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This article refers to all the usual arguments to discount wind power, and ignores the costs and disadvantages that are associated with nuclear power for example. She refers to the back up power generation needed as added cost, research indicates that until the percentage of wind generated electricity increases substantially, not one added MW of power needs to be constructed, the variability can be catered for within the current grid and generation distribution system. Obviously wind power is not the only industry to suffer generation problems and redundant capacity is required regardless of the method of generation. In terms of cost, nuclear power generation total costs are ignored by Ruth Lea. We all know how expensive they are to construct and maintain, but we need to consider the costs of long term waste storage costs, and long term decommissioning costs. Furthermore how much does it cost to insure a nuclear plant, and who in the end is expected to accept the liability of clean up costs - it is the taxpayer. What exactly are the total long term costs of Fukishima and who is paying the bill? When Ruth Lea answers these questions then I might listen more to her economic argument against wind power.
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Sep 9, 2012