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Valley of the Sun
Editor, Compete Magazine
Interests: Psychology, Cross-Cultural Communications, American Indians, Equality
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I currently live in Arizona, a state where a citizen, Adam Smith, was fired a few days ago after criticizing Chick-fil-a. Arizona is also the home of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. She's introduced an on-line program to teach people about Civics, since as she points out, most schools no longer teach Americans how the American system works. This is one of the reasons many people who stood in line to show their support of "free speech" weren't actually doing so--they have been taught by jingoism to misunderstand what freedom of speech is all about. For example, both Mr. Cathy and Adam Smith had the option of expressing their opinions in a public forum. And Mr. Smith's former employer had every "right" to fire him for doing so, since Arizona is a "right to work" state. It might also be useful to check with Jesus, in terms of what He actually is quoted saying--(i.e., try to find a single quote where Jesus himself says anything about sexual orientation): Jesus even tells us in John 16:2-3 that there will be some who, in their error, commit atrocities and murder in the name of God: "the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God." However, He informs us that these are not true believers: "And they will do these things because they have not known the Father, nor me."
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Aug 6, 2012