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What a great choice you made Deb! It was great reading as well as salivating.
I rarely make fresh pasta dough, but this was a fun project, particularly remembering how I learned to make this with my grandmother. Enjoy vicariously!
Iconic Pasta alla Chitarra with Lamb Ragu makes for delicious Sunday family suppers Lamb Ragu is the standard among pasta sauces in Italy’s Abruzzo, paired with the region’s iconic Pasta alla Chitarra which is made by pressing sheets of pasta dough through what resembles strings on a device that looks much like a country guitar. In fact, the word chitarra in Italian means “guitar”. My grandmother, who immigrated to the US from Abruzzo, made this dish nearly every Sunday and the entire family devoured more than our share of it. Made as it is, the pasta noodles make for an... Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
Well there is a boeuf recipe in the book, but it's not the Julia Child version... In any case I riffed on it and made Italian style
I'm such a sucker for Asparagus -- hope you'll try some of the recipes
I just love comfort food on winter nights. Now, we're moving into spring so I will have to haul out the asparagus recipes. Not a bad dilemma....
Light and airy Zeppole made with ricotta cheese are the highlight of foods celebrating Italy's Father's Day, the Festa di San Giuseppi (Photo courtesy of Little Italy San Diego) In Italy, Father’s Day is celebrated March 19 on the Festa di San Giuseppi which honors Saint Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. Street processions are held with marchers dressed in red, special church services are conducted, elaborate displays laden with traditional foods are assembled and community spirit fills the air. Key to the feast is food, particularly the tradition called St Joseph’s Table and its accompanying sweets, including Zeppole pastries.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
Thanks for the encouragement Simona. I'm having fun deciphering these recipes. Am looking forward to what everyone else posts as to the Red Sparrow.....
In the waning days of winter what better than a hearty Italian stew Who can forget Julia Child warbling on about making Boeuf Bourguignon in those old tv clips that are so endlessly replayed? I can’t say I saw the episode in question in its initial airing but have viewed it in today’s replayings and of course have examined the recipe in her cookbook, The French Chef. So, when I came across the recipe for Fettine a Stracotto in the Abruzzese recipe collection that a friend translated for me from handwritten Italian to English, I was struck by the similarities... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
Thanks much Simona -- I just love finger food(s), even if it's not for a buffet. You know, this turned out vegetarian because that was what I had on hand, but this could easily be made with small pieces of prosciutto, bits of sausage or other meats to lend heartiness -- just a thought
Make brunch even easier with these crustless mini-quiche squares your guests will love This year as winter concludes and perhaps like no other year, folks are dying to get together, start mingling and start enjoying good food together. Here on the East Coast, we've enjoyed several springlike days that have heightened the anticipation. You can almost feel the Cabin Fever. This is when we can start enjoying the company of friends again. And what better way to do so than an informal brunch get-together. As a host, I feel that the food for these needs to hit all the buttons... Continue reading
Posted Feb 25, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
The great part is that you can choose your quantities, so can make these for a crowd or just the two of you. And it adapts to all kinds of ingredient options
So glad to be in the round-up and thanks! I love easy alternatives to traditional preparations and the best part of this one is that it's so much less fattening :)
Exactly right about comfort food at its best!
Well it certainly has been a long time gestating. I have notes going back more than 5 years about it -- thanks for the encouragement!
Simona -- I was thinking about how to make what is normally a very heavy dish into something more attractive to those of us with smaller appetites and I think this approach works in that regard -- hope you try it!
Here on the last day of January, there's still just enough time to squeeze in making an Italian dessert traditionally prepared for the holidays but enjoyed year round -- Parrozzo d'Abruzzo. This chocolate glazed, citrus flavored, dome-shaped almond cake is typically Italian in that it's denser than cakes normally are in the US and is not overly sweet. It offers a delicious conclusion to a winter meal or can be a lovely snack to be devoured in front of a warm fire. I chose this dessert as a fitting start to the new year because it's the first dish I've... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
Glad you enjoy - try one of the recipes - I try to make them easy to make
Lasagna rollups offer an easy to serve dinner and make for comforting winter treats Just when you least expect it, Winter throws you a curve ball. After weeks of spring-like temperatures here in Delaware, suddenly temperatures plummeted last week and it snowed twice in five days. While the snowflakes were lovely to watch floating down, the shoveling aftermath was not fun. Plus, Delaware rarely sees any appreciable snow so many folks were unprepared for the drill. Luckily, I was raised in Northeast Ohio where it snows all winter long, so I was able to fall back on long habits to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2022 at Delaware Girl Eats
thanks much and hope you enjoy
Here's a fruitcake that will change your mind about this favorite holiday treat Fruitcake is such a maligned holiday dessert. Over the years, it has been transformed from the holiday baked gift of choice to a caricature of its former self, now viewed as a rock-hard, thick, dense brick to be shunned not embraced. But this doesn’t have to be so as the fault lies in the recipes not the yummy ingredients that make up this treat. What can be wrong with a dish made up of figs, dates, candied orange peel, glaceed cherries, pecans and walnuts? Not much in... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2021 at Delaware Girl Eats
Give Thanksgiving one last hurrah with these great pumpkin cheesecake muffins Yes, Thanksgiving is over, but there’s still time to squeeze in baking some Fall-ish goodies before the Christmas onslaught begins. My family always gathered in the traditional way for Turkey Day, replete with roasted bird, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy and of course green beans. This year however, being a much smaller group, the plan was to go totally avant garde with grilled steaks and a vegetable casserole. The one traditional component we couldn’t bear to part with was a pumpkin dessert. However, here too we approached it a... Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2021 at Delaware Girl Eats
Nothing beats a comfy pasta casserole on a chilly Fall evening One of the most enjoyable aspects of cooking is the creativity it can unleash. Missing a particular ingredient for a recipe? Swap it out with something else. Same thing for an ingredient that you might not care for. Substitution can take the cook down many roads. Another form of creativity is taking a random assortment of ingredients and transforming them into an enticing dish, whether or not it absolutely adheres to the written recipe. Then too there is the selection of ingredients themselves. I enjoy meandering the aisles of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2021 at Delaware Girl Eats
I imagine there are some mainland things you must long for. But I'd love to enjoy some of your tropical delights, so I guess it goes both ways
Simona -- we think alike! I'm enjoying fall season & gad to hear you are too