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Dawn Watson
Gloucester City, NJ
Professional dog training using only positive reinforcement. Natural Training for Exceptional Dogs
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Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Recently, I read a disturbing post on social media. In it, a broken-hearted dog owner bemoaned the fact that her puppy had been given over to a training facility which insisted on keeping the pup for eight weeks in order to train the dog properly. During that period of time the owner was not allowed to have any contact with the dog and all correspondence was via email messages. I expressed my disapproval and was promptly told by a representative of the training program that "nobody cares what you think." I would like to make myself... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2021 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Your dog looks to you for guidance. As a pack animal, he searches for your leadership as the Alpha. If that leadership is lacking he may assert himself, growling when you sit in "his" chair, snarling when you disturb him in the middle of "his" bed, and generally taking over your household. If you are noticing the above-mentioned behaviors it's time to reassess your position in the pack. Be firm but compassionate and show Fido that he is not a decision-maker. If he is on the furniture and shows possessiveness, place a lead around his neck... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2021 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Whether you’ve had your dog for a long time or he’s a recent addition the new year can bring about some wonderful changes in attitude and behavior for your entire family! A dog reacts by instinct—he does not understand “spiteful behavior”, nor does he have the capacity for anger. If you bear this philosophy in mind you will not be so upset when he seems to display these signs. When you assign human emotions to an animal you are practicing anthropomorphism. That is, you are treating your pet as though he were a human with all... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2021 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Some dogs seem to take up all your time. They cry for attention, interrupt your daily activities by pawing, staring, and even being destructive. If these behaviors occur on a regular basis it may be time to set some boundaries. Be gentle but firm when attention-seeking behaviors are unwarranted. Call a time out by putting a distance between you and Fido, either by crating him or sending him to another area of the room. When he calms down you can call him back, praise him, and resume your interrupted activities. Make sure your dog gets enough... Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor On average, a middle-income American will change his place of residence 11.7 times. The family pet will likely be involved in several of those moves! You can ease Fido's anxiety about moving by taking him to the "new place" and allowing him to sniff and explore all the nooks and crannies. Take along an old towel or tee shirt and drop it on the floor so it will smell like the new places and bring it along to the house from which you currently reside. In that way your dog will associate the smells and feel... Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2020 at CNBNews
Image files EDITOR'S NOTE: In the coming weeks on Monday local author Dawn Watson will be posting a short story exclusively for readers of CNBNews and perhaps a private site or two on Facebook. The stories will eventually be part of an anthology, available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback. My eleventh novel, The Factory, will be available by Christmas. Warning: Some are very dark and not for the faint of heart! ****** The Extra Mile ((1999) by Dawn O Watson "Amazing what you see, you walk far enough," the old man cackled. "It's all different than it used... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2020 at CNBNews
A Very Old Man By Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Written in 1993. Winner of several literary awards. He shuffled along the street trying to make out the forms moving about him through his thick glasses. The bag he carried was heavy but too precious to set down, even for a moment. He waited for the light to change, suspicious of every movement around him. The old man trudged on, head down. Only a few more breathless feet ahead lay the familiar outline of his tiny row house. He set the bag of day-old bread and dented cans of vegetables down... Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Jeffrey and Jason tiptoed quietly into the house, thankful that their parents were still sleeping soundly. They climbed into their bunks, exhausted. “We never should have gone trick or treating on our own,” Jeffrey said softly. “I wish we had stayed with Erin,” Jason whispered. “She was only trying to help us.” “Do you think we’ll ever find her?” Jeffrey asked. “Mom and Dad won’t rest until she’s home. Even when the three of us fight we still love each other. That’s how families are.” “I hope wherever she is she’s warm enough.” “I hope wherever... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBnews Contributor Dogs bark for many reasons—because they are excited, anxious, or feel the need to warn. However, some dogs bark for no reason at all. It’s frustrating when Fido is constantly barking and shouting over the noise does nothing to calm him. What can you do to correct his behavior in a gentle yet effective manner? If your dog will accept a gentle touch when she is in the midst of a barking session a simple “No” with a touch to the top of her head may help. Do not confuse a “touch” with anything more aggressive!... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Part III The door slammed behind the boys and they hugged one another, terrified as their eyes adjusted to the darkened room. CNBNews files “Would you like some cookies?” the old woman asked. “I just made them.” “No thank you,” Jeffrey said. “We just want our sister.” “Let me see,” she said thoughtfully. “I know she’s here somewhere.” “Is that her on the couch?” Jason asked. He walked over to a covered form on the ragged old sofa and reached for it. But the woman stepped in front of him, blocking his movement. A metallic flash... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor “Jeffrey! Wake up!” Jason whispered to his brother. “What time is it? Why are you dressed?” Jeffrey asked sleepily. “It’s midnight. I couldn’t sleep. Put your clothes on. You’re going with me to find Erin!” After Jeffrey scrambled into his clothes, he was handed a flashlight and a butter knife. “The flashlight is good but why do I need a butter knife?” he asked. “We might need to fight with someone,” Jason told him. “And mom would murder us if we took one of the steak knives!” Jeffrey nodded. When they reached the back door, Jason... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2020 at CNBNews
By Dawn O Watson CNBNews Contributor Each Monday for four consecutive weeks the continuing saga of A Halloween Adventure will be posted for our readers’ enjoyment. (Gloucester City, NJ)(CNBNews)(Oct. 5, 2020)--The children dressed excitedly—finally, Halloween eve had arrived! And this year they were old enough to go trick-or-treating on their own, without a parent following behind them, nagging about safety. Ten-year-old Erin and her younger twin brothers Jason and Jeffrey were dressed and out the door by five PM, meeting many of their school friends as they traversed the area near their homes. “Let’s go further,” Jeffrey said. “If we... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor When you adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue you may be given information about his or her past. It may be a sad or disturbing story that will make you vow to make up for all of your dog’s past suffering. However, if you approach the training of your new best buddy in this manner you may be doing him a disservice. After a period of allowing Fido to become acquainted with you and your family, you should begin gently teaching him the rules of your home. A professional trainer can give you tips... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor Your puppy has been a member of your family for several months, or even a year. She’s been friendly with your kids and your other pets, housebroken, and has been taught not to chew the furniture. But suddenly, she’s like a different dog—barking, nipping, being rude in day camp. Why did this happen and what can you do to correct it? Dogs, like children go through stages. The Terrible Twos might just be followed by the Rebellious Teens! Their bodies and thought processes are changing and sometimes that means their behavior will change, too. This is your... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Many dog owners go to great lengths to fence in their yards to permit the family dog to exercise. However, that isn’t all that Fido needs to stay healthy and happy. Walking is a social exercise. It stimulates your dog into being social and allows him to acquaint himself to find his way home. In the event that he accidentally slips out the front door he will smell his own pathway and recognize landmarks and be more likely to return. In addition, your neighbors may recognize him and bring him back. Another reason to walk your... Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2020 at CNBNews
Your dog is aging. He has slowed down, he struggles to walk or sit, and you suspect his joints ache, he’s developed cataracts, and no longer seems to engage with the family. Is it time to gently ease him from this world and onto the next? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Many times, your best buddy will let you know when it’s time to go. When a dog stops eating that may be a sign that he is ready. However, there are many medications and positive actions that may give him back his will to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor The “new normal” of the pandemic offers a great opportunity for your family to work on Fido’s social skills. There are many tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere that can greatly add to learning, grooming, and generally caring for your family’s pets. When viewing these tutorials keep in mind that your dog deserves gentle and respectful treatment. That means no physical corrections of any kind including the use of electronic collars which can cause fear and injury, or choke collars which can cause a multitude of injuries to the neck and throat of your dog. Take five... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2020 at CNBNews
Local columnist Dawn O Watson recently announced the arrival of her new novel, Blue Earth. ( 2, 2020)--Blue Earth is the story of a dystopian society that struggles to survive under a protective dome. Outside, the world is irradiated and desolate, inhabited by the outcasts of society who are afflicted with burns and disfigurement as they attempt to survive in a world filled with mutated animals. The atmosphere has turned everything it touches a drab shade of blue. “Independent writers are at a disadvantage. We must market our own work and do our own advertising, which is difficult because of... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2020 at CNBNews
I often view videos that show a toddler ‘playing’ with an adult dog. The video is supposed to depict the love the child has for the dog or vice versa. It’s likely that nothing could be further from the truth. Toddlers must be constantly observed if they are near a dog. It only takes a second for a tragedy and a life-long fear of dogs to occur. In addition, any reactivity on the part of the dog who is being mauled is a no-win situation for everyone. There are many dogs that lose their lives every year because an adult... Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Obesity in dogs is a serious problem. It will shorten a dog’s life and decrease his enjoyment of life. You are not doing him any favors by over-feeding your dog! There are many ways to slim down an overweight dog. Most of them are simple and fun for both you and Fido! Taking him for a walk twice a day will be a great bonding experience. Start by going around the block, then gradually build up to a half-mile hike. Go slowly at first and reward your dog by brushing or petting him—food treats are far... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2020 at CNBNews
CNBNews Gloucesterite Dawn O Watson, a columnist for Gloucester City News has announced the publication of her eleventh novel, Blue Earth. Blue Earth is the story of a future world where the government decides the fate of humanity and life is lived within a protective dome. The outside world is filled with toxins and as a result, all living matter loses its original color and is dangerously irradiated. "Being an independent writer it's up to me to get the word out," Mrs. Watson said. "I have a publicist but because of the pandemic she cannot promote my work as she... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Previously, a dog’s age was calculated by multiplying his age by seven. A new theory has been discovered that adjusts that timeline. When a dog is a year old, his aging factors can be compared to that of a thirty-year old human. The new theory suggests that when dogs are young, they age rapidly. A four-year-old dog is the equivalent of a fifty-two-year-old human. Then, when a dog is seven years old, dog aging slows. The changes are referred to as epigenetic changes. Research is ongoing—this particular timeline measures only the aging factors of medium to... Continue reading
Posted Aug 8, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor There are thousands of animal rescue groups in the US. Every type of animal is represented, from ferrets to donkeys. It is fortunate that there are so many caring groups concerned with providing homes for abandoned or unwanted animals! . You may wonder why it is so expensive to adopt a dog, and why the rescues seem to want you to “jump through hoops” before bringing your new best buddy home. There are quite a few breed-specific rescues out there, but some simply go by size. Here are the steps involved in bringing a dog into... Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor My husband used to ask me, “Don’t you just love an adventure?” The answer was always an enthusiastic, “Yes!” But now, my brain can’t keep up with my age. Inside, I’m still a kid. Outside, I’m pushing seventy. My face still breaks out when I’m nervous. Only now my pimples are on top of my wrinkles. I don’t know which product to use, Retinol or Clearasil. One product is supposed to plump up the area, the other is made to dry it. It’s confusing. A couple of weeks ago I tried to sashay. You know, the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2020 at CNBNews
Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor Dogs are social animals. That means introducing humans and other animals is an important part of creating a well-rounded life for your dog. Take your dog to parks, on hiking trails, and to dog-friendly neighborhoods. Introduce him to lots of people and observe his interaction with them. Does he seem anxious? Is he panting or trembling, giving off warning growls? If so, go slowly and allow him to take his time in new situations. Never leave Fido alone with children. Some dogs become nervous around the chaos of active toddlers. Always reward episodes of calmness with... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2020 at CNBNews