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Sorry about the typos, it wouldn't let me edit it fr my ipad.
The picture was taken during the FGM of young girls in Indonesia. There was an article about this several years ago complete with picturea, including this one. The woman wearing the "kudung" could very well be a Malaysian since many of Indonesians are indistinguishable from the Malays. But in this case, ie, the picture above, the woman must have been Indonesian since the FGM was in Indonesia. 30 yrs or so ago this barbaric pracrtice was disappearinf in Indonesia, bur since the Middle East has been awash with oil money they have been supporting the buildings of mosques all over the worls. With it comes the Wahabi doctrine which resulted in Indonesian Muslims rediscovering their roots' practices, ie. fGM,, jihadism, intolerance of other religions or sects, eyc. Nobody is bashing Islam here, just telling the truth.
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Aug 29, 2012