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"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." Winston Churchill
Interests: Better Business Processes, Better Legal System, Better Economic System, Better Healthcare System, More Effective Communication, Understanding The Human Ego And Its Impact.......
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Looks like Greenland's ice melt is getting off to a bad start (more melt than we would like to see). The SST anomaly's map doesn't look particularly good, with very warm anomaly's off of the southeast and northeast coast of Greenland, a warm anomaly in the Arctic. If Greenland is getting off to a bad start, that doesn't bode well for the Arctic either. Even from a "non-scientist" (but a trained observer)....this spring is NOT setting up well for either the Arctic OR Greenland. It is looking more and more like another heavy melt year for both.
12.75...February 28th Max
Toggle Commented Dec 26, 2012 on 2012 Maximum Area Pool at Arctic Sea Ice
As reported at NOAA...if it looks like a rat, walks like a rat, and smells like a's usually a rat: All those positive feedback effects are working against the Arctic and there is no reason to think they will back off in any significant way over the next several years.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2012 on The real AR5 bombshell at Arctic Sea Ice
Kevin McKinney: <> I absolutely agree with you. And I hope we're BOTH wrong. There are too many things that are "lining up" in favor of more...not less...warming over the next few years. I mentioned the things I am familiar with...and the things that can be "seen" by someone like myself (someone who is NOT a scientist)....but someone who has taken the time to look at the facts and the science.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2012 on The real AR5 bombshell at Arctic Sea Ice
I doubt something that is happening far from home that is not felt directly will trigger a change Change happens slowly at first. Think about the tobacco industry. With each further "event"....with each additional corroborating study....change slowly gains momentum. You have seen visual signs in some noted meteorologists (Chad Meyers and Paul Douglas among them) that have changed their tune. When "events happen" that aren't supposed to happen....wherever they changes some peoples mind. Of course it would be much "easier" for people to understand IF that event happens close to them (just ask the residents of Newtown, Conn). But with each event, even those that are somewhat distant...change gains momentum. And over the next 2 - 3 years....we will continue to see those events. And I think another bad year of Arctic ice, another bad year of Greenland melting, another bad year of fires in northern Asian and North America....the drumbeats of change will grow louder and louder. Just as the NRA was "unmasked" by the recent events in Connecticut and shown to be nothing but a lobbyist for gun will continue to take place in nature that will give those that want to fight against climate change a little more momentum.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2012 on The real AR5 bombshell at Arctic Sea Ice
A-Team Said: "The lamestream media has lost capacity to sort fact from fiction; with corporate advertising at the heart of their business model, always the exasperating quote from Cato neutering every shocking development." I'll keep this comment on the subject of Arctic ice, but your point about advertising is a VERY BROAD issue that has ramifications about our daily lives. Remember, we live on a "finite planet", which means there is no such thing as "sustainable long term growth". At some point we reach a point of "a sustainable LEVEL". Seven billion and counting is too many people for the earth to support for the long term. Just like banking regulations after the Great Recession; just like tobacco regulations after decades of the industry lying; just like decades of the asbestos industry lying; just like the soda industry continues to lie about fructose today; just like the airline industry didn't change policies on protecting the cabin until after 9/11 (the first US hijacking was in the 1960's); just like the gun industry through the lobbyists like the NRA continues to drag their feet.....The force for change will have to be from the BOTTOM UP. The change that will come will be forced by people like Nevin and the thousands of others that look at FACTS and DEMAND that the policy makers look at the FACTS and take appropriate action. The truth NEVER goes away....and the truth about the Arctic and climate change in general, is revealing itself one painful event after another...and one painful year after another. People don't change until they HAVE TO. Another year or two of dramatic decrease in Arctic ice....another year or two of record setting melting on Greenland...will be needed for change to gain traction. This will be a long term issue....and the people in the oil, gas, and coal industries are NOT going to easily be moved....and neither are the politicians who are receiving money from them.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2012 on The real AR5 bombshell at Arctic Sea Ice
Kris said: "..the quintessence of denialism is the denialists sticks to a certain axiom to which any form of contradiction is strictly forbidden." I was addressing the "cautiousness" of AR5....NOT (emphasis added) denialists. The thrust of Nevin's article (and I agree with him) is that the scientists appear to be taking a stance that is too conservative. There are "risks" to being too conservative, just as there are risks to taking a stance that is too aggressive.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2012 on The real AR5 bombshell at Arctic Sea Ice
Let me see if I can summarize in my layman's terms: 1) The Arctic ice sheet has been melting away at an INCREASING RATE over the last 30 years, and especially over the last 10 years. 2) We have INCREASING POSITIVE feedback effects from (a)melting tundra, (b) melting melting hydrates in the oceans, (c) lower reflectivity (albedo) of the Arctic itself, not to mention its next door neighbor Greenland, (d) increased fires in northern Asia and North America which will further exacerbate albedo, (e) LESS ICE AREA to reflect sun in the Arctic...and thus allow that nice dark water to absorb more and more sun. How in God's green earth....given #1 and #2 above...can someone NOT think that the Arctic melting is LIKELY TO INCREASE ITS RATE OF MELTING over the coming years is beyond me. Two things will change their minds QUICKLY: (1) another bad year of melting like we had last year in the Arctic, (2) a bad year of melting on Greenland with a week or two of melting like we had in the mid summer last year (which will blow up the idea of that happening every 150 years going forward). Maybe THAT will get their attention. Pure math and statistics is obviously not enough.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2012 on The real AR5 bombshell at Arctic Sea Ice
Superman: are likely right that many in Washington DO KNOW what is going on. We live on a "finite earth"....and yet people talk about "sustainable growth." Do they NOT understand the meaning of "finite"? I won't ramble on endlessly....but I WILL do "my part" in attempting to get "get the truth out"....and to expose those who lie or mislead about climate change (are you listening FOX, Joe Bastardi, Antony Watts, etc.? For me, I can't stand by and do nothing when I see injustice done. This is like the tobacco companies saying that tobacco doesn't cause cancer, or that "fracking" is safe. My ethics don't allow me to stand by watch that take place. And I urge others to speak up as well. Buddy
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2012 on ASI 2012 update 10: (wh)at a loss at Arctic Sea Ice
I'm likely one of the few non science-geeks (I say that lovingly) here....but if you take a few steps back, the outcome is not that surprising. From my vantage point as an "observer"...the facts have been continuing to line up for quite some time, and the feedback effects have ALL been kicking in, ESPECIALLY in the Arctic. With albedo at all-time lows, with more CO2 and CO4 in the atmosphere (and growing daily), with more and more tundra disappearing daily, with more and larger forest fires happening every year, these "events" (like the ice sheet disappearing before our eyes, HAVE to take place at an increasing speed. Basic science says they have to....and they are. And the thought that "events" will take place in coming years and decades at even a FASTER PACE around the globe is a very sobering thought. From my "non-scientific" perch, the Arctic disappearing is step 1 in a very bad "recipe for disaster" in coming years and decades. Something that Hansen had/has predicted....and something that continues to play out. I don't think it is any "accident" that on a year that the Arctic ice is retreating so quickly that Greenland has a record melt. Greenland is act II in this awful play, and having the Arctic ice sheet disappear makes its demise almost certain over coming decades. I expect the melting in Greenland over coming years to be off the charts... As a "non-scientist" I am embarrassed by the "non-scientists" (especially in Washington) who can't understand the BASIC SCIENCE involved in what is happening. Until they do....we are heading down a very ugly path.
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2012 on ASI 2012 update 10: (wh)at a loss at Arctic Sea Ice
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