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John is a Sacramento area pastor who has been active in politics for many years.
Interests: reading & golf
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Ben, You are certainly right that the government temptation to get involved in welfare goes WAY back. Consider this link: John
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Aug 2, 2012
Paul, I would certainly agree that President Bush failed to follow the advice that was given by our General/Presidents. The military/industrial complex is certainly a major problem along the lines that Ben is concerned with: Money buying the power of government so that power can raise taxes and spend it with the companies that put up the money. Ben's solution is to limit the money they can spend, but as I have tried in vain to get him to see, the money will always find a way IF the government is allowed to have that sort of power. The answer is for the people to rise up and elect representatives that are willing and able to reign in the power of government. As it stands today the two major parties CANNOT do so because the Democrats will not reduce the domestic budgets and the Republicans will not reduce the military budgets. In fact BOTH grow larger as the two parties make more and more "deals" to help the one they like grow. They are leading us to an economic collapse which may be the only way left to right the sinking ship of state. John
George, The failure of the left is a great topic and of course you friend Jeff has posted the failure of the right. Since he won't let me post on his site any more I will respond to his points here. As usual his author throws up three straw men that are easily debunked. Here are three real tenets of conservatism that have stood the test of time: 1) The principles of the Declaration of Independence where we know that our rights to life, liberty and happiness or property are God-given and should be protected by the state. 2) The principles of free-market capitalism where government is limited to its proper role of enforcing contracts and prosecuting fraud. 3) The principles of national defense where we follow the wise advice of our two greatest General/Presidents by avoiding international entanglements and control the military/industrial complex! Those would not be so easy to debunk, but sadly we have very little of them since the 19th century. John
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Aug 1, 2012