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I prefer tall fences. I like visiting with my neighbors on my terms, not when I'm weeding the garden in my pjs @ 8am or an evening of visiting with my close friends around my fire pit. Exiting my home should not be an open invitation to for them to ask "Want to hear about my fabulous summer vacation?" or "mind if crash your party?" You can't really chose your neighbors, and if given the choice, I don't think I would choose some of my neighbors as friends. I know that a polite smile, nod acknowledgment is all I can muster some days, which I know we all must feel from time to time. I wish that all of our neighbors could understand these boundary lines. Sounds like some of your followers need to develop some boundaries of their own with their neighbors. I'm still working on my own issues, but a few "no's " and "now is not a good time" go a long way.
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Aug 13, 2012