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Kristina Meshelski (Asst Prof-CSU Northridge)
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Meena Krishnamurthy has a good argument against plural votes on Political Philosoph-her.
Hi Marcus! If the paper is the one I am thinking of, then please feel free to send along the revised version if you think my comments might be helpful. In general I think, as I said before, that it is worthwhile paper. I hope it finds a home in print. Even though I disagree with much of it, it gives those of us interested in that topic many useful things to discuss. Though I have relatively limited experience with publishing so far, my sense is that reviewers have something like a saturation point they reach when a paper makes too many claims they disagree with. We all think we can distinguish between an important paper and one we just happen to agree with, but I think this gets hard when you are trained to be as critical as we are. Since this paper is ambitious, it makes a lot of claims and that I think makes a paper especially vulnerable to rejection. My sense is that it isn't a matter of your view agreeing or disagreeing with the majority (I'm just not sure on that point) but rather that your claims don't necessarily stand or fall together, so it is possible for a sympathetic reader to find many points of disagreement, and these points will not be the same as another sympathetic reader, and your revisions go round and round. Of course much of this might be simply luck in the reviewers you've drawn, but if I were you my strategy would be one of picking which battles to fight - or get started on a book proposal!
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Jun 20, 2012