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Lemon Ricotta Torte captures tastes of all things yellow including lemons and citrus flavors It’s almost here and I’m ready to celebrate International Womens’ Day on March 8th. In Italy it is known as the special feast, Festa Della Nonne. Similar to Mother’s Day, this day is set aside to honor women for their sacrifices, achievements and friendships. Women are invited to enjoy themselves in the company of friends to eat, drink and be merry with wine and cake, while men are expected to carry the household workload, or so they say. The Mimosa flower was designated the feast’s official... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2021 at Delaware Girl Eats
It sounds like we're in total agreement ab out this book..... You probably didn't know this but Molly enlisted me to drive Zarela & Anne Mendelson back & forth to Longhouse from her place so I got to know the 2 of them a little bit. It was fun. And as to grandma's recipe, you know how Italians make do with so few ingredients, don't they...? Can't wait to see your post.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2021 on Swiss Chard and Beans Two Ways at Delaware Girl Eats
Cuban style Swiss chard & Beans as envisioned by Aaron Sanchez incorporates a broad array of ingredients Swiss Chard and beans was one of my Italian grandmother’s stand-by dishes. I wouldn’t even call it a recipe since she simply assembled ingredients from my grand-dad’s enormous garden and those tender stalks were always there for the picking, right up into late fall. It was a dish she brought with her in memory from her native Abruzzo in Italy and we all relished it. So when I saw another take on this dish from the book “Where I Come From” by Aaron... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2021 at Delaware Girl Eats
You know the thing of it is... we're mired in winter when I'm longing for spring, so something fruity and cheerful goes a long way to brighten things up
I was just saying this to a friend, that since I'm locked down here, cooking or baking not only feeds you butthe the cooking process is so ZEN. Glad you liked it -- so easy to make
Grandmothers are great aren't they..... Both of mine were cooking inspirations
Both my grandmothers were awesome home cooks and shared their cooking techniques and recipes with me. My Italian grandmother didn't write English nor did she measure anything so we would sit together as she made something and I made her stop with each ingredient and measure them for me. It was total fun as a young girl.
Wendy -- I only wish as to the photo that I had taken the picture before sticking in the toothpicks, as the torte was going to be on its way to some friends. Oh well, you get the idea anyway
Cooking always gives me comfort and the outcomes are usually yummy
With all the snow we've been getting here, cooking has saved my sanity because we are housebound. Thing are getting better, and being in the kitchen helps since I share what I make with family, neighbors and friends. BTW -- blueberries are my favorite too
I just love blueberries year-round. When we were kids there was a neglected farm nearby where the owner allowed us to come in anytime an fill turkey roasters with berries that we froze for winter use. Yum!
Blueberry Torte offers comfort in baking Desperately in need of comfort I experienced relief in reading selections from the current Cook the Books cycle, Eat Joy, Bake Your Fear by Rakesh Satyal. The book which is composed of essays and short stories from 31 authors po0rtrying how the various authors achieved some measure of peace and serenity. I chose the piece because it was about baking and about blueberries, one of my favorite fruits. But instead of baking pie as the author did, I chose to make a dish that my grandmother often prepared, a blueberry torte. Blueberries are perennial... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2021 at Delaware Girl Eats
I suppose used sparingly, like in this topping, it can't hurt too much
I had totally forgotten about Adele Davis until reading a snippet in this book. Not a hippie herself but a health-nut
So sorry for the very belated replay. A technical issue..... thanks for your comment!
Wendy -- your comment got caught in the spam folder so sorry for the very belated replay. Yes, the book was a good read and the dishes everyone made are inspiring.
Hi Elizabeth -- your comment got caught in my Typepad spam folder. I wanted to thank you for the thoughtful comments. I like the approach you suggest and will try that in cooler weather
Deb v- I'm so happy you liked this. I've gotten bored with traditional apple bake dishes and thought this would spice things up. Looking forward to seeing your post in CtB
This Apple Crumble made with granola is both delicious and good for you I’ll bet you didn’t know that granola was invented way back in the 1950’s by noted nutritionist Adele Davis or that it was considered “hippie food” until it went mainstream in the 1990’s. I didn’t until reading the book Hippie Food and then researching the topic. Davis was dubbed “the high priestess of nutrition” in her heyday and was at the forefront of the health food movement. She remained a groundbreaking influence on healthy eating until her death in 1974, compiling several famous books on vitamins and... Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2020 at Delaware Girl Eats
Just the thing for dunking in hot coffee for breakfast, these anise-flavored Italian treats really hit the spot We all have at least one treasured family recipe that’s been handed down through generations and the source of many a family story. One of mine is my grandmother Amalia Branciaroli’s Italian biscotti cookies. As a kid, my family lived a few states away from her home, so when we visited it was a great treat to descend on her stocked-up cookie jar and devour these crumbly treats. In fact, it was my habit to set the alarm for early o’clock and... Continue reading
Posted Apr 28, 2020 at Delaware Girl Eats
What better way to take advantage of spring produce than asparagus risotto. I’ve been cooking a great deal lately to pass the seemingly endless amount of time trapped at home without being able to go out. In the past I grocery-shopped for entertainment as well as sustenance but these days it’s seldom and totally about necessity. Luckily the few trips I’ve made to a local farm market instead of a grocery store have yielded great produce and other ingredients to supplement my well-stocked freezer and pantry. Having limited choices also has provided the added benefit of focusing on seasonal ingredients... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2020 at Delaware Girl Eats
My first time with red lentils too, but I enjoyed the outcome. Thanks about the plates!
Considering it's already Easter here on the East Coast it's high time to get started on a hearty soup
I had not tried lentil soup in a long time but such a simple dish really hit the spot. Do try
I enjoy a hearty soup year round. Here in Delaware it's getting to be spring, so I might back off a little, but considering we are confined to home, it works