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In Picasa, go to Collages (on the left hand side) then second button in Collages, "create a collage". After that opens there will be a bar to set the grid size.
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That's funny - I realized the problem about 2 hours after I submitted my order. I should have called to cancel. I am by no means a seamstress but I should have had enough common sense to figure it out. My border only ended up being about 1/2 inch. I was hoping for an inch. Good idea about the bias tape.
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Sounds like you had success! I just got my yard today. Looks good except the grid lines appear to be a problem - when you cut the towels, the inside borders will end up being half the size of the outside border and not wide enough to look good on the reverse side. The picture in the original post showed a border that looks even narrower than mine so I don't understand how they all look the same on the reverse side. Guess I should have made the grids twice as big and trimmed the outside edges to equal the inside edges after they are cut. Any thoughts?
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I didn't do recipes - I created subway art so they are all about the right proportion. After 'stretching' and positioning them on Picasa, four towels seemed to fit. I did order them - haven't come yet - probably will be at least another week. I will let you know. The only preview I am aware of on Spoonflower is where (after you upload your jpeg), you select the fabric and yardage before you place the order. A "ruler" is on the screen and it shows how your material will look. Does that make any sense? My only suggestion would be to put your four recipes in a collage on Picasa and enlarge or stretch each one to fit 1/4 of the collage so that you have four towels of the same size that fill the screen. If you have various size recipes (index card size vs. notebook paper size) then when you size them the smaller ones will have to be enlarged more and therefore the writing will be bigger. Just enlarge it until your writing hits the edge. Part of that towel may be blank but that is probably ok. If it is an index card, what if you put it vertically instead of horizontally? I hope this helps - I feel like I am rambling senselessly.
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I have a Mac. I saved the Picasa collage on my desktop and opened it in Preview From there I changed the size to 54 x 36 inches and 150 dpi. When I upload it to Spoonflower and 1 yard - it appears to fill in the whole yard. Is this correct and should I feel ok about ordering?
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Aug 4, 2012