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Al I think you're being too kind to Bennett. She knew what the subject was, so she had no need to waffle about general political stuff. This subject really should be meat and drink to the Green Party leader, and if she'd been well informed she would have made it absolutely clear to Lilley that he was talking rubbish. It's frustrating, because Newsnight is a prime current affairs program, and the audience could have got some important science out of it, about how rapidly things really are are changing.
Sadly, that green activist is the new leader of the UK Green Party. If there's one bit of science she really needs to keep up to date with, it's climate science - and since she must have known what the piece was about, she had no excuse for not getting properly informed. It was frustrating seeing Peter Lilley (a Tory cabinet minister from long ago) getting away with citing the IPCC models as if they wern't yesterday's news. If there is one thing that would strongly justify a green activist's 'alarmist' position on climate change, it's how much the projections of Arctic sea ice have changed in a mere 5 years - and she completely passed on that opportunity. What a shame.
Jim Williams: They find that surface Atlantic water (AW) in the Fram Strait has warmed by ~2°C during the past ~120 years and also that modern summer temperatures of uppermost AW in the eastern Fram Strait are >1.5°C higher than multidecadal mean temperature maxima during the MCA. But they also note that eastern Norwegian Sea SSSTs in the late 1990s do not clearly deviate from those occurring periodically during the MCA (22, 23). so they conclude that Our finding of unequaled warm modern AW temperatures in the eastern Fram Strait with respect to the previous 2000 years (including the warm periods in Roman and Medieval times) may thus express another facet of the Arctic amplification of global warming. Recent model results (25, 26) reveal the important role of sea ice and atmospheric pressure fields in the Barents Sea as a possible amplifier, which may, at least in part, be responsible for the exceptionally warm AW advection. References: 22. N. Koç, E. Jansen, in Climate Development and History of the North Atlantic Realm (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2002), pp. 165–173. 23. D. Klitgaard Kristensen et al Paleoceanography 19, PA2007 (2004). 25. Goosse & Holland, J. Clim. 18, 3552 (2005). 26. V. A. Semenov et al GRL 36, L14709 (2009).
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Aug 29, 2012