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Out of the 20 available contraceptives Hobby Lobby only objected to 4 of them because they were abortive, not preventative. I don't see why this is such a big deal?
His is a true success story, so far! If he ever snaps and goes off the deep end, there will be so many "I told you so" people you won't be able to count them. His age (15) at the time is the key to the whole issue. And when you add the fact that he wasn't some gang banger who ran around shooting people for street credits, but shot members of his own family. You can buy into the mentally ill plea. I'd have no problem with him being my child's college professor, especially with his academic career record. I do have a problem with other college's that hire professor's who have committed crimes like bombings, and murder's under the guise of political activism as adults!
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2013 on The terrible truth at Change of Subject
Why not just give each illegal alien who collects 5 tons of trash off our streets a green card?
Leave it to our public officials to mess up a one car funeral procession. There are inexpensive signal jamming devices available to prevent any cell phone transmissions in a given area, courtroom, etc. I can't believe these people are that stupid!
Because the politicians are not able to do the job they were elected to do, operate the business of the state with the tax dollars generated. They want to generate more revenue with gambling, it worked for LasVegas, etc! What's next? Prostitution, or maybe legalizing heroin would bring in the revenue needed to offset the incompetence of those in office? How much longer are we going to accept mismanagement of our tax dollars, and the corruption that wastes them? This is like your wife telling you she maxed out all your credit cards, but don't worry she'll go work a corner and make up the money!
It cost money to have an abortion, or to give birth to a child. Either way your "choice" in that decision will no longer be yours if this economy doesn't improve! It will be the governments decision!
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Aug 25, 2012