goncalves (@augustomaia) Since Civil 3D 2016 SP1 we have the Feature Line API available for developers. It's possible to set new elevation for points on the feature line, but it may not be that direct to do so as we need the index of the point and, if... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2016 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog