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Posted by: Meast | October 04, 2014 at 11:28 PM It's just not gonna happen. They're never going to be able to afford a "top" coach. And even if they can that's no guarantee... Look at Florida, Michigan and Texas. They don't need an established name, they just need a good coach and staff. As far as recruiting goes, we are still getting players. We're in the top 20 every year. There's a lot of reasos kids choose a school besides facilities. This team has talent now. Unfortunately they don't have a coaching staff who knows how to utilize it. Posted by: 1mg of epi | October 04, 2014 at 11:39 PM I know we wouldn't be able to afford a "top" coach. it is just a dream of mine where UM could. And I know about the facilities part. I didn't mean that for the kids actually. I meant it a sense for a coach. Idk if it makes sense to you but I think having a nice facilities and the administration giving you what you need is enticing to a potential coach. But who knows what'll happen with UM. Anyway, that was the end of my theory lol. Thanks to those who cared to read it. Good night guys!
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If a coach comes in, spends 5 years and gets scooped up by the NFL, I am fine with that. It means he was successful. This hypothetical coach probably will not use the prevent as his base D. If he is really, really good he may even beat duke!! CONVINCINGLY!!! Posted by: 1mg of epi | October 04, 2014 at 11:23 PM Yeah I had stated that about the NFL. If they call, obviously I understand. I just look at the top 15 and I see the schools there and I just want Miami to really invest in their program 100% I'm not sitting here hoping for it to be the old days. I personally feel it's time for Miami to adjust to college football now a days. You want a top notch coach? Pay to get him and pay for his assistant coaches. Make Miami attractive again other than just the recruiting ground. Know that the school will go to great financial lengths to give you every chance to win. I know it is asking for a lot but thats just how I feel.
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Sorry I haven't been able to post in a LONG time. Been working 2 jobs and just getting my career going so I have had to make a lot of sacrifices time wise. Really only time i have is Hurricanes games which haven't worked out too well lol... Anyway, I have an opinion on why the Canes will be mediocre for a while.. The days of Miami bringing in up and coming coaches and hopefully it working are done. This isn't the old days. I know Miami is limited money wise but until they dedicate the money and resources for the program, we are going to be mediocre. College football is big time now and I feel Miami is stuck in their ways. Took years to upgrade their facilities and i took a tour of it and it is miniature compared to others. I know UM is a small private school so i expected it. Honestly, aside from the athletes and the fertile recruiting grounds, I don't really see what else it has to offer. Cheap pay and average facilities... I know we have hired 3 terrible coaches in a row. What I am trying to say that is I don't want a coach to come in and stay for merely 5 years and then bounce when a better paying job comes along at another school. Obviously I understand if the NFL calls. I want a solid coach that wants to stay around for a while and that the school is giving it every opportunity to succeed. Money wise, facilities wise, etc. That is what I want to get at. We always average a coach for a few years. I want Miami to get to the point where it is a place to stay and not a stepping stone. Anyway, that is my opinion, whether you agree or not, it's cool.
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Does Mo Hagens play for Atlanta? Just saw him on Hard Knocks, if so. Posted by: Ohio_Cane | August 12, 2014 at 11:17 PM Also Harland Gunn is on the team. If you go to the part where the HC is talking about no fighting and they zoom in on the guy with the thick beard, you see Harland Gunns face. Noticed last night because I remember his raising canes video. You have to pay attention to the background guy
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Richard McIntosh to The U You mean this kind of speed? You don't find guys using 4.3 speed because soccer is constantly moving. Nobody really stays still except the goalie. Whether it is jogging or fighting for the ball. If anything, you need more endurance than elite speed. Offense plays defense and vice versa.
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The Hurricanes are going to keep the classic helmet as part of their rotation. Relax guys lol. Honestly, it was time for a change. Something for the newer generation. This whole traditionalist crap is overrated. New kids love bright and shiny stuff. I love the new hurricanes.
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Isn't Treon also his son? Posted by: 30CINCO | March 03, 2014 at 10:47 AM -------------------------------------- Yes. Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 03, 2014 at 10:54 AM --------------------------------------------- That's what I thought. The article says he has 2 sons, Tim Jr and Brandon, no mention of Treon. Guess no turds allowed Posted by: 30CINCO | March 03, 2014 at 11:02 AM I believe that Treon is Ice's son out of wedlock. Apparently his mom is closer with Treon than Ice is and had a bigger influence on his recruiting than Ice.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2014 on Lady 'Canes Improve To 3-0 In ACC at Canespace
It is in utter shambles because he tweets too much. exactly why he should never be allowed to tweet, sleep, eat.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2014 on Four Play at Canespace
Well this is pointless. completely switch out the topic but ok. enjoy the fact that the program is in complete shambles because of him tweeting.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2014 on Four Play at Canespace
It is called bringing attention to the program a week out from signing day. Social media is major now a days for fans, students, everybody. You make it seem like he spends all his time on twitter and does absolutely nothing else. Reporters re-tweet it, fans re-tweet it. Attempt to bring excitement to the program when it is most needed. As if trying that will kill the program instead of trying something differently that will have no ill consequences.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2014 on Four Play at Canespace
He did the same thing at FSU and everybody loved it. Does it at Miami and suddenly he shouldn't be doing it because it takes time away from recruiting...
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2014 on Four Play at Canespace
Luker, what makes my comment about Coley tweeting silly? U think members of Saban's staff is playing around on Twitter rite now? Posted by: 4-Real | January 29, 2014 at 01:26 PM This is actually kind of dumb though.... What if Coley did this while he was in the bathroom taking care of business? Then he shouldn't ever be in the bathroom because that affects his recruiting. What if he wrote a tweet right before a nap? He shouldn't nap because that'll affect his recruiting. Taking 1-2 minutes EACH tweet in a 24 hour day will not make him a worse recruiter. Maybe he shouldn't sleep because when he is asleep, he is losing time to recruit.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2014 on Four Play at Canespace
This may come of as whining or snobby on my part, but does anybody have that one guy that tries too hard to show you they know recruiting about the Canes? It's really annoying. I've been at my job for 3.5 years and about 2 months ago, my boss "suddenly" loves everything about recruiting. He is the biggest Dolphins fan and likes the Canes but doesn't following recruiting for anything. It's just recently he tries to converse about me because he just found out about Canes Insight and uses the 5 clicks before you exceed the limit. Idk, I guess its just annoying how somebody doesn't know much but tries to tell you everything about recruiting as if they've been doing it for years.
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2014 on Dumb And Dumber at Canespace
Kiy Hester just committed
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2013 on By The Numbers: Focus On The Positive at Canespace
LOL @ Richard Sherman being "dumb"
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2013 on By The Numbers: Focus On The Positive at Canespace
Cook also signed the same papers with while it is big doesnt really mean anything. Posted by: UMike | December 04, 2013 at 06:44 PM It's important for the Hurricanes. It allows unlimited contact with him and we can talk to him as much as possible. Lets us make a late push for him. Had he not signed one, Al Golden probably doesn't get a shot at another in-home visit again. So it does mean something. Its a chance at least.
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2013 on By The Numbers: Going Deep at Canespace
Dalvin Cook signed the financial agreement along with Yearby and Darling. Huge for Miami so they can talk to him as much as possible and do whatever they need to do. Awesome news
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2013 on It Is Nice To Be Recognized at Canespace
Golden and d'no says he plays mistake free Posted by: Willie Will in Missouri | November 22, 2013 at 01:16 PM ------------------------------------------- I call BS. Posted by: Ohio_Cane | November 22, 2013 at 01:55 PM Probably mistake free to not single him out to everybody. What I have been thinking is that are some of the guys on the team that good? It's weird to explain but maybe we think they are better than what they really are. I'm mostly talking about the Shannon guys because I have never seen somebody miss that much on defense like he did. The guys that struggle are at key positions. DT, LB, FS, SS. Maybe his evaluations were just that bad but we are just thinking they are better than other schools because they play for UM. Since they didn't develop as players, they have remained stagnant and haven't improved. Yet we think they are still better than what they are. IDK, just a random thought that I have been thinking lately. Does anybody get me? Lol.
I agree UMike. We should not be allowing that many rushing yards and letting those guys put up those video game numbers. We should be no where near the bottom of the ACC on defense. I also see it that some of those players were just not as good as many thought they would be. My biggest problem is that I don't think Porter, Highsmith, Rodgers, Gaines, Armbrister/Cornelius guys like that are any good. In 3 to 4 years, they have contributed nothing to this team except suit up. I just never saw it with the defensive players that Shannon brought in. Sometimes I feel that because a players wear a UM uniform, they should be better than most of the ACC talent but maybe that just isn't a case with most of these guys from the Shannon regime. He just wasn't a good recruiter towards the end of his HC tenure. Lazy and sloppy with the roster. I also think Golden had to take some guys in his previous classes just to have bodies and then booted them as soon as more depth was being created. All in all, I just want to see UM win and I feel that this 2014 class is what will jumpstart everything.
I look at the UM team and just think that it is a combination of scheme and talent overall on the defensive side. Some of the guys I think should have no business being on any Miami team. I have said that repeatedly. We were an overrated team from the beginning. I'm not a fan of some of the starters on our team. Thats just me though. Anyway, let us not forget that we don't have Duke or Dorsett. Duke undoubtedly is the best player on our team and whether you are a fan of Dorsett or not, he spreads the field and has been sure handed this year. I think they could have helped out in the Duke game since we needed a shoot out to have a chance to win.
How many here agree with this statement: A new head coach... In year one owns NONE of the team. In year two they own SOME of it. In year three they own MOST of it. In year four they own ALL of it. In year five they get it done or they can't do it. Posted by: SOUP | November 22, 2013 at 10:16 AM Agreed. Owning MOST of it doesn't mean you'll be good. You just have to use the guys that you inherited. Personally I will judge Golden when the ENTIRE roster is his and if the team is progressing with the guys that aren't his.
With the Miami Hurricanes surrendering 41, 42 and 48 points in three consecutive losses -- the most points allowed in a three-game span in school history -- criticism of defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio has mounted. Several former UM players such as Duane Starks, a postgame analyst on flagship radio station WQAM, believe D’Onofrio is being outcoached. Cardinals offensive tackle Eric Winston told Miami’s defense is “too bland, too vanilla.” But where do players who actually played for D’Onofrio -- and other coordinators before him at UM -- place blame? Not at the man calling the plays. “He’s one of the best defensive coordinators I’ve been around as far as planning and getting ready for a game,” said former UM linebacker Sean Spence, who played under Bill Young as a freshman and then John Lovett as a sophomore and junior. Spence was Miami’s leading tackler in 2011 when D’Onofrio’s defense featured five current NFL players (Spence, DeMarcus Van Dyke, Olivier Vernon, Ray-Ray Armstrong and Brandon McGee) and finished 17th nationally in points allowed (20.1) and 45th in total defense (359.9). Spence said Miami’s woes are not related to scheme. “A lot of times it does look like a lot of busted coverages and that has nothing to do with coaching at all,” Spence said. “D’Onofrio is a very patient coach who is going to take time with you to make sure everybody knows what they’re doing. “It’s a great system to be in. He runs a lot of zone, switches it up and also runs a lot of man, and has a lot of nice blitz packages. It’s similar to a lot of the stuff run up here with the Steelers. It’s hard to say it’s his fault. The coaches [have] to coach and the players [have] to play.” HORRIBLE DEFENSE VS. DUKE Spence, who spent his first two seasons in the NFL trying to recover from a dislocated kneecap sustained in a preseason game during his rookie year, was stunned that the Hurricanes lost to Duke and allowed 358 yards rushing. “Not in a million years would have I imagined that,” he said. “I don’t know if its misfits or guys missing tackles. I know the tackling system they go through every day in practice and that system shouldn’t create problems like that.” Former linebacker Jordan Futch, who played with Spence at UM, said the Hurricanes’ defensive struggles relate to a lack of toughness and talent at certain positions. “You can have all the playbook in the world, but you can’t coach toughness,” said Futch, who plans to enter the Broward County Police Academy in January. “You’re looking at a few guys that are energy vampires when they come in the game. They’re not very tough and you are seeing it on film.” Futch points to safety AJ Highsmith and linebackers Tyrone Cornelius and Thurston Armbrister as players he thinks have been forced into more duty because of a lack of depth. “When it comes to [the] Virginia Tech and Duke [losses], I think it’s a matter of heart,” Futch said. “I was really happy to see Deon Bush come back in the game. That’s a kid that likes to put his face in the fan and isn’t afraid to tackle … just a few players can make a difference. Really, that’s what you’re getting in my opinion.” Golden said Tuesday younger players such as sophomore linebacker Tyriq McCord, freshman safety Jamal Carter and freshman cornerback Corn Elder likely will see more playing time Saturday against Virginia (2-8) because they’ve earned it, and added that he would not “turn his back on the seniors who stood with us through all this [NCAA] tumult.” NEED FOR SPEED D’Onofrio and Golden have avoided singling out players for their mistakes, but have repeatedly said the defensive breakdowns against the run have been the result of one or two players not sticking to their gap responsibilities. Futch said Miami’s defensive backs and linebackers aren’t playing more aggressively in coverage due to lack of speed. In August, reported that UM’s fastest defensive backs were Elder (4.49) and sophomore Antonio Crawford (4.52). Every other played timed at 4.58 seconds or slower. “I’d say that backing off in coverage is your defensive coordinator knowing his guys,” Futch said. “When you practice against [wide receivers] Phillip Dorsett, Stacy Coley, Herb Waters and Allen Hurns and you watch week after week those guys stretch the field, sending guys deep, letting it fly, you know if your DBs can cover like that.” Read more here:
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Much of the UM fan focus has centered squarely on defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio, who isn’t going anywhere barring a surprising change of heart by Al Golden. The biggest concern is not coaching but personnel, with worrisome issues already arising on next year’s projected depth chart. On a defense that’s already deficient, UM will lose three of its top four defensive tackles, end Shayon Green (who was very productive until recently) and might lose junior linebacker Denzel Perryman, who said Tuesday he hasn’t made a decision about turning pro. One recruit was quoted as saying UM coaches have said they expect to lose a junior linebacker to the pros, presumably Perryman. Junior end Anthony Chickillo hasn’t made a final decision about his future, but his father believes he’s likely going to return for his senior year. Those expecting a significant defensive improvement next season are likely to be disappointed, recruiting analyst Larry Blustein said. “The defense could struggle again next season and give up chunks of yardage,” Blustein said. “Linebacker is not deep. They need to add junior college tackles that can come in immediately and play [California-based Michael Wyche will be one]. They’re teetering on basically the same situation next season. In two years, they will be in the BCS mix, a 10-11 win team.” As one UM insider said, UM’s defense has nobody who does anything extraordinary, nobody who’s a consistent game-changer. “Their biggest talent void is up front; they’re getting controlled on the line,” former UM assistant coach Don Soldinger said. But “they also need a guy in the secondary that’s a big-time guy like Antrel Rolle, that will lay the wood. They need a big-time linebacker. “They have one guy at each position, but they don’t have two or three. It bothers me, because it doesn’t look like they’re in the right spots. They need guys that can run better. Their linebackers can’t make plays downhill; they’re too much east and west.” Besides speed, UM also covets more size. The UM staff aspires for this unit to look more like a top-caliber SEC defense. Buzz on where UM stands defensively beyond 2013: ### Defensive line: Tackle is a huge concern, with Curtis Porter, Luther Robinson and Justin Renfrow leaving. Olsen Pierre is the only proven player returning. That’s problematic, because Earl Moore and Corey King “aren’t guys that can play at Miami,” said Elite Scouting’s Charles Fishbein, a local recruiting expert who’s close to the UM program. UM people tell us Jelani Hamilton also has been a disappointment, needs to get mentally tougher and apply what he’s being taught. If the 277-pound Chickillo returns, “he either has to lose weight and stay at end or bulk up and move inside,” Fishbein said. UM is using him at both spots but he seldom gets a chance to rush on third down. Golden and D’Onofrio raved about junior Ufomba Kamalu on Tuesday, and Golden said he projects as an end next season. He’s big (6-6, 285), “has a great skill set,” and can rush the passer, D’Onofrio said. Fishbein believes a trio of four-star UM oral commitments --- defensive linemen Travonte Valentine, Anthony Moten and Chad Thomas --- can be big contributors immediately, though Soldinger said that’s an awful lot to expect from freshmen defensive linemen. And this is worrisome: The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported Tuesday that “the Tigers appear to be in very good position” to lure Valentine away from UM. (The writer of that piece also reportedly predicted LSU would land Artie Burns last season, which didn't happen.) Valentine's coach at Hialeah Champagnat, Mike Tunsil, told me Valentine will visit LSU, Alabama and then Miami in January and that “right now he’s committed to UM,” but wouldn’t speculate on where he believes Valentine will end up. He did say that Valentine threw up the U sign at a game last week. He said Valentine is focused on his playoff game this week and “getting qualified” academically. If Valentine comes to UM --– and he previously de-committed from Louisville and UF –-- then “these guys [Valentine, Moten, Thomas] are going to be better than what they have or anyone they’re losing,” Fishbein said. “There is not a guy on Miami’s defensive line who will play in the NFL except Chickillo. Valentine and Thomas have first-round talent. Valentine at 6-4, 320, is more physically impressive than anyone Miami has, and he moves like a running back. “Moten has an NFL sized body, too, physically very imposing. Athletically, what he can do is scary. He’s the perfect 3-4 defensive end, and you won’t need as many d-linemen in a 3-4. That’s why I think next year they will be better defensively. And in two years, it will be very good.” But Blustein disagrees. He said Valentine needs to get in better shape, and “next year, you would never compete with those [freshmen] kids. They’ll be manhandled.” Blustein does believe, however, that Miami Northwestern end Mike Smith, another UM oral commitment, will help the pass rush next year if used in measured doses; he could get some snaps at outside linebacker. ### Linebacker: Golden said he wants to play mostly a 3-4 defense “because it allows you to get more speed on the field at linebacker and attack more.” A lot that happens with this unit next season hinges on whether Perryman returns; Golden made clear he needs another year of development. Though freshman Al-Quadin Muhammad is listed as a defensive end, Golden said Tuesday he also envisions him as a natural 3-4 outside linebacker, along with Tyriq McCord. But one reason Muhammad hasn’t had as much impact the past month is that he needs to expand his pass-rush moves, a UM official said. Both he and McCord also need to bulk up and develop against the run. Muhammad, who weights 240 pounds, “can be 252 next year,” Golden said. Senior Jimmy Gaines, whose physical limitations have been painfully obvious the past three games, will be replaced in 2014 by Raphael Kirby, a gifted athlete who finds himself out of position at times and has just five tackles all season. “I like Kirby – he will have to take over for Jimmy [in 2014],” Golden said. Four-star freshman Jermaine Grace has been limited almost entirely to special teams, and at less than 210 pounds, doesn’t project as a starter next year. “He can help us on third down,” D’Onofrio said. “We’ve asked him to put on weight.” But he's not ready to be the high-impact player some expected. The hope is that Alex Figueroa emerges over the more limited Thurston Armbrister for another starting linebacker job next year. But Figueroa is injured, and Golden said Armbrister and senior Tyrone Cornelius have outplayed him. There’s no four- or five-star linebackers in this 2014 UM class. Three-star Juwon Young and Terry McCray are pretty good prospects; LSU is making a serious push for McCray. ### Safety: UM expected more from Deon Bush (not running as well since hernia surgery in June) and Rayshawn Jenkins (three picks, but only 31 tackles). The concern, especially with Jenkins, is that he’s “not affecting anyone going across the middle,” a UM insider said. “Receivers feel comfortable going across the middle against our safeties. There’s no violence in the secondary.” Bush made two highlight-reel tackles in last year’s Virginia Tech game and has done nothing like that this season. Jamal Carter and perhaps incoming Trayone Gray will replace departing AJ Highsmith and Kacy Rodgers, who have struggled. ### Cornerback: Should be UM’s deepest and best defensive position in 2014 with Tracy Howard, Artie Burns (coaches love him; see first-round type talent), Ladarius Gunter (serviceable), Corn Elder (earning more playing time) and Antonio Crawford (had a bunch of deflections during August practices but not during the season). Note: We don't touch on every single one of UM's defensive oral commitment in this piece but will in columns this offseason. Bottom line: UM needs more of its four- and five-star recruits to become high-impact game changers. Too many --- Ray-Ray Armstrong, Vaughn Telemaque, Marcus Forston and others --- have not, at least not consistently. Read more here:
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Correction. LACK of DT penetration*