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Rosemary added to shortbread adds a perfect hint of herbs Looking for the perfect treat to take to a garden party this summer? Look no further. Shortbread cookies can be the answer. Yes, many people think of them as holiday treats but they are wonderful to eat year round. Rich and buttery, crumbly and dense, a classic shortbread is always a satisfying choice. One of the best assets this cookie has to offer is its ability to accept many different flavors, so there are countless ways to make them including adding spices, dried fruit, citrus, vanilla, even nuts or seeds.... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Delaware Girl Eats
Indeed he is a great story teller. when I went to the IACP conference and spent the day with Rosa, she encouraged me to take these recipes and get someone to publish them. It was encouraging to have someone so positive about my idea. Apparently Abruzzo is an underappreciated Italian region.
I had a sourdough starter going for more than a year but finally lost patience with the process. Best of luck with yours!
It is a melting pot isn't it? Who would have thought Italian in West Virginia...,.
I'm starting to work on a cookbook of family recipes and a cousin sent me on what she had done which is how this recipe miraculously surfaced.
I just got fava beans at our local CSA. Knowing that you were actually in Italy when writing about this makes it extra special. Not sure yet what I'm going to make with the favas....
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Pepperoni Rolls are iconic Italian American treat Contemporary West Virginia is an Italian melting pot. Who would have thought that? Would you? And why is that anyway? It's because multitudes of Italians including my grandparents and many cousins chose to come to that state in the great early 20th century Italian migration seeking work, in my family's case, in the mills that line the Ohio River, and others in the state's many coal mines. Edward Lee highlights this in his book, Buttermilk Graffiti, in the chapter on his travels throughout that state. He comes across a woman named Alba, who... Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2019 at Delaware Girl Eats
So easy and hope you'll try
I would think 4-6 would be a good guess
It's so retro it's kinda cool I think
These are so easy and look so nice to bring to an evnt!
Mushrooms and arugula join together in this easy side dish for a marriage of flavors (photo courtesy Nick Stellino) “Food is a celebration of life and there’s joy to be found in the kitchen,” according to Emmy-nominated PBS cooking show chef Nick Stellino. I recently had the opportunity to chat with him about Italian cooking, his passion for teaching his viewers and about favorite dishes that can be seen on his new Create TV program, Storyteller in the Kitchen. Stellino has been cooking on PBS for 25 years and views his mission as inspiring viewers to have the conviction that... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2019 at Delaware Girl Eats
Simona thanks for collecting these posts! I always enjoy seeing what the others are reading
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We're so lucky that the real thing is starting to be available from the local farmers market. yea!
Even if I don't include it in the recipe I generally sprinkle a dash of hot pepper flakes onto anything I make. Always a good addition!
Hearty is just the word I was searching fo -- glad you liked it!
I love the combination of these flavors and hope you will too....
There's something about soup that is so comforting, isn't it...
this is indeed a great combination and I hope you'll try it
Doesn't this just scream spring?
It was such a fun experience even though our wonton-making results were miserable that I thought, hey why not borrow the idea. Trying to replicate the dinner on the other hand is not something I'd attempt.
Thanks Simona - I enjoy seeing the collection of posts each time you do Novel Food and will look forward to the upcoming one! Now that you remind me I remember the Longhouse dumpling thing. Really miss those gatherings.....
Pork Dumplings with mushrooms, chives and dipping sauce Making Chinese Dumplings is harder than it looks. After a communal dumpling-making session during a Crazy Rich Asians theme dinner I can testify to this. At Philadelphia’s Saté Kampar restaurant's dinner based on the popular book and film, communal eating is key to the experience and is kicked off by the dumpling making. Owner/chef Angelina Branca created the dinners to showcase the foods and flavors of her Malaysian homeland as depicted in the book. The meals feature shared food which in that culture reflects an expression of love and caring. Making dumplings... Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2019 at Delaware Girl Eats
Glad you liked it and thanks for reminding me that I wrote about this in 2014 :) I'll bet your mom's no-tomato dish was fabulous and hope you're carrying it on!