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"The unthinkable is now unfolding before our very eyes, but I hold true to the fact that the unthinkable, when it starts to unfold before so many, is the ONLY way most people will finally awaken. I do believe the sleeping giant is awakening, but perhaps only because the true horror of what many of us have already suspected, is finally before the eyes of many." This, in a nutshell, is why I believe God allows this, and all other evil to progress to the point where it is undeniable and we will turn from it - in horror and dismay - once and for all. Whether from greed, power or any other motive, when one is willing to view others as worth less or expendable one has ventured into the realm of evil. Sadly, too many have been induced into this terrible no man's land by philosophical reasonings that it is all for 'the greater good'. This has always been the great lie, from the serpent in the garden to now: 'Trust me. it might seem sorta mean to rebel against the very Creator who made you and gave you everything you need and more, but you will be better off if you take my way.' Or 'Trust me. It might seem sorta mean to wreak massive destruction upon foreign lands because our leaders say they are 'bad guys', but it is a necessary evil'. It is merely evil, not necessary, to murder millions of people in the guise of 'protecting' millions of people. Who gets to say which ones are expendable? And, if so, what is to stop you from becoming one of the next 'expendables'? Whether it is the collateral damage of war, vaccines, or economic policies, we are seeing what it looks like when 'necessary evil' rules the world. Whenever some scary 'they' is held up as the next bogey man, the next great threat to peace and survival, we can know we are being had. Because it is always evil that claims that harming or killing others is necessary. We are called, by He whom IS good, to give up our lives for others, not to take others' lives so that we can be 'safe'. We are seeing what the world looks like when we believe that lie. It is my hope, and prayer that more people will wake up to this and will reject the supposed 'utopia' that all war brings, whether it is a war between nations or the 'war on poverty' the 'war on cancer' the 'war on terror' or any other futile, money-sucking, wealth-building, people-destroying war they may come up with next. Most likely it will be a war on some deadly plague, and we will be expected to fearfully surrender what little remaining personal liberty we have and allow our neighbors to be abused, locked up or killed in order to keep us 'safe'. May we stand up to this great evil. Personally, because I believe that God is good, I think that, as this excellent article alludes to, those with hidden, nefarious agendas are being brought from their dark little corners out into the light. May honest people every where reject the satanic suggestion that only 'I' matter and all others are expendable. May we stand up for our loved one, our neighbor, and that third world man, woman or child who is no more a threat than you or I. When will we learn how easy it is to stage events, 'create' enemies and justify any act of aggression an aggressor is determined to take? May we reject the myth of 'the greater good' and embrace, instead, the true good, which is to love your neighbor as yourself. It is only when we stop calling evil 'good' that we will be able to demand that evil be stopped.
It is true, as Rhonda stated, that it is mostly those who have seen with their own eyes the very real damages that vaccines can do who are able to break out of the web of lies and propaganda that supports the vaccine agenda. My first hope, and prayer, is that these individuals will find help and healing for their injured loved ones. I am not sure anyone has documented a 'best' approach, but many things have proven to assist in detoxing the metals/poisons and assisting with other damages that have been done. God designed an amazing body with self-healing capabilities, and with the proper detoxification and support, great things can be accomplished. Secondly, I hope that all those who have traversed the tragic autism path, when they have time to think again, consider just how easy it is for those who control the media (books, news, entertainment – all of it!), the education/research establishment and the gov't funds can perpetrate the most asinine myths for over a century, even in the face of obvious contrary evidence. If it can happen with vaccines, who knows what else we have been lied to about? What I am trying to say is that we must learn to break out of the restrictive propagandized boxes we have been put into and think for ourselves. Think of the many, many things (evolution, global warming??) that didn’t quite ring true, and had many naysayers, but we allowed ourselves to be convinced by the testimony of ‘the experts’ that they were true. Once we learn that ‘the experts’ are paid well to say whatever their financers want them to say, we will have learned one of the most sad and vital aspects of life in the modern world: ‘truth’ can be bought for a price, and if we really want to find her, we are going to have to do the hard work to seek her out. May God bless all who have discovered this, and may we – one by one – teach it to others that they too may be freed from the tyranny of lies.
In regards to letting the science speak, it is not just the metals, although there is no doubt that they are extremely toxic, and this has long been known. We never hear of the research that demonstrates how multiple vaccines destroy our immune system, even without even taking into account such toxic additions as mercury and aluminum. It is the very action which vaccines are designed to do - provoke our immune system to react to an antigen, any antigen - that does the damage. Vaccines are a faulty and dangerous approach to disease prevention, period. As tragic as autism is, and it is one of the most tragic preventable events I can think of, the sad truth is that everyone is harmed by vaccines, the damage increasing in relation to number of vaccines received. It is likely that those who experience the most severe reactions to vaccines, like autism, have other toxicity or immune system issues that increase their susceptibility. This is the issue that autism is often used to disguise - vaccines are dangerous to everyone, not just those who suffer the most severe and obvious damages! The longer we prolong this 'discussion' the more the population at large is damaged by vaccines, reducing the number of healthy individuals who could actually serve as genuine control groups. Isn't that the agenda? The person in search of truth has to go looking for it, because there are so many agendas at work against it.
The system has been firmly in place for a long, long time. Rarely will truth and justice reign in a world in which power and money can buy its imitation. We are winning this one mind at a time, via independent studies, articles, blogs, social media, seminars and one-on-one interactions. I am not suggesting that we not continue to champion truth in every arena - just that we maintain proper expectations, so that we are not crushed every time power wins. The marvelous thing about truth is that, ultimately, it always prevails. It shines ever brighter, no matter how often it is knocked down, sullied and dragged through the mud. We must seek it diligently, defend it valiantly and believe in it even when that makes us a target as well. If there is a silver lining in this travesty, it is perhaps that the appalling number of people affected by autism and other vaccine induced health issues can no longer be denied, thus more and more eyes are opening. The 'er's' (anti-vaccers, deniers, truthers, etc.) are gaining momentum as the many lies perpetrated in the name of science and politics are being revealed. Get ready folks - perhaps truth is about to make a comeback.
One of the saddest things, after the horrible tragedy of countless children needlessly suffering from vaccine induced illnesses, is the hope many parents cling to that the government or its media lapdog will ever acknowledge the correlation. I am sorry to say it is not that they do not 'get it'. They are deliberately hiding 'it' and always will. (Not every single individual, but those in control, certainly.) Brian Deer is one of thousands being used to spread disinformation, and all too often it works, because the majority of the public trust their government and the media. We should continue to proclaim the truth far and wide, that as many as possible be warned to protect their precious children, but the government is never going to admit that they have been lying about vaccines for decades, now nearing a century. The medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry are never going to acknowledge their crimes. It would destroy the power, credibility and profitability of each of them. I used to believe they didn't know. I used to think they could be informed. But the more I research the history of vaccines, the more obvious it becomes that there is a hidden agenda behind them, and it has nothing to do with preventing disease. Even when those who once acted in good faith discover the truth, it is often too risky to oppose those in power. At times it seems the truth will never be widely known because they have so perfected the art of deceiving the public. God bless Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Lewis and the others who risk their jobs, careers and even lives telling the truth and helping the helpless. I do believe that many parents are beginning to see what cannot be denied - children are being harmed, and the more vaccines they push, the greater the devastation. Autism, ADHD, ADD, MS, narcolepsy, nodding disease, increasing infertility and death - the tragic effects are everywhere, yet still denied by all governments and the mainstream media. The thing about truth is, it will not be forever suppressed, for it stands, immutable against all lies and deceit, even of the most powerful.
I wish that it were just a matter of ignorance, or somehow not knowing the facts. Sadly, all of the facts point to a very deliberate attempt to hide the truth, which is all too easy for the majority of the population who trust the mainstream media for their information. We will never win this battle in congressional hearings, in court or in any other official arena. They know the truth, they deliberately conceal the truth, and they are happy to distract those who actually see what is going on with kangaroo hearings and studies. There are hidden agendas afoot, and we must continue to shout the truth from the rooftops, to our friends and neighbors, and any other way we can, that some will believe and be spared from needless tragedy.
My heart breaks when I read such stories. How can such things be? How can it be possible that any person or group of persons would do this to our children, and deliberately work to keep the truth from getting out so that it will continue to happen? I am praying for you, Cathy, and for all who have precious children who have been damaged by vaccines. I pray that God will continue to reveal to you the steps and the nutrients that will restore your children to health and wholeness. He did this for me, and I am determined to do all I can, in return, to prevent others from making the same mistake out of ignorance. I shared your story on my FB page. I was beginning to feel really bad about always talking about vaccines, and posted the comment that I needed to stop harassing my FB friends. To my surprise, many replied that they appreciated the posts, and encouraged me to continue, start a blog, write a book, etc. It isn't much, but I will continue to do what little I can to share with my part of the world the truth about vaccines. Thank you for doing your part.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2012 on Every Day - Exactly the Same at AGE OF AUTISM
One of the things that I have discovered is the tidy little practice that officials make of declaring a person 'unvaccinated' even if they have received one or more of a series of vaccines, as long as they have not completed the series. Thus, when the press reports that some of these girls were 'unvaccinated' as a few were, that most likely indicates only that they did not receive all 3 doses, not that they did not receive any vaccines. In many of the outbreaks of many diseases, most, if not all, of the people involved had had at least one vaccine. This is very helpful for those who do not want the truth to be known about the damages caused by vaccines. The public, meanwhile, has no idea of what is going on - as usual. It would be really helpful if someone could talk to all of the individuals involved and find out the truth about their state of vaccination. It would not surprise me if the pesticides were not also indicated.
I am wondering if anyone from Age of Autism, or other autism support groups will be there? I live not too far from LaCrosse, and am hoping to make it, and am just wondering what the need is for recording of the two presentations, etc.
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Aug 19, 2012