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North Carolina
Laid off research scientist "over-qualified" to get a job; starting a new career in horticulture.
Interests: gardening, dogs, baking, reading, vintage product cans, antique nippon china
Recent Activity
Hi! I just found your blog and wanted you to know that Oscar has a brother in spirit in NC - Charlie (ate my sandwich). He's a golden/chow/GSD rescue who can snatch a sandwich off the counter and swallow it before his front paws hit the floor (also works for cupcakes, pie, unbaked yeast roll dough...), and woe be unto those who are sitting on the floor and gesturing with a sandwich in their hand! Love your posts.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2012 on Sleepy Softball Mascot at OSCAR ATE MY MUFFIN
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Aug 14, 2012