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Dear Tiredmom: Autistic behaviors are not symptomatic of some individual deficit or disorder. These behaviors are emergent of the autistic's capacity to experience a social environment that is incapable of recognizing any capacity outside of normal human understanding. What is going on with you child is not your fault. You are just missing realtime information about your child's supra-human experience of his environment. Your child is not normal and normal is not all it is cracked up to be. Your child is not below normal he is far outside or above normal to the extent his experience cannot be described or understood by the neurotypical perspective.
Autistics do not utilize the same neurological processor as neurotypicals. The neurotypical processor perpetually seeks confirmation of, or detects deviations from, its previously stored informational content. Neurotypical intelligence consistently self-references and projects the informational content stored in its brain to alter or manipulate the external environment. In addition, it assimilates information that has been previously collected and stored in the socio-cultural environment to serve its internal perception and definition of reality. Strictly speaking internalized informational content is not intelligence. The internal processing and external articulation of informational content represents the minimum expression of human potential, and yet is considered the highest expression of individual neurotypical intelligence. Despite attempts to categorize it as such, autistic intelligence is not an aspect of neurotypical intelligence. The neurotypical processor is a self-referential intelligence – that is, it relies on previously stored and internalized informational content to create an illusion of linear progress inside what is actually a circular process of its self-reinforcing capacity to validate understanding as its highest expressions of intelligence. Neurotypical intelligence has no individual capacity for direct observations of macro quantum phenomena (i.e., phenomena that exist on a grander scale than the individual neurotypical can comprehend). It is not an observational capacity, as contrasted with autistic intelligence and its direct experience of quantum dynamics. Rather than simply observing the dynamic nature of external events as an objective “camera,” observing things for how they dynamically function or how they actually exist, the neurotypical intelligence observes ontologically, egocentrically, as if it were the center of its own reality, both consciously and unconsciously, qualitatively assessing the environment for relevance, application, or meaning to its own existence. Read more at:
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Aug 13, 2012