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I row; therefore, I am.
Interests: Rowing, card making, history, and reading
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I have one daughter who is green-eyed, blond, thin and relatively fair but tans easily. Our second daughter has dark auburn hair, dark brown eyes, freckles and burns easily, is very tall and has to watch her weight. So, DNA does win out! While I am opposed to lying and raised my 4 children with this value (I, too, am glad that my children are grown and I don't have to chime in with a parental opinion about something they have said or done), sometimes a tender-hearted action such as the one your daughter chose to take because the damage was only to her (especially from the subsequent consequences!) seems to be the right thing at the time. I've spoken to elderly individuals who have mistaken me for someone else. If the elder would become agitated by correcting them, then why do it? If, however, they are completely lucid and would be receptive to a conversation about the mistaken identity, then the discussion would occur. Sometimes we just have to make those tender-hearted decisions quickly based on the facts and circumstances, our morality and then live with the consequences whether they bring joy or pain.
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Jul 18, 2012