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As winter draws to a close in the MidAtlantic there’s still time to savor a hearty Italian winter stew – chicken cacciatore, or in English, hunter’s stew. It’s named because in its origins the dish was prepared in the wild using ingredients the hunters could forage while on an expedition improvised based on what was in season. It’s traditionally made with naturally lean game meat like rabbit with a savory mix of fresh mushrooms and onions and herbs. The stew is earthy and sumptuous, with deep flavor and herbal brightness. In the book we are reading in the Cook the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2023 at Delaware Girl Eats
Not only do I share that love of pasta but it's such a great choice to feed a group
Being so near the heart of the US mushroom country in nearby PA, it's a no-brainer to cook with them
And of course they reflect my Italian heritage.....
Usually this is a dish for a hearty cold day, but we haven't had many of those here in DE this winter. Still....
Thanks for taking the time to comment. I absolutely was fascinated by your family's cider mill and relished the jugs we brought home to drink.
I live just next door to Kennett Square PA, the mushroom capital of America, so I get to enjoy a host of mushroom varieties. I've even gotten to go inside the growers' mushroom houses (not for the faint of heart odiferously I might add, but exciting)
Simple yet luxurious, a baked pasta dish feeds a crowd and is rich with flavor Preparing pasta as the focus for family meals is core to our family’s heritage. My grandmother rolled her own dough, cut raviolis and made a red sauce to die for. Mom learned at her side, skipped the dough making, but made a mean red sauce too. And all the female relatives passed on their techniques to me which I dutifully recorded. When I have the luxury of a free Saturday afternoon, I do all those things too for nostalgia’s sake but I’ve come to relish... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2023 at Delaware Girl Eats
Italian Pizzelles make for a tasty holiday treat In my Italian-American family, holiday baking centers around traditional Abruzzo favorites. Rarely someone squeeze in a totally new recipe unearthed via a newspaper clipping but not me. For myself I like to focus the little time I have for baking on the tried and true. And easy to make I might add. My Dad who had a great deal more patience than I would slog through preparing Cajinettes or Giammelli which while delicious were very time consuming to make. Since he passed away I haven’t had the nerve to try making either... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
Thanks for supporting my choice to go a little off the grid to come up with a recipe choice for this book. I would like to have tried tasting the Fernet but you can't buy it in just little portions so I decided not to go all the way with a full bottle. It will have to remain a mystery
Claudia I really had to try to figure out something to cook inspired by this book, and as you say got there kind of round and about but you can't go wrong with this dessert
Ever since growing up in apple country in Northeast Ohio I've been obsessed with apples when the fall season comes around. In Delaware it's not as diverse but we have some very committed apple growers and I enjoy baking with fruit from local trees rather than the grocery store selection. nd no, my crumble didn't last but a few desserts. Thanks as always for your organization of CtB's!
They say "when in Rome...." but here in the Mid-Atlantic at the height of apple season, it should be "when in autumn, bake apple desserts". And that's what I've chosen to do after reading the current selection of the Cook the Books group, "Cooking with Fernet Branca" by James Hamilton-Patterson. The quirky narrative chronicling the adventures of a lost soul living in Tuscany highlights the Italian bitters made with 27 herbs and roots whose aggressive flavor mimics bitter black licorice. It's referenced throughout the book including dishes made with it, but only one or two recipes using the herbaceous drink... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
Fresh garden produce in the height of season makes this baked dish special Audrey Hepburn once said “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” I didn’t realize that she shared my own belief about gardens but it’s so true that cultivating plants, whether vegetables or flowers, yields so much satisfaction. Here in Delaware, we’ve arrived at the apex of growing season, replete with stunning colors, tasty produce and bountiful harvests, not to mention of course the neighbors gifting their tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, herbs and fruit, plus roadside farm stands offering corn just picked from farmers’ fields. It’s a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
Tina - I don't know where you live but here in the mid-atlantic they are offering lobster for $8.99/lb right now, already steamed. Makes this a no brainer plus the quick prep time. do try!
It was an insightful choice and I enjoyed this reading assignment!
I really liked that quote even though it came from somewhere else than the book itself -- really sounds like him. Plus this meal can be done in 30~ minutes if you get the seafood already steamed -- worth a treat to yourself
This was truly an experiment b/c lobster was on deep sale price and I thought it would be fun vs crab, which is a mid-atlantic specialty. Something must have gone wrong when I tried to send you the link for the roundup... I'm so grateful to Simona for flagging it
I'm glad you liked the photo styling Simona. Have to say I got the idea from someone else but it really works with the light-colored seafood. Will enjoy seeing your take on the Bourdain book....
So enticing for a refreshing summer dinner, here's a twist on traditional Crab Imperial With the Summer Solstice just passed and the US July Fourth holiday screaming down on us, it's high time to think about serving fresh, light dishes. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, that usually involves crabs steamed in their shells, cracked at the table and devoured with a cold beer. And, our regional recipe books abound with cooked preparations too, some complex, yet many so simple as befitting a summer get-together. But despite the lure of crabs, other shellfish dishes can be equally tasty if not equally local.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
Thanks for the comment - glad you appreciate!
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2022 on Delaware Crabs #Sunday Supper at Delaware Girl Eats
I have to confess I didn't come up with the B and B combination - friend did, but it certainly works. You may not have a blueberry farm but you've got all that farm fresh produce which makes me so jealous...
Nothing beats fresh blueberries for a great Fathers Day dessert My father wasn’t particularly fond of sweets but he adored fresh fruit and grew many types in his enormous home garden including strawberries, raspberries, peaches and pears, but his absolute favorite was blueberries which we made sure to include as part of his Fathers Day or July birthday celebrations. He relished treats we prepared with them, which were a summer tradition for him until he passed away. These became a family tradition because, in our growing up years, our home in Northeast Ohio was near an overgrown blueberry farm. During... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats