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If you want to make sense, as you declare, start with electrification of short haul trucks.
In parallel, a much cheaper Sodium sulfur battery should be developed with a similar approach.
There is no practical way to meet the 54.5 mpg emission standards by 2025. Even under the best scenario conventional cars will reach 45 mpg and even if electrical vehicles will reach 10% of the market, which they will not, they will raise average mpg by only 5 mpg. Realistically the target should be rolled back to 48 mpg. It still represent a very respectable emission cut. A decade later when electric cars will start taking on gasoline cars heads on emission levels should be raised much deeper.
There should e a law requiring all electric car makers to build chargers that can charge all electric car models in the market, maybe for a mall fee for other companies vehicles,just like bank ATMs, for the benefit of the industry as a whole.
Hope it is not too late to halt the building of the gigafactory and redesign the manufacturing process...
By 2025 we will have zinc air car batteries for sure and maybe sodium air batteries which will bring a paradigm change, so this analysis is nonsensical.
Fuel Cell cars, the strategic mistake of Toyota and Honda.
Other than that the car looks like if it was designed in the USSR the model name Bolt is terrible. Change it to Jolt or something.
This is what we need now. Development of new battery concepts is all very nice, but what we need is firm release dates.
Lettering fictitious generations is a hype that makes advertisers believe that they are doing something important. Kids have not changed much in the last 60 years. b
No. The time period after the mid 20s will be characterized by falling oil demand due to the electrical transportation revolution. The shale boom came in a timely fashion to fill out the gap, if more is needed, A shale boom can develop in other places, plus we are entering the second stage of the biofuels revolution.
Do not pull back. We need low prices to keep Russia and Iran at check as well as to help the economy growing while we continue transitioning to electrical driving. Tax Gasoline more when it is cheap and subsidize with the money drilling operations and electric driving systems.
Now take this carbon dioxide and convert it to ethanol using Sunlight!.
I would think that that a molten air battery can be first and very soon be used in naval aviation and space application where batteries that can store a lot of power are needed. The bigger the application the lesser the heat control issue is. How about a space vehicle with molten air batteries that supply energy to microwave propulsion lift off to orbit. These batteries are good for this use even if they are not rechargeable yet and can reach energy densities greater than gasoline. Moreover there is no need to store an oxidizer. Microwave propulsion is available at every kitchen and is who knows how much more efficient than rocket propulsion. All this savings will translate to a launch price lowered by orders of magnitude.
Forget about the 5-5-5 it is not the measure of everything, it is just a cheap GM trick to keep a media hype around the Volt. Plug in Batteries will go beyond the 50 mile range before you say Jack Robinson. In 10 years the whole Plug in concept will become obsolete, and full electric cars will take over soon after.
How an article of using renewables in shipping doesn't mention use of sails, kites, photovoltaic and wave energy on board? You can build modern capabilities ships that can generate all their propulsion energy using the elements!
Sounds way more promising than Algea bio fuels. In the end it will be Israel that will save the world from Arab oil.
Right, when they finis their work we will have an economically viable battery.
Very bad proposal. It doesn't take into account that critical sources of clean tech are still in a earlier stage of development than others and need more more incentives!
All this battery car makers, along with reducing car prices, should also start offering the same models with bigger batteries with extended range, see the Tesla example, there is a craving for extended range BEVs, and as these car prices approach those of Internal Combustion Engine cars extending the range should be the new frontier.
They should put those holes in the ground for better use by storing in them compressed air from wind energy.
We need both. Gasoline tax and higher fuel standards will ensure the we move in the right direction. The standards should be aimed at car electrification. We are very close to commercializing car batteries. Making more efficient Internal Combustion Engines is a spend of resources at this stage.
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Aug 8, 2012